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Just a quick one - trying to do everything before I get Kenzie from daycare.

My course yesterday was a scrapbooking one. It was really good but too almost an hour to drive there and then another hour home. I was exhausted but then had to go to a school meeting to get an update on the building of Kenzie's school. I met the new principle plus a few teachers and have to say I am impressed. Walked away feeling really sad though and even a little teary as my girl cant be growing up this quick! scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

Michelle, I am so glad that you got a good feeling about the new school. That must be a relief. Will there be a school by the time Kenzie starts?

Kathy, how did you go at the dr's? So whats the plan now? When does all the action start?!! Fun times ahead.

We had swimming today and the instructor made all the kids (who hadn't done it already) do a back flip off the mat. Jonah was fine, but then I had to do it to him and I kind of got my hands a bit mixed up and he came up sideways instead of facing the front. Woops! He didn't care though but made me yelp, poor little thing.

Hope everyone is good and having a great day.



hello everyone
how are we all?
kathy how'd you go at docs?
im guessing you have to wait for AF before you
can start??

Jules you are so busy how do you do it??? lol
id be exhausted if i was you. your always doing something
so hows your preg going???
mines good. bub is really active and i think is sitting
breech cos im still getting all my kicks down low... but i
dont know... im measuring a week behind (im 21 weeks and at check up last week i measuerd 19 cm) lets hope that means
small baby lol
im kinda starting to get scared about labour... i dont want
to do it by myself but i also kinda dont want mum in there
she makes me nervous lol oh well will just have to wait and
see what happens.

Kathy, i dont know about the house... lol still waiting to hear from the RE. but we have appts for inspections of two others this arv and tomorrow morning and i was talkiong to mum and rhys and said if we dont hear back from this one by tomorrow we will apply for these others if we like them...

anyways just popping on to let you all know im still alive and going as good as i can be... to those of you who are on parents chat my vent for this week is on there lol

talk soon

Hi Bek,

Great to hear from you. How are the girls going? do they ask about daddy?

Pregnancy is going good, I really love being pregnant. The baby is measuring a week bigger, but Jonah always measured 2 weeks bigger than what we were and he was 5 days late so we just make big babies!

I am nervous about birth too but am trying to stay positive about it adn am going to try to learn a few different strategies from a book I've ordered from here but is hasn't arrived yet. I was in labour with Jonah for 8 hours+ at home, then got to the hospital and was only 2-3cm and I freaked out thinking I can't keep having contractions 3 mins apart for another 8 hours and got an epi straight away which really slowed things down.

Good luck with the house, hope you hear something soon.

What is parents chat?

Take care


Hey Jules, Parents Chat is another website that Kirsty made up gasp)
I think we have Kirsty, myself, Bek & Michelle on there. Did I forget anyone?
If you want you can PM me your email address and I will send you the link gasp)
It is only a small forum but lots of fun !!!
I hope you have a lot faster labour this time round. With Luke I was fully dilated within 3 hours!

Good to hear from you Bek. I will check out your vent ;o) x x
Good luck with the house hunting!

As for me it is simply a waiting game now. The doc said we can start TTC straight away. She said some women get their AF almost immediately after the removal. I have nothing yet but it is still early days. Some women have fallen before they get their first AF where as other women take ages. Depends on the person I guess.

Lane & Luke had their photo taken with Santa today gasp)

I have been thinking about an old work colleague for the past week now and low and behold when we got back from the shops I had a message on my answering machine from her. We are catching up this Friday.

What's for tea tonight girls? We are having chops & veges.

Kathy we are going shopping so probably get some
take away or something on the way home.

be back on later to do more...
seen the house will tell you about it later
gotta go lol

we had lamb chops, side pasta and veggies kathy. yum yum.
mum just got home from the hospital today. had an operation on her leg to get some veins stripped. so she's a couch potato for the next week with her leg all bandaged up and lots of cuts. so i have 2 babies to look after for a week lol. its only been 1 day... if i loose my sanity during this week someone call the police lol.
anyway, going to watch a movie with mum.
night all

We had bangers and mash with vegies. I had these chipolatas in the freezer that I bought from Woolies a couple of weeks ago. They were low fat real beef ones and were really good. We were really impressed with how tasty they were. Will be buying these again.

