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My AF just arrived ... woot woot !!!!

woo hoo kathy! who knew that it could be so exciting smile not long now. fingers crossed smile

Wow kathy, that was quick. Good for you. Every thing that possibly could be crossed is for you guys.

Bek, sorry to hear things are going that way with Tristain. Kathy is right, stay strong and know that you are doing a great job.

Morgen, how's your mum going? How are you coping? How are the renovations going?

Hi everyone else


hey everyone,
hows your day going? anyone as hot as i am at the moment?? its so gross. i hate summer!

jules, mums good. much better. she's able to drive now. she's recovering heaps better then what she did when she had the opperation 10 years ago. this heat is killing both of us though. my goodness its gross. renovations are going as fast as they can at the moment. we can do the outside stuff like the patio and garden etc but can't start building till we get relaxation from the counsil. that she be going through soon. can 't wait till its done!

anyway, going to go to the shops and get out of this heat. bring on aircon!


I can relate Morgen! It is stinking hot here too. We have air con in the house but have been out for the morning and getting into a stinking hot car is revolting. Being pregnant and hot don't mix well.
Anyway, how is everyone going? Hope things are settling down for you Bek. Sounds like you are very strong and putting your kids first.
Hope your feeling better Krystal.
Kathy, are you doing anything in particular to get a girl this time. Can't remember if you have said. Good luck!
Hi to everyone else. I am hoping Lucas is going to have a big sleep so that I can lie down for a bit. You never know your luck! Then I think it might be into the paddling pool.
Have a good day girls.

Glad to hear your mum is feeling better Morgen gasp)
I went to Capalaba Park yesterday and got a park straight away. Did what I had to do (pick up the boys santa photo) and came home. It was fantastic!

Good to hear from you Kate gasp)
We are not really trying for a girl, just BD'ng and hoping for the best. I am sure those methods are true to some extent but I also believe you get what you are given IYKWIM? I will be ecstatic either way. A girl would be wonderful and a boy would be great because I have everything, LOL.

I spring cleaned our bedroom today. Gee it felt good. I have so much crap, grrrr. I am waiting for the boys to wake up so I can attack their room. We get a heap of hand me downs from Jacks aunty on his dads side because she has 3 young boys. As much as I appreciate them, we just have way too much. I need to get rid of a heap. Nice time of the year to give them away to Lifeline.

Thinking of you Bek. How are Tia & Isobel going? Getting excited Santa will be here soon?

Thinking of you Krystal. Please keep in touch. We miss hearing from you x x x

Thinking of you Ella. Please keep in touch x x x

I am going to put the boys Santa photo on Sept Smiles gasp)

Hey all!!
long time no chat! How r we all? hope everyone is well. howsthe ttc going kathy??

We r all good here. Ive changed meds for my anxiety/ depression. cardiologist cleared me heart which i knew was fine anyway. My friend just had a baby ruby eloise! so cute she truly is a pretty baby.
levi is wlaking and my friends call him blocker cause he sticks his head out, shoulders up and runs like a front rower in footy haha

the rest of my fam is good!! hope u r all well

Hi everyone - hope you are surviving the silly season!

We had our playgroup christmas party yesterday. It was really nice - one of the grandpa's dressed up as santa as he has done every year since the kids were born. He is such a great sport as yesterday was about 38 degrees!

I was hoping the kids would sleep in as it was such a long day but no luck - Nick woke me up at 6am *yawn* Have a few jobs to get through today but hopefully take it easy as I feel it has been non-stop for the past month or so scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

morning everyone. i'm wish you on the sleeping in michelle. it was a big day yesterday and i thought payton would sleep in at least till 6:30-7ish. but no such luck. woke at 6am too.
i'm looking after 2 extra girls today. I have ruby, my old hairdressers little girl. she's 7.5 months and such an easy baby to look after. i have her from 8-2, and also lara from 9-5. haven't looked after lara for a while so the girls should have lots of fun playing together. and i should sleep very well tonight lol.
anyway, going to eat some breakfast. mums taken payton for a walk, ruby's asleep and lara hasn't arrived yet.
have a good day everyone

Hi everyone,

your a good friend Morgen to have all the kids at once. Do you and your friends help each other out a lot like that?

kathy, I know what you mean about spring cleaning. I desperately need to do our house - the pantry particularly - but find it all so overwhelming and don't know where to start.

Michelle, we've been really busy lately too, so am having a quiet day today.

Kirsty, hope the new meds work for you and good news about your heart. I really like the name Ruby.

Kate, hasn't the weather been lovely. I've never felt so hot in all my life as I did yesterday.

Hi to everyone, have a great day.



I am absolutely shattered today. We've had a big weekend.

Friday night I had to stay at work for the end of year mass and year 7 graduation which took about 2 hours. Then I drove to my SIL house for her sons 7th birthday party, got there at about 8:30pm, Jonah was in party mode and in no rush for bed. We walked around the corner to see this street that had heaps of christmas lights - was pretty spectacular. Jonah was mesmerised. We left there at 10:30pm and JOnah still hadn't been to bed - long story - was a drama filled night which resulted in him not getting bed.

Saturday we went to the park early to run the dog and let Jonah play while cool. Some friends who live away dropped in with their little boy whihc was great to see them. Then we went shopping for PIL's chrissy present. Then I cooked Jonah some tea for the week and went up to see a friend who'd just had a baby. Went for a coffee with the other friends from work who were there. Came home, wrapped all the presents, dh cooked and we crashed.

yesterday Jonah and I hung around home while dh went to golf. Then we had dh's family christmas as we won't be with them so got there at 3 and it was so hot. They have air con but it really struggled with all the bodies and heat. We were doing pressies and I felt like I was going to explode. i went and sat in the lounge room and dh kept on wetting a flannel in the esky for me. I wanted to strip everything off! Jonah got some cool pressies - very spoilt. We got a big umbrella that doesn't have a centre pole, it's on the side. We left there at about 11 (jonah went to bed at 8ish) and I put JOnah to bed, showered and crashed. I left dh asleep on the couch!

Therefore, today I am staying close to home. Done the food shopping and now Jonah is in bed so am going to have a little sleep too.

Take care


Jules give it a couple more weeks/months and your house be sparkling lol
well just popping on to let you know im still alive.
still house hunting
kids are both teething again grr so im tired.
but good otherwise

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