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Hi Girls,

It looks like our thread has been deleted !!!

Thought I would start a new one.

Kathy x x x

Thats what i thought when i couldn't find it. Don't understand why they would delete our thread, we post in it all the time.

yup our other one got deleted
was not happy last night i needed a whinge and it was gone sad
oh well
as you can see ALOT of people are angry cos they have deleted ALOT of long running posts that are still used regularlay (sp having a mind blank this morning it doesnt look right anyways lol)
anyways gotta go going to do some SS shopping lol
talk soon

Thanks Kathy, I thought I was going mental not being able to find it.

You ok Bek?

I am so excited but nervous too. Our scan is tomorrow and we are finding out what it is. I thought I'd be disappointed but I'm not, I feel as though we are meeting the baby tomorrow now - weird I know! Nervous as am worried that something may be wrong which is silly.

We put up our Christmas tree last night. It's weird, I am so excited about it this year. Jonah obviously still doesn't get the whole santa thing, but celebrating with my own family has got me into it. Am going to keep my eye out for a few decos for the house and something for the front door. over the top for me!! Am loving it.

Better go and do some work, maths test to mark and all.



I cant believe they deleted our thread. Doesnt matter I guess as you can start another but it looks like there are some pretty upset people around here!

I had some friends here yesterday and I am really upset with one of the mums. Her son kept picking on Kenzie - in the space of a couple of hours, he had hit her in the mouth with a toy (given her a blood lip), pushed her and kiked her until she was crying and the worst one - he had her bailed up against a wall choking her!! What did his mum do about any of these - nothing! I was so mad. Kenzie looked really scared as you can imagine. My other friend saw and told the boy off and he screamed. I dont think he is used to being told off like that! Its enough for me not to invite her back or want her son around Kenzie anymore.

Today is pretty quiet - going christmas shopping later with some friends (minus kids). Tomorrow is a birthday lunch for my sister ...

have a great one! scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

hey all
Jules i hope your scan went ok.
wel not much happening here today...
cleaning and eating.
feeling sick but maybe thats something to do with all the stress...
anyways better go and do something
talk soon

ps Kathy i will keep you updated ok:)

Huggies is being a bit weird! Hasn't been letting me log on but it worked this time.
Hope things are Ok with you Bek. Look after yourself.
Jules hope your scan all goes well. Must be exciting to find out what you are having.
That kid picking on Kenzie souds like a bully Michelle. I would have had to give him a serve, especially since the mum was doing nothing about it!
Anyway, all Ok here Lucas is asleep so enjoying the peace.
Have a good weekend girls.

How did your ultrasound go Jules ???

Oh Michelle did you say anything to the mum, I would have. Fair enough kids can be a bit rough at times but for the mum to sit there and not do anything about it, well that just sucks!

Jules how did you go at your scan????
what are you having???

im starting to regret not finding out LOL
im also starting to think its another girl...
i dont want to get my hopes up abouta boy and have them squashed when its a girl lol

anyways not much happening here....

talk soon

I am praying that you get your little boy Bek !!!

We just put up our Christmas tree .. YAY!
I bought new lights this year which of course don't work so we have to use our old lights. There is nothing wrong with them, I just wanted new lights. I now have to return the broken lights if I can find the receipt. Doesn't that s.H.i.T ya !!!

I will put some pics on Sept Smiles gasp)

Roy has gone shooting today. The boys are booked in at 1.45pm at Portrait Place to get their photos done. We are taking them on the train tomorrow into the city. They will love it !!

Hi everyone,

We have one very healthy, big baby.....GIRL!!!!

How funny is that, thinking boy from 11 weeks (the scanner pretty much squashed that notion straight away - but also said hey 50% chance!) to find out it's a girl. We are so excited. Now we need to decided on a name. We had been calling it (privately) our boy name. Oops.

She is measuring big, like Jonah but only a week bigger. Jonah always measured 2 weeks bigger. We are very excited. I went shopping yesterday to the DFO and went straight to Pumpkin Patch and bought a little pink all in one for $14 (down from $25).

Better go, Jonah's really clingy today and is hard to get anything donw at the moment.

Will get back on when Dh gets home


CONGRATS JULES!!! Thats so exciting that its a little girl. i'm very happy for you. If only you lived closer, i could give you all of payton's baby clothes that she only wore once or twice. nice expensive stuff too. she just had way too many close when she was born lol. and i remember worrying that she didn't have enough lol. what was i thinking. she just grew out of them so quickly.

I had a dream the other night that i was pregnant again and i was having another little girl. Man i wish it were true. really want to have 2 children that are close together. always wanted my kids to grow up together. but obviously not the plan. oh well.

anyway, just came back from the shops. bought myself a new outfit. sick of wearing casual clothes all the time, so i bought something nice.

time to put payton down for a sleep. hope everyone is having a nice weekend.
[Edited on 30/11/2008]

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