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Hi everyone smile

I guess it's the silly season & everyone is busy, busy!

We are good here Andy is growing so fast & understanding more & more everyday. If I ask him to grab a nappy he will bring one back so I can change him. He is saying Yuck & pulling his top up when he has done a poo in his nappy. I sit him on the potty but I am just getting him familiar with it not actually training him yet. He climbs on absolutely eveything, he climbed onto computer chair then up onto desk then tried to climb onto the tower Naughty boy!!
Elailah is all ready for school next year we have uniform, new socks, knickers, hat, shoes, singlets all ready to go lol
She is looking forward to it but I think I will have a challenge on my hands on her first day. She is not good with seperation sad hopefully it goes smoothly.
I am feeling better in myself hopefully it will stay this way!

How is everyone??? Are you all ready for Christmas??
What did you buy your bubbas for Christmas??? I think they are at a difficult age where they are too big for baby toys but too little for big toys. I got Andy a ride on bike & tool bench but there are a few small bolts etc that I will have to take out for now. He also has a train set but again I will need to only set up the train on the track & leave the small pieces until he is a little bit older as he still puts things into his mouth :S He has some cars & trucks but you can only buy so many of them IYKWIM.

Anyway happy shopping smile
Talk soon xox

Great to hear from you Krystal, glad to hear you are feeling better now.

Andy sounds like Jonah, he is understanding so much it spins me out all the time. We are giving JOnah a few little things for Christmas. He is getting a little Tonka for the sand pit, a soccer ball because he kicks all balls everywhere, an In the Night Garden dvd, a little Iggle Piggle doll (dh's contribution!) and a pool noodle. We are travelling so need to keep things small so we can fit everyone elses pressies in the car.

Better go, got to get to swimming, then home for a quick change and off to my work Christmas lunch.

Take care and great to hear from you again.



hey girls!
well firstly im feeling much better these days ith my new meds and iron tablets!
I have minded my friends 2 girls twice now! the secojd time the husbands organised and my friend was horrified cause she had to work and she couldnt believe the sprung it on me but Ioved it1 haha

I got my k rudd money today so thats going on the car getting fixed, finally have two cars back!!
I ahve dont hardley any chrissy shopping :S we always leave it to the last minute so I wont make any excuses for us thisbyear haha

not much else to report. goodluck with the house hunting bek

oh and we got levi nothing yet for chrisys duno what to get him haha

Great to hear you are well Kirsty & Krystal .. Hip Hip Hooray !!

Luke is a lot like Jonah & Andy as well, hehe. He climbs onto the kitchen table and stands up, ARGH. You can imagine my reaction, haha, but I am getting a lot better now. I had to rescue one of my wine glasses before. Luke slid open the glass door and was racing towards the loungeroom window (which goes down to the floor) giggling his head off, swinging his arms from side to side with the glass flying everywhere, LOL. Don't you just love this phase they are going through. He still sticks everything into his mouth which I am hoping he will stop doing soon.

I have bought the boys an enclosed trampoline for Christmas which gets delivered today. I bought Lane & Luke HI5 Christmas DVD's, play tent, balls, bubbles, books etc. Just a few little things as the trampoline is their main present and they will live on it. Jacks main present is Guitar Hero.

I changed the boys rooms around yesterday. I actually swapped them over. Amazingly it didn't take that long. I am really happy with the result. They all seem to have a lot more cupboard space. Mind you I did get rid of a lot of crap. I threw out 2 old stereos which were taking up a lot of room. I took the bassinet out of the boys room (argh memories) and put it in the linen closet (right next to our bedroom, hehe). How tiny are they? Hard to believe that only 12 months ago Luke was sleeping in there. Now he rocks his portacot like you wouldn't believe and bangs on the walls, LOL.

I have yet another infected ingrown toenail ... BOO HOO!
I have a doctors appt on Friday. She will most likely put me on antibiotics then remove the nail sometime next week. Perfect timing, NOT, when we are TTC and I am nearly due to OV. How romantic will that be, rolling around in the bed with my toe stuck in the air, PMSL!

We are going to NSW in January. We leave on the 10th and will be there for a couple of weeks. Oh Kirsty we will be in Sydney (Cecil Park) between the 20-23 Jan. We haven't organised any accomodation yet so we will rock up at your house OK .. LOL just jokes. We do however need to organise something. I have another Huggies friend who also wants to catch up.

I better go and see what Lane is doing. Luke is asleep gasp)

Hope everyone is well. Thinking of you Bek & Ella x x x

Having a quiet day today. Kenzie wanted to make biscuits so we made peanut butter and jamp drops. Yummy!

She is being quiet naughty lately. Either she is getting worse or my patiemce is wearing thin. Not sure which one but I have had enough! They are both off to Grans tonight and I am counting down the hours until I drop them off - 4 hours to go lol

Bek, I hope you are doing ok today and Issy is improving! scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

Hey Kathy, You always seem to be moving rooms around. AFter the new year I am going to be concentrating on one room at a time until each room is done. That's the plan anyway!

Hi Kirsty, glad to hear your meds are doing the job, you sound good. Don't worry about the christmas shopping, it'll all fall into place.

Michelle, Sorry to hear Kenzie is giving you a hard time. I know what you mean about patience. We've had that many things on lately, I am so tired and snapping a little too often.

Hi everyone else.


I have had a pretty indulgent day - it's been great!

Jonah went to daycare today, instead of tomorrow as the lady is going away and asked to swap (we get charged for it regardless). I've finished work so got the day to myself.

