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Babies due date vs Babies actual birth date Lock Rss

Hi there, My Son was due on September 9th 2005 and all the way through my pregnancy i got used to the idea of having a 'September' baby. Then to my shock, i had him July 22nd. I have been told that it is rare to have a bub on the due date. Does anyone want to share their Due date vs Actual birth date??

Justine, Vic, Logan 22nd July 2005 @ 33 weeks

Hi Justine!

My bub was born on his EDD. Friday the 13th! wink I went into hospital thinking I was in labour early on the 12th but was sent home... only to go back in on afternoon of the 13th for a scan and begged my midwife to check and true enough was 5cm dilated... and had him 7.45pm that night!!

I think the stats are like 2%.

Bye for now.

With my first baby I was due on the 23rd of Nov, (from the scan and doctor, but my date was the 18th Nov) and he was born on the 12th Nov. With my second, I was due on the 7th Jan (from the scan and doctor, and my date was the 7th Jan too) and she arrived on the 31st Dec.

I liked not having to wait the full 40 weeks.

God help me if I have another and go 2 weeks over, the waitng will nearly kill me.

to share a due vs actual. birth dates eric and jade born 25th oct 2005 due 15th jan 2006.

both doing well. how about yours?
My son was due January 23rd but came November 23rd (9 weeks early)

My daughter was due July 27th (or August 1st by ultrasound dates) and arrived 5 weeks early on June 28th.

This time I'm due July 6th but they're expecting me to deliver by mid April.

Sav 1y Bella 2y Zach 4y Alex 5y TTC#5

My daughter was due on the 4 Nov, but was born on the 3rd July (17 weeks early). She weighed 450 grams when born. I thought I'd have her before my due date but not that early.

Mum to Brooke 23.2 weeks, 450 grams now 3.5 yrs

hi my First baby Sophie was due on the 16th of Jan and not born untill i was induced 12 days later on the 28th of was not nice at all!and with my second (will) i was so worried that history would repeat itself, but to everyones suprise he came 3 days early!!!
I told everyone that i wasn't going over my due date and i didn't, i was right on time. Due the 14th January 2006 and Fredrick came on the 14th. What a good little man! Hope the next one is just as good and does the same thing.
my son was due on the 28th of june but was born on the 18th but he looked more like an overdue baby.
my 2nd son is once again due 30th june but midwife has the feeling i am more advanced in my pregnancy than just 25wks she thinks im more like 29wks
My first baby was born two weeks early.
My second baby was born two weeks late!
My third and fourth babies (twins!) were born six weeks early!
I don't plan to have any more kids to see if I can get one on time!! Hehehehe!!

michelle, mum of four including twins!

my daughter was due on the 7th of January and i oping that she would come a little early as by 37 weeks i was sick of being pregnant, but she ended up arriving at 4:12am on the 15th of Jan '06, 8 days late!

Hayley - 15/01/2006 Kayla - 10/04/2008

Hey there.My daughter Kailee was due on the 6th of October 03 but was born on the 2nd of October(might have had something to do with me jumping over our back fence!) after a 9 1/2hr labour.My little man,Broden,was due on the 24th of August(my birthday!) 05 but arrived on the 25th of August.After a short 4 1/2hr labour.Both are well and happy and absolutely gorgeous. Much love Deb X

Kailee-02/10/03 & Broden-25/08/05

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