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How rude!! deleting our thred!! it was almost 150 pages!!! their lil announcement says they were only deleting old threads that no one used.

Anywya yay bek and kathy!! u guys got to meet up!! cant wiat till u come to sydney!!!

Levis being a pain getting more teeth.
Im a granny now! molly ha dher kittens today! 5 of em!! Hope they all survive cause thats a big lot for a first litter. she snot even 12 months herslf!!

Yay jules a lil girl!!!!!!! How [email protected]!!!

how exciting that you girls got to catch up kathy. can't wait to see photos.
it was so hot today. i really don't like the heat. much rather it be winter or spring. and payton didn't sleep much today because she was hot and i couldn't open the windows coz grandad had the chainsaw going so she just slept in a nappy with the fan on. poor thing.
anyway, just a quick one from me. need to have a shower and wash away the days heat.

Morgen, how did Megan go with her scan? boy or girl? I saw on the news this morning how hot it is in your part of the world. We had one hot day, Monday, now it's back to grey and possible showers. I am looking forward to a bit more hot weather. When it comes though, I bet I'll be wishing it away as can imagine it being quite uncomfortable when pregnant.

Kathy, fingers crossed for you and Jack. How does he feel about the move back? Am so glad you and Bek got to catch up and meet the kids. I understand what you mean about airports, in Melbourne, Jonah would just take off on us and had a HUGE big long path on which to run in between the terminals. Crazy kids.

Bek, how are you going? You've been on my mind all day wondering how you are in your new setting. ARe you planning to stay with your mum for a while or find somewhere to rent??? Like Kathy said, you are very brave. I don't know how you are keeping it together. Good luck.

Michelle, how did you go with the mum? Kenzie's life does sound busy and she'll only be 4!

Kirsty, congrats granny on the kittens! So cute. How's things with you?

Hi to everyone else.


We are off out to lunch today for Dh's work Christmas thingy. I am skipper for everyone! Jonah is going to daycare at 12 as no one was available to watch him for 4 hours. Dh wanted to take him as he doesn't like him going if I'm not working which I understand but having a 1 year old at a work thing at a winery all afternoon doesn't sound like too much fun for me and I don't think it's very professional. Fair enough if it was a family day thing, but the others don't have kids. At least this way I can enjoy the meal and conversation.

Just need to figure out what to wear as it's much colder than I was hoping for!

have a great day all


Oh, and is Krystal ok? Anyone heard from her?


Hey jules,
megan still isn't sure what she's having. the baby had its back showing the whole time so they couldn't tell. she's going back for another scan on the 15th to find out and to finish off the scan from last time. (the couldn't see the heart etc because of the position of bubs).
anyway, off to get bubs from nana's. looks like its going to storm so i don't want to get stuck in it.
ciao ciao

yay... im in gladstone...
met up with kathy had her worried for a bit cos i got off last lol
omg the kids just egged each other on running amok everywhere lol
but she is really lovely and i thank her heaps for coming out and sitting with us it would of been torture if i had to sit there by myself lol

anyways tea is ready be back later to write some more

I have put pics on Sept Smiles of Tia, Isobel, Lane & Luke gasp)

Glad you are all settled in now Bek. We had a wonderful time catching up with you. How is Tia & Isobel settling in? Have you heard from Tristain?

Jack wasn't accepted into his old school gasp(

aww bumma about Jack not being accepted kathy... hope you can sort something out for him...
girls are doing good Tia is running amok testing her new boundaries lol
Issie is sooking cos she not used tot hese people lol

have spoken to tristain every night... (for girls more then me but still good to talk to him)
going to look at a place this afternoon 4 bdr for 350 (i think) Rhys (my brother) is looking at moving in with us too which will be good... in a way lol

ummm not much else happening.
had doc appt today as hossy cant get me in m/w clinic till 14th Jan so had check up my BP was 80/50 bubs was good 158bpm
anyways better run girls wanting attention lol

talk soon

Your BP is low Bek. Are the doctors concerned?
How old is Rhys? Is he good with the girls?
Good luck house hunting gasp)

Hi Everyone!
Oh my goodness I have missed out on so much JULES I am so happy for you having a little girl smile Do you have any names picked out??

Bek What is going on with you & Tristain??? WOW good on you for doing what you need to do, be strong about your decision though & I am sure you will be soooo happy with your girls.

Kathy that sucks about Jack not being accepted sad I looked at Sept smiles n have seen all the recent pics so cute.

How is everyone else??? Things seem to be going great for everyone & thats is so good to see smile

Sorry I haven't been around alot lately as you know I have stuff going on with my dad & Elailah has been super naughty & then Mr Anderson is getting into everything climbing & falling & well you know how it is.
I have been having severe headaches again everyday & feeling so short tempered with everyone even my family (not like me at all) I have also been having short term memory loss like driving to my mums then wondering how I got there sad
I wasn't sure if I was stressed or depressed or what but turns out it's all got to do with the blood vessels in my head.
So thats why I haven't been around lately I am feeling better now & hope to be around a bit more again it's just the computer screen is the last thing I want to be looking at when my head hurts.
I can't believe all the threads have been deleted... I bet general has been going off lol
anyway girls it has been great catching up & thanks to those of you how haven't forgotten me smile
Good to hear from you Krystal. That sounds a bit scary with your headaches and memory loss no wonder you are feeling short tempered hope the docs know what it is so you can get it sorted out. It is hard enough dealing with little ones without that!
Just been sorting out Christmas plans and catching up with people in Perth. I have to remember that we will be slowed down a bit this year with a 15 month old and if we try to do too much it will be stressful. Does christmas seem to sneak up quicker each year?
On the discipline topic we try small smacks on the hand with Lucas but he will still go back and do the same thing (power points are his favourites). not sure about the naughty spot morgen but I was thinking about setting up the porta cot for time out. A hard age for discipline because they are so little but still seem to know what they are doing! Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

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