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Jules - how exciting for you (and DH of course!). Have you even thought of girls names? What was the boys name you had chosen? You'll go crazy shopping for girls things so don't peak too early lol scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

Jules congrats on the girl smile

just popping on to let you know on tuesday me and the girls are flying to gladstone...
we both decided that we are just too different and keep going over everything all the time
so decided that this will be it and yea

so im packing all my stuff up and putting it in tias room
then we fly out tuesday get organised in gladstone then in the new year will come up with mum and her partner to get all our things smile

have a good night everyone smile

talk tomorrow in between packing LOL


Goodluck with it all bek. Be strong in the decision!

Wow Jules! How exciting a little girl. It's going to be hard to resist all those gorgeous girly things. Glad everything is well with bub.
Bek, good luck with it all. I am sure that you are doing the best thing for yourself and your girls.
Hi to everyone else.
I am heading to Geraldton tommorrow to finish my Christmas shopping. Did anyone get Braxton hicks contractions with their pregnancies? I am getting these mild pains (like a period pain) and not sure what they are.
Anyway, have a good night everyone.

Thinking of you Bek. Ring me anytime if you need a chat x x


I got Braxton Hicks with my pregnancies Kate. I told the midwives everytime I saw them and they said they are completely normal. It is the babies way of preparing for birth, or something like that. Hahaha I have had 3 babies and I still don't know. That doesn't mean you will give birth soon as you are only 22 weeks pg. I cannot remember when mine started but I know I got them. When I was pregnant with Lane I went to the hospital because I thought I was getting mild contractions. I was only about 24-26 weeks pg. Turns out they were bowel spasms, LOL, silly me!

The boys had their portrait photos taken yesterday. They are fantastic. I ended buying a $300 package, oops. I have never purchased a package before (I always only get the freebie) so I don't feel so guilty. When we get them I will put them on Sept Smiles. They look gorgeous !!

Thinking of you Bek, hope things work out well for you all. How is your relationship with your mum going?

Kate, I've been having braxton hicks for a good few weeks now, I mentioned it to my ob last time as I was thinking it was a tad early. He said his usual comment about being very common, perhaps a little sign telling me to slow down as I was always getting them when i was trying to get lots of things done, but nothing to worry about.

I have to go shopping today as somefriends of ours had their little girl on Sat and we are off to see them tonight. It's going to be hard to resist but I will. I was thinking last night of what we need and we really don't need anything at all. I only bought 3 outfits for JOnah that are mostly white. We got given a heaps of outfits that he hardly wore so will use those ones again.

Jonah is really weird at the moment, not too sure what's going on there. He's off his food, hardly sleeping during the day as it seems like he is waking in pain, really cranky and clingy. This morning he woke at 6am and cried uncontrollably for almost an hour. Dh was beside himself and was getting quite agitated. We've obviously dealt with a crying child before but this was like nothing we've ever seen him do before. In the end I put on In the Night Garden and he calmed down, I moved him into his high chair and fed him while he watched it which is a bad habit I know. Once he ate he was pretty happy. Who knows what's going on?

Better go he is actually asleep, clothes to put on the line and a bathroom to clean.

Have a good day


i have been getting BH too... i thought it wa a bit early too but like you jules its mostly when im doing a lot of things at once...
as for Jonah... Issie is being really weird atm too...
maybe he is getting his molars in??? or coming down with something???
Issie is really weird and sooky especially at bedtime... i think she may be getting her molars through... and i actually think she is scared of going to sleep in the cot now... because the other day we had a huge storm while she was asleep and had the biggest thunder crack thingy (LOL) and woke her up and now i think she thinks thats going to happens and she's scared

Does that make sense?

anyways i best run still so much to do sad

talk soon

Hey Morgen, have you been to the Christian Store in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane?
I think you would enjoy it gasp)
Roy & I took the boys into the City today and we went there. We bought Roys brother Warren (who is retarded) a Crucifix for Christmas because he relates to it the death of his father. Everytime he walks past it he blesses it, how sweet.

I resisted and didn't buy a thing for the new bub but so easily could have, so many gorgeous little pink things. Too cute! I managed to get four presents for under $50, mainly because Myer has 25% off kids clothes. I love the Sprout range and also got Jonah two pairs of pj's for $13 each, size 2. He has already grown out of his size 1 summer pj's.

I went to Medicare as well and oh my goodness, the wait was amazing. While waiting I went into Myer and got hte presents and still got back in time to wait for 20 more tickets before me! Asked about the safety net and we are only $80 away from reaching it so we are going to pay our ob fee early so we can get most of it back. Now need to check the credit card so we can do it!!

Better go and find something for Jonah to eat for tea. He is so hard to feed at the moment. We are thinking teeth Bek, just can't see anything. His poo is gross too and he has a really red bum. Poor little thing.

Take care


Bek I have sent you a PM .. Argh we could be meeting !!!

Sounds like teething to me Jules, poor little man gasp(
Everytime I see girls clothes I think of you, LOL.
I wish we lived closer together. We could have so much fun shopping !!

I have to go, Jack has hurt his arm on the lounge gasp(

Bek, I hope it all works out for you. Good luck travelling and I cant wait until you are back online!!

Jules, good job for resisting! Just think about how much stuff you didnt use with Jonah and all the extra clothes you have now. Plus you will get heaps of pressies when your little GIRL is born smile scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

I had an interesting day. We went to fit Kenzie for her school uniforms for next year. She looked grown up and wanted to start school tomorrow. She had to check the skorts and the dress twirled properly when she spun aroun which of course they didnt!

Then we had a game of netball - my last for the year with that team as I cant play next week which was supposed to be the last game. I am filling in on Thursday night though shich should be fun.

I also tried to call the mother of the problem boy to let her know I was still upset about what happened. She didnt answer but was at the park this arvo playing. There were other mums around and I didnt want to say anything in front of them and feel like we were ganging up. I just want her to get help for her boy as he is so aggressive!

Now, I am exhausted and want to sleep but its only 6.30 lol Might do some scrapping tonight!

Bye for now scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

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