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Hi ladies
we got the girls a cubby, which i set up about a week and half ago. so they had some time to play with it before we left for maryborough. from santa kenzie is getting a barbie digital camera, mia is getting one of those little tikes digital camera and isla is getting a little push along bike. she is really good at riding the other girls bikes, so i though she would like that. in their stockings i have put, for kenzie some crafty stuff - stamps, stencils and glitter pens. mia has some dora stuff - lunchbox, pencils and that. and for isla's stocking, im not sure what im gonna put in. maybe just a choccy or lollipop or something.
gosh it was a bit of a change, weather wise, from toowoomba to maryborough. gosh so hot. thank goodness my in laws have a pool.
happy birthday for monday bek
hope the dr fixes your toenail kathy
ella - i hope you are ok down there. try and stay positive and strong for your 3 beautiful girls
kirsty - i laugh at your facebook comments about Ash (think it was ash and not dylan) wanting a pony LOL
krystal - i wouldnt worry about your sister in law, she sounds like a twit.
michelle - sounds like you are getting a bit of peace from the kids. enjoy it
jules - so busy. its nice to have stuff to do, beats being stuck at home all the time
we are off to stay at my parents house for a few days, then back to my inlaws house til xmas day and then back to my parents, then we leave for home boxing day. DH still has one week off after xmas, not sure if we are going anywhere though.
anyways im off now.

Mum to Mackenzie, Mia & Isla

Krystal, business is going great at the moment. I am a little shocked at how well it has taken off but I am not complaining. I expect things will slow down until after new year now though

Kir, you guys are going to be busy going back and forwards. I bet the kids love seeing their grandparents though. I hope you get some time out for yourself while you have some baby sitters on hand!

Bek, whats the latest on that house? Did you get it?

Kathy, I hope your toe isnt too bad. Do you have to take any pain killers or anything? Will that affect your TTC?

Jules, I hope you are still feeling awesome after your day to yourself. Its always nice in the moment but doesnt take long to get back into reality lol scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

We had a great day yesterday. Took Kenzie to see Madagascar 2. She did really well to sit through it all. Most of the jokes werent really for kids but she loved the first movie so we thought we would try this one with her as a treat.

After, we went to get Nick and stayed for a coffee. He was playing and finally took his first steps!! I am so happy - only 15.5 months old. Not really a problem with that but Kenzie was walking at 13 months so I was expecting about the same with Nick. He had the biggest smile on his face so he knew he had done something special.

We are taking the kids swimming today. They are both such water babies!

Only a few more sleeps until christmas. Haven't really gotten into the mood yet. Not sure why! I havent done stockings this year. I had the plan to make them myself and ran out of time. I will do it through the year I think.

Have a great one! scrapbooking - ask me about it ..

helllooo everyone
Krystal its me having a birthday tomorrow
21 finally smile
kir thanks smile
no good on the house been really hard bad time of year too i really want something though cos im already sick of being at mums. as much as i love her im not 16 anymore, and with the kids its hard to get them into routine smile

so we just gonna keep checking them out and applying im sure someone will take us on, im going to ring housing commision in the new year i think.

anyways so tired
talk soon

Hi everyone,

Good luck with the toe this week Kathy, maybe a few bottles of wine will be needed post procedure!

Krystal, your local carols sound great. As I type, our local carols are just ending with fireworks - our dog is freaking out!

Michelle, I am so happy that Nick is walking. You must be elated. Do you give the kids Santa things?

Bek, happy birthday for tomorrow, hope you get spoilt. Good luck with the housing commission, it must suck always feeling in limbo. How are the girls going? How is bubba #3 going? How are you going?

Kir, the cubby sounds cool and good for all. You are doing a lot of tooing and frowing (is that the saying???!). Safe driving.

What's happened with Ella? Is she ok?

Hi to everyone else, sorry if I've missed you.



We've had a nice weekend. Tried to keep it fairly quiet to give us and Jonah some down time after so many late nights and big days and before the whole Christmas thing starts again with all the family.

On Sat we had some friends over for brunch then I went and organised dh's pressie. Today I washed and ironed - fun! AFter Jonah's sleep we went over to some friends for an early tea, we had home made pizzas which were delicious. We left there at 7 so Jonah got to bed at 8pm which isn't too bad. He must be shattered, he's been having the biggest sleep ins. Fri was 9:30, Sat 8:30 and today 8. He's been in bed no later than 8 too. Normally he is in bed by 7:30pm but because he is so tired, he is having a long arvo sleep and then isn't ready so it's a bit of a juggling act at the moment.

I've been feeling rather weird today, had leg cramps on and off all day which I don't remember having with Jonah. HOw do you get rid of them or prevent them?

Also, that book I ordered from Huggies arrived today. It's called Birth Skills adn I've already started reading and learning different movement techniques. I don't expect not to have any pain relief, just want to try and stay at home longer this time, if I don't get induced that is.

