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mid may to mid june 2008 bubs Lock Rss

Hi i just thought i would start a new post for those who have bubs born mid may to mid june!

I'm Clara, 28, live in Perth, DS Josh was born on May 31, married, hubby and i have been together for nearly 8 years, married for almost 2.

Josh has just started rolling, he is very good at back to front but still getting the hang of front to back! he is also just about ready to sit on his own, but is a bit wobbly still so needs the pillows or our legs to help him out a bit!

Hi Clara,I too am in Perth sor. I'm Kerry 32, married and have 4 beautiful children from 9years- Kye born the 28 May 2008.

Kye has started rolling from front to back on the w/end. He can but doesn't roll from back to front very often. He has no teeth yet and can't sit at all and I am not bothered about this as he is my last and I am enjoying all he does no matter how long it takes.

Hi girls

I'm Rach, I'm 32, married for 4 years, together for 6 and have a beautiful little girl, Stella who impatiently arrived 6 weeks early on 1 June.

I'm also the one who started up the hornets nest over in pregnancy & birth - "made up names". woops - ha haa ha - had a bit of fun with that one but it got boring.

Stella's now rolling over from back to front, can sit by herself if she gets her arms and balance right but cant roll from tummy to back yet. She's trying very hard to crawl and if I let her could have wicked carpet burn on her face cause she wriggles so much getting her knees up. Stella's also just started having solids. We waited until she was 6 months. With her being a bit early and having a sensitive tummy we thought it was best to wait it out. She's doing better each day too and had what I would determine a big helping of farex mixed with Apple & mango puree for breakfast this morning.

On a different note...I'm playing a waiting game and I'm a bit freaked. I'm late.....only by a day or so but I dont have that heavy feeling in my gut that I usually get ......oh dear what have I done lol ! Could I really end up with 2 under 13 months?

hey kerry - i am sor too, in success. wow 4 kids must keep you pretty busy, i have enough trouble with one lol! are your other kids boys or girls or a mixture??? my sis has 3 boys, they were trying for a girl but that didn't turn out, so now she has quite a handful! when i found out i was having a boy it was quite parents are destined to have a whole pile of grandsons me thinks!!!

hey rach - i came off the pill last month cos i was getting awful migraines when AF arrived...we were a bit paranoid anyway so were using double protection even before that, so that the 1% chance could be avoided haha...before having josh my AF was always on time, give or take one or two days. i had my last one on the 16th it should be here by now...hmmmm i am thinking its because of coming off the pill and my body getting its own rhythm back..i hope lol!!! ha imagine that...i don't think i want to on second thoughts!!! anyways, i am waiting til the weekend before i start to panic cos then it'll have been almost 5 weeks!

josh has been sleeping really badly today. half hour catnaps and i can't get him to resettle. i tried a bit of bonjella but no avail...sigh.

i can't believe your post is still at the top of hot topics. now it has turned into an argument about another post in general lol!!!

i have been inside all day today..i just can't be bothered to go out! i went to the shops for a few things yesterday and everyone [email protected] me right off...i hate shops at xmas!!!

anyways, better go!!! speak again soon! have a good night ladies!

Well girls, I have some news......I'm pregnant !

Yep, due in July next year I think. OMG - I still cant beleive it. I'm in total shock. I'm happy, paranoid, sad and feeling guilty all at the same time.

I did a test this morning and both lines came up straight away. Hubby is over the moon and I guess I'm getting there but its just a huge shock.

I'm off to the docs for a blood test to confirm as soon as Stella wakes up from her nap. She's got to have her 6 month vax as well so both of us are getting jabs.

I dont think we're going to tell everyone the news just yet mainly cause of the problems I had last time. Only thing is, I told everyone I was drinking this Christmas...I wonder if they'll notice if I dont have a glass of wine in my hands.

hmmmm..... Okay, slowly coming to grips that I'm going to have 2 babies 13 months apart. wow - we were going to start trying in March anyways thinking it would take a few months but !

