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Jules, I am not as brave as you think I am! I called the mum and she didnt answer but I saw her at the park that afternoon. There were other mums around so I didnt say anything ...

Krystal, how scary. I hope they find the cause soon so you are feeling yourself again.

Bek, I hope you are settling in nicely with the girls

Kathy, bummer about Jack's school. Will he stay at his current school now?

Kate, great to hear from you. Yes I agree that christmas day is too much for the little kids when you are on the go all day. Especially at Lucas' age when they dont really understand scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

We had a long day today. Pete helped his dad with some painting, went looking at BBQs and laptops and then swimming with the kids. I cant believe how much they love the water! Nick was in 45 mins and he still cracked it when he had to get out.

Tomorrow is a christmas party with kenzie's dance class and then Monday I have an all day course so Pete is taking the day off to watch the kids.

I have finally put a few pics on Sept Smiles of Nick and Jonah! scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

hey girls just a quick one from me today...

been so busy sad
we had a look at the house and like it so we put in an application yesterday... just gotta wait now sad
havent heard from tristain since friday. its so hard... im right most the time but then it hits me and im like what the f***...
Kathy doc wasnt to concerned about my bp told me to drink more fluids i said i was already drinking 2-3 litres water a day... i guess i'll wait till i see midwifes. Rhys is 20 in march and he's pretty good with the girls the house we looked at is 4 bdr but the fourth bed is downstairs with a rumpus room and study so he be down there and we upstairs...
hope ive made sense lol
Krystal good to hear from you. not good about your health hopefully you get everything sorted.
umm well not much happening here so hot (so not used to this weather lol) girls are getting settled in and seem to get buggered quicker lol we are going over to my brothers today and his girlfriend has a son and is preg again. so he has been helping wear the kids out.

anyways going to go
talk soon

Good luck with the house Bek .. fingers crossed !!
It is pretty hot at the moment, very humid. It will get easier Bek as time goes by. The girls sound like they have settled in pretty well. Can only be a good thing that they are getting worn out quicker, LOL. Hope you have a great time at your brothers house. How far pg is his girlfriend?

I had the worst dream last night gasp(
I dreamt that I left Luke in the bath in his bathseat while I went to do something and I totally forgot about him. When I realised I ran into the bathroom and he was on the floor, BLUE. It was horrible. I was screaming at DH to come and help me because I didn't know how to do CPR. I started blowing into his mouth. DH walked to the door then disappeared again. For some stupid reason he thought it was more important to make the bed, LOL. I blew into Lukes mouth twice and he started coughing, YAY. Horrible dream though!

I have woken up this morning feeling a little bit off. I am dizzy and I have a small headache. I hope I am not coming down with anything gasp(

Staying home today with the boys. A friend of mine might be popping around later for a visit. Might make some muffins. 4 more days left of school, YAY. Jack isn't going on Wednesday because they are going to Seaworld. He is not allowed to go. Next weekend his uncle is taking him anyway. That will be his Christmas present.

Hi ladies.
How is everyone going? We are all good here. busy, busy as usual.
Isla is good, into everything. i can hear decorations on the tree being touched as i type.
Kenz has her last day at kindy tomorrow, so i have her home til she starts prep next year (HELPPPPPPPP). should be ok til next year, cause i have my inlaws up this weekend, and the following weekend we are going back to maryborough for a week or so. and mal goes back to work after the new year.
Mia is very difficult at the moment, just naughty and doesnt want to do anything except watch movies.
Isla has just broken one of my good decorations. gggrrr, i tell you. these girls are driving me mad lately. so demanding.
well thats about it for me
hope everyone is well and the pregnant mums are trying to take it easy

Mum to Mackenzie, Mia & Isla

Hi all

Just popping in to say Hi while I have some free time
Glad to see all are well and Bek you are strong and I know you will get through it all pm if you want to chat good luck with the house

Can someone help me get into September smiles I cant remember my pass word computer got fixed and all my passwords were deleted.

Sorry havent been on in a while but been so busy with alot of s h i t will fill you all in later when I can talk about it all .

talk soon

Hey Ella,

Kirsty will be able to help you out with your password.
I will let her know you are having problems.

