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July 2007, new thread Lock Rss

Hi girls,
thought I'd pop my head in here again and see if it's still going! Which it is....Christelle, still having problems with Connah? Hopefully it was a short little phase. Callum had a beauty of a tantrum yesterday, not sure what he was wanting, but I could understand he was being like that partly because he has tonsilitis. Poor little man.

As for the pregnancy, going well and feeling a lot better these days! And as you noticed from my facebook status, I'm feeling baby kicking! yay!

Where are all of you other mums? smile

hello all been a very long time since angus and I have visited here for a chat thought I'd let you all know our good news that I'm expecting the 10th Feb am 5wks now and feeling pretty good.

hope everyone well




Hi, i just thought id pop online and let you all know that i have inactivated my facebook account. I will be activating it again in the near future. The reason being is i am haveing a few PND issues and need to sort that out.....not a happy time right now...

I hope your all well and i hope to talk to you all again soon


Hi Everyone! How are we all? I thought id bump us up on the list even though we dont chat on here much :/
Anywho, is anyone haveing trouble getting your 2yr old to eat? I honestly dont know how Connah servives on what he eats! It is VERY frustrating and i dont know what to do...ive tried everything!

How are all the pregnant mummys going? I know some of you are ready to pop!! I hope you dont have to wait much longer smile Oh how i miss my preggo belly.....and i am...YES you guessed it CLUCKY AGAIN! lol. No more babies for me. 3 is enough and a HANDFUL!

Anyway. we are all good.

Take care all! <3

hi, im hayley im 23

new to huggies and im looking for other mums with child around same age as my lil boy his 3 on 15th july, we have recently moved back to perth and dont know many people iv lost touch with my friends from perth over the last few years as we were living in uk so looking forward to meeting some new ones smile

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