Come on Clara - be pregnant with me ! lol

omg omg how exciting for you!!! and yes a bit daunting, but i am sure you guys will all be just fine! imagine how close they will be growing up, they will be best friends!!! i'm so excited too!

on my front still no AF this morning,,,oh my, how funny would it be if i was pregnant too lol, we could have babies nearly on the same day again haha

have you been getting any crampy pains at all? i did last time before i knew i was preggers and kept thinking AF was coming, but turned out it was my uterus stretching. i haven't had anything like that so far, so i am leaning towards me not being pregnant...mind you i don;t think the pains started until i was about a week late...

hmmm what to do around xmas re you usually only drink wine? maybe you could make it look like you are drinking something else. like a g & t or a vodka lemon lime but without the alcohol in it, hopefully no one will notice you aren't putting any in!!!

yay for you!!!

well nothing really beats that news, so i'll be off for now! keep us posted!

smile Clara

Oh thanks Clara - its nice to hear that.

I've been to the doc and it totally blew him away - he's in shock too lol. I've had the blood test done & I'll get the results on Monday. I'm still in shock but slowing getting used to the idea.

I've got so much running through my head, will we need another cot, another stroller/pram, car seat, how will Stella go with another baby when she's a baby herself?

We're in the midst of renovations as well so that's a bit of a worry. What can we get done or what definately needs to be done before this bubby arrives???? soooo many things to think about !

In answer to your question, no I havent really had any cramps. I've had a few twinges but nothing really crampy. When I was pregnant with Stella I didnt have any MS so I hope that continues through this pregnancy as well. It'd be so funny if you were pg as well !

Well, got to make this quick. We had a huge thunder storm last night and its going to be a scorcher (35+) today which means the humidity will be out of this world so going to make a crack on the house cleaning now so I can put the air con on in our room and have a sleep with Stella through the hottest part of the day.


edited to say...
ps - Hubby & I have had a chat about what to do about drinking over xmas and we've decided to tell the family if they ask...that I'm on antibiotics so I cant drink. When I was pg with Stella I got a serios UTI which brought on early labour and I was told by my doc that it will come back within the year and I told the family this so it shouldnt be too much of a surprise or concern really if I tell them a white lie. Well, we're hoping its going to work. I'm still so disapointed to be having yet another dry Xmas.
[Edited on 19/12/2008]
hey rach...

thats a good idea about xmas drinking...its a pretty plausible reason! are you going to wait until 12 weeks to tell everyone? do you tell anyone at all or just keep it between yourselves? we told our parents, my sister and steve's cousin (who is like a brother to him) last time.

well, still no AF , i am going to bite the bullet today and get a test when i go to do the grocery shopping...i have decided i will do it when i get home, and if its positive i'll tell DH about it when he gets home from work (not til 7.30pm! how will i last that long!!!)

when i thought i was pregnant last time i was only about 5 days late when i did the test...thats about what i am now. i did the test in a shopping centre toilet during my lunch break lol! i didn't want to just blurt it out to DH, so it wasn't til 2 days later (on a saturday) that we were at the shops and i bought a test and we did it when we got home. it was very hard to keep it to myself but i wanted him to feel we found out together!

man, it has just taken me nearly 30 mins to get on here thanks to our stupid internet broadband, they are useless, i get to a homepage, then i have to reset the damn thing, i did it about 8 times before i got anywhere. in the end it started working again but it is at dial up speed. i got so sh1tty at it that i spilt my cup of tea on the keyboard, oops!!!! and then as soon as it started working josh started waking up. i have managed to resettle him, but he is still having those catnaps for half an hour during the day, so he won't be asleep much longer!!! oh well i guess that means i will get to go to the shops sooner and get home to do my HPT and put my mind at ease!

hows your xmas shopping going?? i have to get one more pressie for DH, and one for my sister and also a bday present for her (its both of our bday's on dec 25 too).

anyways, josh is def awake now...gotta get him out of his jimmie jams and head out...

i'll keep you posted on my result! i would say fingers crossed but i'm not sure what i am crossing them for - a yes or a no lol!!!

So, have you done the test??? Are you joining me on this roller coaster ride ????? lol

We, well I decided & Michael's just going along with what I say, but we're not going to tell family & friends just yet. I'm a bit worried that the same thing will happen again (when I bled for 5 or so weeks) and at the time I wished that we hadnt told everyone. So, on that basis we're going to wait. Its only 7ish more weeks - really not that long. I've told my sis-in-law who would have by now told my bro, but she works at the hospital in maternity outpatients and basically she would have found out next week anyway so best to come directly from me. She's over the moon for us so that's lovely. I worked out my dates and I'm going to be due on her daughter's birthday, 22 August.