Thinking of you x x x



Hi everyone,

Bek, good luck with the house and am glad to hear you will have someone living with you. Sounds like a good set up with the upstairs/downstairs things. Is Tristain coming to you for Christmas? Will he come for the birth? Where is Gladstone exactly? sorry, don't know Qld too well. Hope everythign is going well.

Kate, good to hear from you. Life is a lot different now isn't it when you are juggling sleeps and socialising. We've found when we go away that if we just have one outing a day or one event a day, Jonah is much happier than getting in and out of the car all the time.

Krystal, it's so good to hear from you again. I hope you get some answers soon. How is your dad? Elailah sounds like she is giving you a hard time cheeky little thing. Hope everything improves soon.

Ella, it's also so good to hear from you too. sorry to hear you've got lots to deal with at the moment too. How's work going? Do you get much time off for Christmas? Are you still going to NZ?

Kathy, sorry to hear that Jack didn't get accepted. Like you said, things happen for a reason. What is your plan now? How does Jack feel about it? How are the other gorgeous boys? Isn't it tomorrow that you get your rod out? I am getting one after this little one is born, prooved I wasn't so good at the mini pill!

Michelle, love the photos on sept smiles, thanks for putting them up. How was the course yesterday? What was it on? I agree about the swimming, Jonah loves it too and he can just go and go and go. But it's great because then he is shattered and sleeps so well.

Hi to everyone else.


We went down south this weekend on fri ngiht and just got back yesterday morning. It was fantastic, great weather which meant we spent a lot of time at the beach. Dh's parents have a house right on the beach which is a bay so protected and great for kids. Each morning we tottled off over there and Jonah had a great time playing in the water and building castles. Was lots of fun. I've not put him under in the sea before but tried it and he did well. Was really proud of him. I think we are going to have to keep a very close eye on him though as he has no fear and just runs in the water till he falls over!

On Sat arvo I went and watched Australia at thelocal cinema as I knew that I would never be able to stay awake at night to see it all (goes for 3 hours) and I loved it. I've heard lots of mixed reveiws and I can see where they were coming from but I still loved it. It's a lovely story.

On Sunday was a big triathalon event and a friend of ours was in it so we went into town to see him ride - saw him zoom past us once (swim was 4km, ride 180km and run 42km) then we went home to watch him run as the track was in front of dh's parents house along the coast so we got to see him 3 times. How inspiring are these people - I was so impressed. Was a good day too.

Today I had planned to pick up my christmas laybys from Kmart and they can't be picked up till Friday. I am so p%$$*^ off as I had some birthday presents in there too and need it by Thursday as I work on Friday and can't get there in time. Dh is going to get it for me but still, they need 4 days to get it in to store, when I can order books online from Huggies in the Eastern states and have them within 3 days. The last few years I've always doen it with Target and have never had this issue. Don't think I'll go to Kmart next year.

Having said that, I am off to give them some more of our money as they have nappies for $29.95.

Better go and get somethings done while Jonah is sleeping. Maybe a coffee first!

Have a good day


Wow Jules you are a busy girl. The beach sounds wonderful. I would like to take the boys to the beach over the holidays. Might take them up to the Sunshine Coast as DH hasn't been there yet. I did however fill up their clam shell this morning and they had a splash around, hehehe. Luke kept wanting to drink the water though, ewww, it had sand and dirt in it, LOL. Lane was more interested in dipping the broom into the water then sweeping the pavers. Luke has just gone down for a sleep and Lane is watching Polar Express. He absolutely loves that movie. He walks around with a piece of paper and my can opener and says, 'Tickets'. He blows it before he gives it to you, hehe, just like Tom Hanks does in the movie.

We get Jacks report card today, cough cough splutter splutter !!
He is going to stay at the school he is in. We are going to pay extra attention next year and keep right on top of him. We are also looking at private tutoring which will be good for him. Fingers crossed he improves. Then we have the fun task of choosing his high school. We will have to go to the Open Day next year. OMG high school already, my boy is growing up !!

I am getting my rod removed this afternoon ... Woot Woot !!!

Just a quick one - trying to do everything before I get Kenzie from daycare.

My course yesterday was a scrapbooking one. It was really good but too almost an hour to drive there and then another hour home. I was exhausted but then had to go to a school meeting to get an update on the building of Kenzie's school. I met the new principle plus a few teachers and have to say I am impressed. Walked away feeling really sad though and even a little teary as my girl cant be growing up this quick! scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

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