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July Babies 2006 Lock Rss

Hi girls,

Our thread was deleted so i thought i would start a new one! But upsetting with all the milestones lost in the huggies black hole but oh well!

Hope you are all good.

We're doing fine, Can't believe how close christmas is now!!

Everyones gone missing lol
Hi Denae,

I thought I would have a look to see if the thread had been restarted and you have! Thank you. I hope the other Mummies see it.

Is Cohen excited about Christmas. Annie is but I think she doesn't really comprehend it yet.

What are you doing on Christmas Day?

Love Elisa
[Edited on 20/12/2008]

Hi Elisa!

I think he'll be excited to see everyone and play with toys but like Annie, i dont think he really understands. He's not a fan of Santa LOL

We have SIL's on Christmas Eve, Ours, MIL's, Mum's and DH's Nanna on Christmas and then Aunty on Boxing day lol big families! How about you?
Hi Denae,

How are you today?

Christmas Eve we go to church and the kids perform a nativity play. So cute! Christmas Day I am hosting this year so for lunch it will be 37 adults and 5 children (please pray for fine weather so I can have it outside on my deck!). Dinner will also be at my home for those who are not going off to other functions. Have invited close friends over to join us for dinner as well. Boxing day - DH off to the cricket at the MCG. I will stay in my PJs all day and read trashy romance novels to recover from Christmas Day. LOL. The kids will hopefully be happy to play with their new toys! Layla looks so cute in your signature. She and Cohen both have a very cheeky smile smile

Hi Elisa

We are good here. It's been a good day with the toilet training, even yesterday we only had one accident! Thats in jocks and pants so its a big step for him smile yay!

How are you and your beautiful kids today?

Oh how cute with the Nativity play at the Church! Bet you'll get some great photos smile

Wow that's a big Christmas lunch, sounds like fun though!!

haha about boxing day, that sounds like my kind of day!

Thanks, I can see Cohen and Layla both being extremely cheeky together when she's a bit older lol

Oh my sister starts IVF next month!!! She's so excited smile
Hi Denae,

Cohen is very clever with toilet training. How did you know when to start him? Anastasia refuses to even consider it, so I am not going to push her. I am coming to the conclusion that I was spoilt with Lachlan as he was so easy to train.

I am very excited for your sister and will be sending positive thoughts her way. She is lucky to have the support of you. We did ours in secrecy and I often wished I had someone who I could talk to about it.

Only two more sleeps! I hope you have a wonderful day today.

Love Elisa

Afternoon smile

I just let him go nudey with a potty in the loungeroom. He eventually got the idea and that bit was easy... it was trying to get him to go from the potty to the toilet and no jocks or nappy to jocks! We are nearly there. He only wears nappies at night now but apparently had an accident at MIL's today while i was out. Coming to think of it now, i should of put him on the toilet before bed :/

Did you find it hard not being able to talk to anyone about the IVF?

Not long til Christmas now. Im getting excited but i still havent finished my shopping. Going to brave the shops tomorrow LOL
Morning Denae.

Good luck with your shopping today. smile

I am pleased to say that Anastasia asked to use the toilet twice yesterday and did two wees. Its a small start but very encouraging! On the hot days I am going to put her in undies and see how we go. (Took her shopping for some and of course, she chose Dora!).

I did find it hard to not to talk about IVF. My DH made the decision that we should keep it to ourselves as his brother and SIL went through it before us and it got to the stage that people were so scared to tell them that they were pregnant because of their reaction to any news like that. We didn't want our friends to feel they could not tell us the best news you have! When I went through it to get Anastasia I was really lucky and met another couple in the waiting room. We hit it off and have been close ever since. Our boys are three weeks apart in age, as are our girls, which is amazing. It really helped me talking to her. I am delighted to say she went through it a to get a third child in is now expecting and the due date is my birthday!

Denae, in case I don't get back on here today or tomorrow, may I wish you and your family a wonderful and very Merry Christmas. I have really enjoyed and valued our conversations! I hope Santa visits you with a special surprise!

Love Elisa

Yay for Annie!! What a clever girl! Sounds like she is going to do really well with TT smile

Wow that must of been hard for you guys but also very thoughtful for the reason you chose not to tell anyone (oops did that make sense? lol) So nice that you met another couple going through the same thing!!

Cohen finally got an appointment for his Audiology test in March smile

Thank you so much!! Wishing you a very merry christmas. I have enjoyed it too!!! So nice to meet lovely people like you smile Have a fantastic day tomorrow xx
Hi Elisa and Denae

Wishing you and your families a very MERRY CHRISTMAS

Will catch up with you in the new year as I am flying to Brisbane on Saturday (just me) WOOHOO

Now I'm off for some much needed sleep

Luv to you all


Hi Ness,

It is so good to hear from you. Have a wonderful time in Brisbane and I look forward to catching up with you in the new year.

Merry Christmas Denae and Ness! Have a wonderful celebration with your families today.

Love Elisa

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