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Hi all

I thought it was about time we moved over to this thread as most, if not all, babies are born now.

Hello everyone,

Hope you and your bubs are all doing well.
Christine thanks for creating the new thread.

I am a little tired today, we are still having trouble with settling Madison. She will sleep for 4-5 hours if she is in our bed, but if I put her in the bassinet it takes me 1-2 hours to get her to sleep it's so frustrating.

The last two nights she has also been having only 1 breast, and it makes me so sore and uncomfortable. I always offer the second breast but she just gets really fussy with it. sad

I know she is getting enough milk because since she was born she has put on 1080kg (Born 13th Nov) but its very annoying not knowing if she will wake again in an hour because she only had one breast if that makes sense?

Sorry for my whinging I am just finding it tough as my DD1 was the complete opposite and I guess I thought that they would be the same.

I will try and persist with BF for a few more weeks but its really getting me down and I don't seem to be enjoying it as much as I did with DD1. And I'm not sure that Maddy is content with the breast?

I am considering going to Tresillian if things don't improve with the settling soon, has anyone else ever been?

Better go organise some dinner before she wakes up.

Take care girls
Amanda x

Christine - thanks for starting the new thread. Great idea!

Amanda - sorry to hear you're having such a tough time with the BF. It is darn hard work, but I keep getting told by everyone who has breastfed to persist so that's what I'm doing, as hard as it is sometimes.
Today Eliza has pretty much napped all day, only sleeping for 15-30 mins at a time, which has been really frustrating when I have things to do. She's also wanting to feed off both breasts, play a bit and then want a bit more.
A girl from my birth class was telling me yesterday that her kid also only wanted the one breast so she expressed the other one to be comfortable and soon enough her boobs settled down so that bubs was getting a feed from each one in a session. Maybe check with the ABA for advice on this.
Don't worry, Maddy is certainly putting on enough weight. Eliza was born same day and is now only 170g heavier than her birth weight of 3650g.

Any new bubbas to report?


Hi Ladies,

Christine, thanks heaps for starting the new thread. I too was thinking we must nearly all have had our bubbas by now.

Mia is still going really well. She is sleeping through the night still but is awake most of the day. I can handle that as we are getting heaps of sleep. Her Dad has looked after her on his own for a few hours yesterday and today as work called me in as they were really stuck. There are down to skeleton staff. I said i am happy to help out whilst my DF is not working. He hopefully will start a new job mid January.

Kel - hope all is going well with you guys and DP is still keeping up his end of the bargain.

Sorry to hear that there are so many having problems with breast feeding. It really isn't an easy thing to do and i commend you all.

Take care ladies.

Hi everyone

Just a quick one before I leave to go to Jarrad's primary school graduation (yes, I'll have 2 in high school next year - gulp...).

All you ladies that are persisting with BF, I really commend you. It is really hard and I wish I'd had the strength to continue for my boy. Luckily now Brodie is thriving and is such a happy and content baby that smiles all the time.

Woops, time is slipping away. Must go!! Be back later.

Christine xxx

I must admit im struggling with the BF a little is anyone else???.. Ethan is having about 6-7 BF per day and then a bottle of formula at night before bed so DH can feed him.

How many feeds is everyones elses bubs having??? on the back of the formula tin it says Ethan should have 5 feeds if exclusively formula fed so is 6-7 BF & a bottle of formula too many!!! he is a big bub though not sure of his weight at the moment but last weigh in he was 4.6kg

Just a tip on BF that I have found to work for me so far. I was recommended this by the BF association.

I have had REALLY cracked and bleeding nipples but now one is healed up, so the BF association told me to feed off the good one and express off the other to give it time to heal. I am finding Keeli is happy with the one breast and has put on 200g this week so she must be getting enough! My nipple is healing pretty quickly now too.

I have just been expressing off the bad one during the day and feeding her from it at night, as well as the good one so it gets emptied properly. They told me a pump will not get milk out as effectively as bub, so that's why I do that at night- plus then I'm not stuffing around with pumping at night.

Anyway, maybe that will help someone?

On another note- from the few posts that I've had time to read, I've found it comforting that we are all finding it hard in some aspects and east in others- just proves that everyone's experince is so different and we all make it work in the end.

Have a great day!
Hi All,

I notice there are 2 Nov 08 threads although there seems to be more familiar names in this one.

Amanda- I know how you feel on the tired thing. I was still trying to settle Megan at 1am this morning. Was desperately hoping the 2 kids would nap together today but no DS decided no nap today.

Sas- Totally agree with your take on BF. It's hard work but each day it is getting easier. I'm told the rewards kick in at 6 weeks.

Amanda- Can't believe your doing some work. I can only just manage to cook a meal for the day. I keep hoping the cleaning fairly will arrive soon so the thought of work just ain't there.

Christine- 2 in high school well thats just a whole new set of worries. Good luck with that.

Marie- Megan in having as many as she wants. Which is usually every 3-4 hours, hmm just counting and it's about 7 in 24 hours. And yes it's hard work!!

