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How cute Kenzie twirling in her school uniforms. Oh the difference between girls & boys!
Good on you Michelle for trying to contact that Mum. Good luck!
Not doing much today. I have to ring the school and arrange an appt to see the Principal tomorrow. Jacks Nan has been kind enough to offer private tutoring next year which we think might be part of the reason why Jack is misbehaving. Sshh don't tell Jack but his teacher thinks he got a C in Maths & English. He tried getting into the reports this morning but the system was down. Another issue we have is with a certain teacher at his school, grrrr. There is a bit of bullying going on which we do not like !!!
Hanging out for pay day tomorrow so I can do some more Christmas shopping. I just want to get it finished now. Then we have to get the food, that costs a small fortune.
How is Jonah feeling today Jules?
No-one goes on September Smiles anymore gasp(

Kathy i sent you another pm with my flight details

i would go on Sept smiles but with the laptop gone i dont have the link... (it was in favoutrites on the laptop)
so yea lol

anyways another day of packing ahead of me... luckily today Tia is going to Rosemary's for a bit... after yesterday i rang and asked her its just way too hard packing while trying to watch both and keep them entertained...

Michelle LOL at Kenzie... Tia does the same thing if it doesnt twirl she doesnt want to wear it LOL

Kathy i hope you get things sorted out with jack and his school... let me know about tomorrow i have your mobile so if anything changes last minute or anyhting i can ring and let you know

anyways better go wake tia and get her fed Rosemary be here soon smile
talk later

Ok ladies... so the plan today is - PUT THE CHRISTMAS TREE UP smile
I love christmas smile love the decorations and the spirit of everyone around this time. but my absolute favourite thing are christmas lights! They're so beautiful smile I love walking around at night looking at them all.
I'm going to go through all of paytons toys too and give away the ones that are too babyish for her. and also move her toy box. the christmas tree is going up where her toys are at the moment.
we've had a bad last couple of nights. payton's been waking up crying. i think it might be teeth because she's been munching on her fingers a bit. but she won't settle back in her bed. she'll only settle if she's cuddled into me. which becomes annoying because i'm laying in bed with her trying not to fall asleep until she's asleep and i can put her back in her cot.
question - do/did any of you do the naughty spot with your older children? how old did you start doing that?
payton doesn't really respond to no. she knows what it means but she's such a determind little girl that she'll just go back to doing it again. my friends sister said she was doing the naughty spot for both her boys at paytons age and they really responded to it. She's not an overly naughty girl but i want to catch her early so i don't have an extremely naughty girl at 2-3. what do you girls think??
anyway, got to get stuck into the days activities smile
hope you all have a good day. Good luck with packing bek.

Kathy, I still go on Sept smiles, I love seeing all the kids! Often kids do misbehave because they don't understand the content covered and it's their way of hiding it. Good luck with the principal tomorrow.

Morgen, I am super excited about Christmas this year too. We've put the tree up - very early for us. I want to put the pressies under the tree (for everyone else) but am worried about Jonah getting into them all and having to rewrap again and again. I don't know about the naughty spot thing at this age and how much they will understand. Depends on the kid I guess. We've just started smacking Jonah's hand because he kept going to the oven and turning the knobs which turns the gas on but isn't alight. He did it once and we didn't realise and goodness knows how long the gas had been on. So we decided to do it then and we've only had to do it twice, he burst into tears and hasn't done it again. He goes up to the oven and points now when I am cooking. Once he is older we will do the naughty spot thing though.

Michelle, Kenzie sounds adorable. It's such an exciting time for them. good luck with the mum, you are a braver person than I am!

Bek, good idea with having Tia looked after. How are you feeling at the moment? Hope you are as good as can be expected.

Hi to everyone else.


I am waiting for a friend to come over with her little girl Bella who is about 18months now. I've made some cheese scones and they smell delicious I just want to have one already!

After that I HAVE to do the ironing. the pile is MASSIVE with more waiting on the line.