We finished the Xmas shopping last night - yay ! Just got to wrap up a few things then I'm completely done.

This weekend starts the meltdown of getting everything ready for christmas - dont forget they're all coming to our place, so should have about 15ish people to cater for. Everyones helping a bit but we've still got to get it looking pretty and get most of the food organised.

I may not be able to logg on too much next week but I'll try. I'm dying to know your results !

Let me know & cheerio

hey rach

i did the test and got a negative...only one little pink line!!! i'm kinda relieved but a bit disappointed too...

i figure my AF is just a bit late because i have come off the pill and i am getting my true cycle back, although its still a bit odd as i normally go 4 weekly (well i did b4 i was pregnant and i wasn't on the pill), so if it still hasn't arrived by the end of next week i think i will go see a dr!!!

anyway just thought i'd let you know!

good luck getting the house sorted for xmas day!

clara smile

I'm happy but also sorry your test came back negative.

Not much happening around here at the moment. Stella's just gotten out the bath and is now down for a nap.

Since I've cut back to only 4 bottles she's been so fussy and wont drink anymore. I cut back the 5th feed so I didnt have to stay up till 10 or 11 at night to give her her dream feed but now tht she's onto a few solids she's decided she can now space out the 4 feeds to the same sort of time. She's only had 2 bottles today and I tried to get her to have the 3rd just now but she wouldnt have a bar of it.

Yesterday she did a bit of a nugget so I was a bit concerned about constipation but today, she made up for it ! lol

She's not putting on as much weight at the moment as what she used to when she was putting on a whole kilo every month. She's now 8.4kg and 74cm - the weight is in the 97th percentile but the length doesnt even rate ! So, she's off the chart again smile I'm not too concerned about her weight though cause I gather she's just plateauing out.

Sorry to hear Josh has been bit of a nightmare for you. You forget how much you "need" that hour or so nap so you can do the housework, have breakfast or just veg in front on TV and have some me time when their not sleeping like they used to.

I've done a bit around the house today but trying to remember to not over do it. Michael will be home soon so he'll be a big help over the weekend to get things ready for next week.

Apart from Christmas I think I'm more excited about getting my hair cut on Tuesday. I hate to say it but I havent had my hair cut or had foils done since before Stella was born ! How sad is that. I just havent had time and the HD i've been going to is about a 45 min trip away. I've been going to her for years and years and she was close to where we used to live but we moved closer to Brisbane shortly before our wedding. I'm getting it cut short, probably just above my shoulders but still long enough to put up if I have to. At the moment my hair is wayyyyy too long - its more than half way down my back and its really annoying cause I roll on my hair when I turn at night and almost strangle myself. Oh well, still, I'm looking forward to it - cant wait.

well, better get cracking again.

cheers & merry christmas to you & your family Clara. May you have an enjoyable Christmas & New year and a safe & happy 2009.


ps - I just had a very pregnant sandwich - pickled onion and tasty cheese ! lol
ahhh i am so glad its the weekend and DH is here to help out. he is going to work tomoro afternoon though, and wont get home til about 8pm...he is having xmas eve off to watch Josh, so i can go out with my sis and mum to do the last minute food shop for xmas day. we have a seafood xmas lunch, so we go out at 7.30am to the fish markets, then we go to the shopping centre for lunch and a final shop for bday presents!!!

today and tomorrow we are hoping to finish our xmas shopping off...but at the moment DH and DS are still in bed, the lazy so and so's haha!!!

josh slept a bit better yesterday afternoon so that was nice, i got a bit of a break to catch up on my tv shows (not housework lol!!!)

tonight we are going to my sisters house, we are having a xmas/birthday bbq thingy, the in-laws are babysitting, so that should be interesting. it will also be interesting to see how much of a hangover i will end up with. i'm only planning on having a few drinks, but best laid plans never really pan out so well lol! i don't handle my drinks as well as i used to after having so much time off, and the hangover headache is really not worth all the hassle with a small bub!

if i don't get to chat to you again b4 chrissie, merry xmas to you and your family, i hope you have great day and hope that m/s stays away for you! enjoy having your haircut on tues!

[Edited on 20/12/2008]

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