Seeya all


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEK!!! smile What are your plans for today?? I hope you are feeling ok. What are the girls up to??

Kir you will be very busy backwards & forwards how do the girls cope in the car??? HAVE A GREAT CHRISTMAS!

Michelle is Madagascar good for little ones?? Does it go for very long?? I was thinking of taking Elailah in the NEW Year as I have just taken her to see High School Musical 3. I hope your business keeps doing what its doing I may be a customer in your shop soon as my niece has just started to get into Scrapbooking.

Morgen I bet the Christmas lights looked great! Does Morgen enjoy looking at the pretty lights??

Kathy Hows the toe?? Hows TTC??? When can u test again?? OOOhhhhh how exciting for you smile How are the boys?? Does Jack help you "BE Santa"??? Thats the scariest part trying to put all the presents out under the tree quietly lol I get so paranoid that Elailah is watching or will wake up.

Kirsty you make me laugh when I read your posts on facebook about your boys lol Imagine if you had a girl they would pinch all her toys lol

Ella how are you feeling mate?? I hope you have a great Christmas. Don't forget to look after yourself too have a bit of you time if you can wink

I got gel nails for the first time on Saturday lol they are a bit long I think. I am going back tomorrow to get them a bit shorter. We went shopping & got my Christmas presents.
Andy enjoyed the carols last night he was going around to everyones picnics scamming food.
one minute he is there the next he is with the people next to us smiling & being cute & getting food in return lol
I think he ended up with some chocs, a carrot stick & bikkies lol
Not sure if I want to go to Aarons family on boxing day or not!! I was going to grin & bare it but I hate fake people & I definatly can not act fake. If I don't like someone or something I wont pretend I do!

Have a good day ladies smile

Hi Girls,

I have been flat out. Not only do I have 3 kids at home but I have cleaned out the pantry, cleaned out the fridge (doing Christmas grocery shopping this arvo), 3 loads of washing, went to the Dept of Transport and transferred the car registration into my name (YAY) and done a general tidy up around the house. I am stuffed and I still have heaps to do. The boys woke up at 6 this morning which has made me a bit tired. Plus this hot weather doesn't help.

My best friend came over last night and we exchanged Christmas presents. We always spoil each other every year. This year she bought DH and I embroidered towels/handtowels/washers. Mine have the initial K on one side and a picture of a cowboy hat on the other (I love country). DH's has the initial R on one side and cowboy boots on the other. They look fantastic. We also got a nice set of drinking glasses (16) and one of those wooden photo frame boxes that holds heaps of photos and you can display your photos on the outside of the box as well (if that makes sense). We got very spoilt. Oh and she bought a chocolate mousse for dessert, YUMMY!

Well better keep moving before I fall asleep. I have heaps of wrapping to do tonight so I probably won't be on. I have my toenail operation at 10.30 tomorrow morning. I am then driving, yes driving, to the Northside to spend the afternoon with my sister. I will bring my nephew back with us because he is sleeping the night. Then everyone (family) arrives on Wednesday. Phew I am buggered just thinking about it !!!

Oh Krystal, as you can see I am on Day 10 of my cycle. Due to OV on and around Boxing Day. Due to test on the 9th Jan, fingers crossed, LOL!

Happy 21st Birthday To You
Happy 21st Birthday To You
Happy 21st Birthday Dear Bek
Happy 21st Birthday To You

Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray
Hip Hip Hooray

Love Kathy, Roy, Jack, Lane & Luke x0x0x0x0x0

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Bek.

Hope you have a great day and get spoilt by your family.

Take care


Oh my goodness Kathy, you have done a lot today. You are exhausting me just thinking about it.

I have tried to do heaps today as we packing to go away for chrissy but Jonah has not been a happy chappy today, I've no idea what is wrong with him. He got 11 hours sleep, woke up happy, has just been down hill since dh left. Nothing has worked. He's asleep now, but not so soundly so maybe he's getting a tooth. Makes it hard to pack when you've got a 1year old hanging off you.

Speak of the devil, he's awake - only an hour - not good!

Speak soon


thank you everyone smile
i had a good day
well until i spoke to tristain tonight but wont go into that.
we did sweet F all today lol literally sat around all day playing with the kids and talking lol didnt even clean lol

all changes tomorrow off to do the alst minute christmas shopping yay... not lol
i get my mobile tomorrow yay. Kathy i'll send you my number once im up and running lol
and next year you can be my messenger lol

Jules hopefully Jonah is happy for you soon again.

ok how many sleeps is everyones kids having???
I think Issie is deciding to drop hers (NOOOOOO) lol
she refuses to go down but is so cranky by 4 and falls asleep at 630 eating tea if i want her to sleep i literally have to rock her. and even then it doesnt always work.
oh well.

anyways gota go pee lol
talk soon

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