Hope your mum is ok Morgen, sounds like a full on operation.

Wow Kathy, 10cm in 3 hours. I can only hope it happens that quickly. You must have been thinking you were going to be having the baby before they could do the c section.

Bek, good luck with the house.

Seeya everyone, am off to bed.



ok i need something...
smoke drink drugs whatever you got on hand throw my way

ok major vent.

was jsut talking to tristain (on an online game so it wasnt
that easy to talk to him)

who the hell does he think he is...????
what the ...
im so angry and upset that he could do this
i mean i know he's hurting and what not but honestly
how does he think that is going to help???

ok to fill you in a bit
we were talking and he's getting cranky about my stuff
(i didnt really pack much lol) and when am i going to get it
(this is after all week him suggest him pack it and drive
it down) and then im like back off i would rather work on getting my life together down her first KWIM??? no point
getting all my stuffif i aint got nowhere
to put it lol
and his like ok then doesnt talk to me for a bit i
ask him what he wants to do come April (whether he be here for birth or not) and he comes back going on about how im being greedy blah blah (he's angry cos i went to CSA and schit) and that i should of organised with him
whether we make a deal etc i explained to him i couldnt get SPP unless i had an account at CSA and he's like exactly greedy all you think about is money blah blah blah
accusing me of being like my mother (mum and dad had bad seperation and alot of it was about money) and im like ok whateve
here i am trying to do the right thing and involve himas much as posible but im still the bad guy.. and he then says
and his exact words are " i can make you move back up here" im like WT... again ok whatever he sys its inappropriate how are we suppoesed to share the kids at this amount of distance blah blah blah (i wanted to say back oh NOW you want to share the kids but i fought the urge lol)
and then im like what the hell... and he then goes on about him wnting custody and me go work (yea ok cos everyone is
lining up to hire preg women) and for me to advance my career
i said thats not going to work... he said career wont for now but custody can...

arrggghhh i dont know what to do im so lost and confuseded i have done nothing but try to do the right thing and everything and im ALWAYS the bad guy im just so OVER it...

anyways im going to bed to try and get some sleep

aww bek. that sucks. it sounds like (i might be wrong) but tristian's natural reaction to loosing you guys is to retaliate and fight back. And from a legal point of view he would never get full custody. No judge would ever rule full custody to the father unless there was a huge reason the mother couldn't look after the kids. and especially because the girls are so young. and i'm pretty sure because they are so young that if he wants to see them then he'll have to come and see them because they're too young to travel and be moved back and forth (i think anyway). but maybe you should talk to legal aid (if you haven't already) and just ask them for some advice or to at least know where both of you stand legally. hope everything works out soon.

where is everyone?? its very quiet on here lol. life keeping everyone busy it seems

Why is our thread in widescreen? Is everyone else seeing the same thing?

How are you going Bek? Sounds like Tristain is giving you a hard time, you poor bugger. Sounds very familiar the controlling thing. Been there unfortunately. Keep remaining strong Bek and stand your ground. You are doing a wonderful job raising your girls, don't let him intimidate you. You should be very proud of yourself Bek for trying to keep things civil between the two of you. I know it is extremely hard especially when they act like complete idiots. In the long run though Bek you can stand back and think, I have done nothing wrong. You have been the better person. He is obviously still hurting and his way of getting to you is to try and control you. What Morgen said is right, he will never get custody of the girls. I was worried about the same thing when I left Jacks dad but now I realise he had no hope of getting him. Have you been to legal aid yet? How is the house hunting going. Tristain has no control over how much rent you pay Bek. You do what is best for you and the girls. The houses you have looked at sound great. I would love a 4 bedroom house. We have just signed another 12 month lease. We might move once it expires. You know in your heart Bek that you are not like your parents and thats all that matters. Tristain probably knows it too but he throws it in your face because he knows it hurts you. He knows you very well Bek and he knows exactly what to say to wind you up. Keep staying strong and give those girls a huge hug and kiss from us all in sunny Brisbane !!

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