Last night we went and visited some friends who had a little girl on the weekend and I am now freaked out again about giving birth. Hearing her story has made me realise it's not that far away. I am going to try and prepare myself better this time so I don't freak out at the time and stay more positive about it. Any good books you guys could recommend?



omg Kathy im so excited now... at least i have something to look forward to out of all this smile

hahaha i was excited about chrissy this year... but plans have changed LOL but thats ok the kids are still young enough not to be fazed too much lol
i would LOVE to go get some santa photos though

Jules i was the same last year with the pressies Tia was good but in the end it just wasnt worth it lol we ended up with corners off everywhere so we all knew anyways lol
so i think when i get settled im just going to wait till chrissy eve

Morgen not sure about the naughty spot at this age either.
if Payton is anything like Isobel she doesnt sit still...
Issie gets a warning then a smack on the hand and if she still misbehaves (to the point its dangerous KWIM?) she gets put in the portacot away from everyone.
Tia we have only just started using the naughty spot (should probably have started earlier but meh) she gets two warnings the she is in her room fr a couple minutes then i go in there explain to her give her kiss and cuddle (and if she has hurt someone she has to apologise and kiss and cuddle them) then she is allowed out... but if she does it again she is straight back in there without a warning...
does that make sense? lol

Jules i am ok...
feeling fat LOL and having a few stretching pains and what not all the packing isnt helping but i stop at 6 so i give myslef time to recover lol

anyways better go and do some more

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow Bek x x x

jules, i give payton smacks on the hand if she doesn't listen to my warnings but she doesn't even flinch. and im not light (but i don't give her an extremely hard hit) so i dunno. some days are worse then others, which is normal.
i put the christmas tree up today and i'm surprised how well payton is with it. i think because i got her to help me put it up she's not wanting to pull the stuff of. i think if i had put it up while she was sleeping and she had come out and seen is all done up and everything she would of thought to play with it more, but she's been good. only a few times she's gone over slowly and lightly patted the decorations coz she knows she's not allowed to play with it. so cute lol.
anyway, off to bed.
night night

Your cheese scones sound very yummy Jules. Hope you have a wonderful time with your friend. What was your labour like with Jonah?

I give Luke small smacks on the hand and bottom. I hate it when he drops his bottom lip, hehe, my heart breaks. I have started giving Lane time out in his bedroom. Yesterday he spread toothpaste all over the loungeroom carpet so he got a smack on the bum/lower leg and sent to his room until I could clean it up. He hates being sent in there. We are going to have to change his door handles around because he locks himself inside. We have to use a 10 cent piece to unlock the handle, LOL.

I have just lodged Jacks school application. We are hoping to re-enrol him back in his old school. I am trying to have faith but my gut feeling tells me he won't be successful. If only the bugger would behave himself. Now I am feeling bad because it is such a lovely school and I really want him to go back there. You certainly do pay extra for a private school but it is so much nicer. I really regret pulling him out of there. I do believe everything happens for a reason. I am praying that they give us a second chance.

Well I better get ready. We are meeting Bek today at the Brisbane airport. I hope she turns up, LOL!

Hi all,

Kathy, I hope you got to catch up with Bek. Let us know how you went.

I give Nick a smack on the hand if he is touching something he shouldnt be or standing in his highchair. Its funny though as I get really defensive when DH gives him a tap! I dont think I smack hard enough as he smiles at me and cries with DH does it. Oh well. I am not a smacker as it breaks my heart.

Don't have time for personals today, sorry. I hope you are all well. We had Kenzie's last dance class today. I havent re-enrolled her as she has 2 days of kindy next year plus a play day with Gran so I don't want to overschedule her.

Off to the post office ... bye for now scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

I havent re-enrolled her as she has 2 days of kindy next year plus a play day with Gran so I don't want to overschedule her.

You are a good mum Michelle gasp) x x
Yes I caught up with Bek which was great. We have taken some pics which we will put on Sept Smiles. I am having problems getting on there at the moment but when I do I will send you the link Bek. Tia & Isobel are just gorgeous. Tia walked straight up to Lane and gave him a kiss, hehe, so cute. Poor Bek was run off her feet, as was I, with the little ones running around the airport. They really need to have an enclosed play area for the kids. Bek you look fantastic. You look really healthy. I hope you put your feet up tonight and have a big rest. You have had a really big day. We need to catch up again so Tia can teach Lane how to walk holding onto the pram, haha, little bugger. Lane & Luke slept the whole way home. Did the girls sleep on the plane? It was really lovely to have met you. You look like a strong girl Bek. I wish nothing but happiness for you!

How rude!! deleting our thred!! it was almost 150 pages!!! their lil announcement says they were only deleting old threads that no one used.

Anywya yay bek and kathy!! u guys got to meet up!! cant wiat till u come to sydney!!!

Levis being a pain getting more teeth.
Im a granny now! molly ha dher kittens today! 5 of em!! Hope they all survive cause thats a big lot for a first litter. she snot even 12 months herslf!!

Yay jules a lil girl!!!!!!! How [email protected]!!!

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