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May Babies 2008-attempt 3.... Lock Rss

Dunno who we have bugged but we have been deleted again....

[Edited on 29/11/2008]

lol, i think it was cos i swore at them in it, lol, but they could of just taken my post away, lmao!


back when master d was 10-12w and i took him to the CYHN about his constant waking at night & feeding, she suggested that DH goes adn settles him back down as he has no booby milk so therefor, not gettin what he is wakin up for, and this in turn will make him realise it aint worth wakiin up for!

but it worded much better and made alot more sense! lol
[Edited on 02/12/2008 by Huggies_Moderator]
hey casey, did u wanna rename the thread, lol, to may babies 08 take 3 or somethin, the w t f might get us deleted again, lol!

anyway, somethin we didnt have in any of the other threads a timeline! PM me your bubbas details to be added (or actually we could send them onto casey so they are on the 1st post!)

Memmi aka Trina - Boy, May 1st 08 - 5lb 13oz
Lynley - Boy, May 8th 08, 7lb 9oz
[Edited on 29/11/2008]
[Edited on 02/12/2008 by Huggies_Moderator]
Jordan was born on the 8th May - 7lb 9oz.

Oh right...PM....I'll do that too

Shame you had to take your sexy siggy down...I really liked it that means Kristy (Mum2Ryder) has taken hers down too? hope not hers is real nice...lmao...
Thanks smile

I cant be bothered doing a timeline smile

if someone else wants to do it that would be awesome...

Sam was born on may 27th, 315am...

ha ha i see Memmi is already doing it...

You Rock...

I got a ipod nano... so cool!



Daniel 12/05/08 9lb 1oz

happy birthday casey
[Edited on 29/11/2008]


Cameron 9th May 08 6lb 13oz

Robbee - 30th, 8lb 6oz 10.09am smile]

I'm gonna make my siggy smaller too....

Happy B'day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grin

memmi your siggy is awesome

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