Dh and I dropped Jonah off, took the dog for a walk adn throw and came home for brekky. Then I dropped dh at a golf corporate day, went and had a pedicure, bought two pairs of shorts as I've only got one and am living in them. Had my legs, bikini and eyebrows waxed, picked up a dvd (Mamma Mia), got some lunch and have just finished watching it. I feel really relaxed.

Now I've got to get ready, pick up Jonah, pick up dh and go to twin nieces 2nd birthday with all the family (what will the drama be tonight!!!) So all of my relaxing is about toend!

Better go and get organised. Hope you are all well.



Ho Ho HO Merry Christmas smile
Well it is sure feeling alot like Christmas now, I am getting excited lol I am a big kid when it comes to Christmas tho I Absolutely love it.

Jules you always seem to be full on lol I bet it makes the time go faster for you .

Kirsty Glad to hear you are feeling better smile I bet the boys are looking forward to Christmas!

Michelle Hows the business??? Is Kenzie looking forward to starting school next year??

Morgen hows lil Payton?? I bet she loves having her friends over to play smile

Ella are you feeling ok hun?? How are the girls??

Bek how you coping Girl?? I hope you n the girls are good & looking forward to a Happy Christmas.

Kathy I bet you want to set that trampoline up for the boys to play with now wink I am so bad like that I think I get more excited than the kids & find it really hard to hold back lol
I really want to give Elailah her vanity set NOW but I want to keep it as her suprise on Christmas morning to lol

I am good, dealing with issues from Aarons sister at the moment which is making life awkward.
She hasn't spoken to me since we arrived home & sent me an email the other day
saying how I didn't make an effort to spend time with her or talk to her alot when we were up there.
I tried explaining that it was pretty full on & I had other things to worry about not just her & how our kids came first then she said I was blaming the kids for my behaviour.
Anyway I think she has jealousy issues lol
When we were at Australia Zoo I asked her to hold Elailah up so she could pat the Koala while I took a photo, As Aaron had Andy. After I got my pic she stormed off because she wanted to pat the Koala but had to hold Elailah up. She is very selfish just like the rest of his family and is definatly one of those people who don't have a partner or kids but knows everything about them.
Sorry but it is still getting to me ggggrrrrrr INLAWS!!!!

Have a great day everyone smile

Hi Krystal, I agree, it is feeling very festive around here and I love it. I get excited about Christmas for Jonah, maybe next year he'll get it more?!

Time does fly, but I don't feel like I do that much sometimes. I always try to get one thing done a day (out of the house and only if I have to) otherwise just mooch around at home doing the usual houseworky stuff.

Today we are having a very quiet, slow day. We had my twin nieces 2nd birthday party last night and once again, we didn't get home till 10:30pm. Jonah has turned into mr party animal and will not go to bed while we are out. Perhaps if we'd persisted longer he may have but we are weak and love seeing him with his cousins. It's hilarious watching him play like he thinks he's a big kid. Anyway he crashed in the car when we left at 10pm and didn't even budge when I transferred him. I crashed straight away too. Then he woke at 2am and was quite upset, almost like he didn't know where he was. He woke on and off until about 4am when I put him to sleep in my arms and then he slept in till 9am! It was amazing! I got up at about 8:30am cause I was busting but right now I feel good and don't want an arvo sleep.

We've been looking at 2nd hand prams because ours can't take a toddler seat. We are going to get a Phil and Teds because they are still good to walk with and not too big but everytime we see one in the trading paper it sells so quickly. I guess when it's our time it will happen.

Better go and get some more things done.

Take care and have a great weekend everyone.


Hi Girls,
I just got back from shopping and I am so sore gasp(
My toe is killing me!
Went to the doctor yesterday, she has put me on antibiotics. I am having the nail removed on Tuesday. Well half the nail anyway. If this doesn't clear it up then they are going to refer me to a specialist who can remove the whole nail.
I think I have finally finished my Christmas shopping. Just have to do the grocery shopping on Monday. It is getting quite tricky now trying to find stocking fillers for Jack. Usually I fill the stocking with 75% of food and 25% of gifts. Trying to find those cheap gifts now is getting pretty hard. Anyway I managed ok, he got things like deodorant, cap gun with caps, tennis balls (always loses them), blow up baseball bat, glow sticks, sparklers etc. I do the same with Lane and Lukes stockings. Food wise they get things like lollipops, milky ways, licenced drinks eg: Thomas juice, small pkt of potato chips etc. Gifts they got tennis balls, glow sticks, sparklers, roll on soap, bubbles etc. Do you buy your children stockings and what do you put in them?
I have a friend coming over for dinner tonight. We are having ham & salad, nice and easy. She is bringing a bottle of wine. Just what the doctor ordered, hehe. Tomorrow my best friend is coming over so we can exchange Christmas presents. Busy busy busy time of year!

Kathy I have the kids a stocking each. Elailah gets a choc stocking in hers & I have put a little High school musical notebook with a Hannah Montana pencil case that has a rubber, sharpener & pencils. She has sparklers her Letter from Santa & bubbles.
Andy has a freddo choc stocking, 3 balls, bubbles His letter from Santa & alphabet bath letters.
Elailah is learning her Golden words & recognizes a few I have been getting her to sit at her desk & write them out that is why she is getting her notebook with pencils.

We are going to our local carols tomorrow night they have kids entertainment on early so we should be finished there by 9 which isn't to bad.

I Hope you have a fun night Kathy smile

OOOhhhhh who is having a birthday Monday???
We will talk soon Bek xox

Have a great night everyone smile

Hey everyone,
not long been home. had dinner with some neighbours and exchanged christmas gifts and went walking around and looking at all the christmas lights. I'm not doing stockings for payton this year. next year i will when she understands more about santa and christmas etc.
anyway gtg. time for bed. hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.
night all

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