Jessica- Your right we are all having different issues but some how it's same same but different. If that makes sense.

Well a little update on us. Megan has put on 355gms in the last week so the BF is going much better now and I have no worries about her not getting enough. She at 5 weeks has almost hit her brothers birth weight so she still seemd small to me. She sleeps well but settling her at night is proving difficult. One of us is usually up until at least midnight then she feeds at 1am so sleep comes when I can get it. Today is my birthday and I have to say it could have passed without me even realising. I really don't feel like it's my birthday. Although I've had some lovely gifts and flowers from friends, family and DH.

DS is needing some love and attention so will try and get on again over the weekend and catch up on everyones news.

Hey guys,

I hope everyone that is having feeding and sleeping issues find solutions very soon!!

We had a good time in Noosa, got back this afternoon ;)Catie was a bit unwell so we were up a couple of nights, just a cold tho I think and she is much much happier today which is a relief!! She also had a bit of nappy rash but it seems to be clearing up now too!

I have a blocked duct tho I think!! bugger its really sore and under my arm so have been massaging, hot packs panadol and trying to get catie to feed mainly off that side, she usually only takes one side at a time so my boobs get a bit sore sometimes but I just express a bit to take the pressure off, not sure how much this is helping tho its probably making more milk!!!!

Thankfully she slept well last night and really seems to have chubbed up over the last few days!! sooooooooooo cute getting some gorgeous smiles now too smile

Better go off to a bbq with DH uncle and Aunty will put some more piccys up soon

Kim xx

Those first few weeks can be such a struggle.
Nathaniel and I ad some feeding issues in the beggining with him losing too much weight, but after some hard work of feeding and expressing he is now making some great weight gains. He was weighed on Wednesday and had put on 560gm in 2 weeks so Mummy is very happy.

I have been topping him up at bedtime with EBM and he has been sleeping thru for the past few nights and last night took less milk from his EBM feed than previous nighhts which is great.

My only problem now is DD2 who wont stay in her bed all night and is comng in usually before midnigt and loves to spend the rest of the night kicking me in the back.

All in all we are doing well.

Sorry no personals today



Anyone with BF issues, just know that "you're not alone"!
It is tempting to think that your issues are yours alone, but others out there are usually also having them.

Eliza usually feeds off both sides, sometimes during the day she has a feed on each a play and then a top-up from the first side. I was expressing just so that daddy could give her EBM at last feed before we went to bed, which she gulped as I was only getting 15-20ml at a time out, but haven't given her bottle since last weekend. Hoping by next weigh-in she would've stacked on more weight.

Marie - I've done 5 feeds a day once but usually it's 7 or 8, depending on how busy we've been through the day. Yesterday was spent Christmas shopping and we did 4 feeds at the centre (I was there 8 hours).

Girl from birth class whose boy is 11 weeks old said she recently had a night away from baby and had stockpiled EBM so granny could do feeds. She was getting 150ml at a time when expressing, but mainly because son was feeding off one breast at a time. She used the formula guideline for how much to give him and it worked.
I'm hoping I'll be able to do that one day, so that it'll make returning to basketball and netball easier for me next year (game times different each week) and also make it easier for a night off if I need it.

Amanda - can't believe you've already been back to work = wow! How was it being there and not with your baby? I've only been away from Eliza for one hour so far.

Christine - glad to read that Brodie is thriving. Two in high school, geez, you really do have your hands full. I commend you for SO many things smile

Pauline - happy birthday! Hope your present was some good sleep. I think we all grab sleep whenever we can - you're not alone there!

Pettina - just a tip for DD coming in at midnight, try setting up a mattress on your floor for her. That way you still have your bed to yourself but she has comfort by being close. My sister has done that with her 3yo son.

Have a good weekend all

hi everyone smile

i've been trying to reply daily- but Aydin has his own ideas about what mummy should be doing smile

...very quickly- it's so good to be able to hear about everyone's progress, and to be reassured that i'm not alone in my distress with BF!!

had all the same issues- blocked ducts, constant feeding- with only 15 minutes between feeds (then a very cranky Aydin when there's no more milk!) and feeding every 2 hours at night...constantly worrying am i making enough- why did his pattern change today?

...and now he seems to have developed colic- so the past few nights (and days) have been nightmarish! there are times when i think i can go on BF anymore either (at least then we could alternate with DH as to who feeds)...i tries expressing-but it hurt! (Aydin is much more forgiving LOL) and i only got a little amount with the machine..

i always loose (what seems like lots) from the other breast while feeding- any ideas how to save it-it feels wastful to have the breast pad soak it all up wink sorry about the whinge- i'm so glad we are all on the same page tho

i've heard some friends who went to triscillian thoguht it was's always in the back of my mind too smile

Sas- i'm so jealous! wish Aydin would sleep in 4 hour blocks smile

Glad to hear everyone is doing well smile will try posting again as soon as i can smile

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