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[Edited on 22/01/2010]
Great idea Alicia!!!

For those of you who have forgotten, or are busy which i am sure we all are, I am Natasha and I have 4 children now. Kloe 12, Austin 7 Josh 5 and Mahli born 20/11/08.

How is everyone going with the BF? I am struggling to keep up with Mahli by the afternoon but feel guilty giving her a bottle. It just seems pointless to let her feed off me for an hour and then give her a bottle anyway. Thought about just switching to formula but dont want to stop BF. Its sad. Might have to give the milk thistle tablets a go that i hear some of you talking about.

Any ideas are welcome. Hope you are all getting some sleep.

Tash. xo

I meant blessed thistle!!!!

Better change my ticker too. lol.

hmmmm....... cant seem to get this ticker thing working.

damn it, i cant remember how to do it, somebody help me!!!!!!

ok, maybe i should be sleeping and not bothering with this tonight, nut hey look on the bright side.................... umm.............. actually on second thoughts there isn't one.

Hello all!!

Can't believe we are here, after all that waiting! How exciting smile

For any newbies or anyone who has forgotten, I am Amanda, 20yo from NZ. Mum to the beautiful Caden (3) and baby Olivia!

Tash, how often do you feed during the day? Could you express to build your supply? Definately try the Blessed Thistle, hopefully it works for you!

I think I have TOO MUCH milk, if that is possible. Olivia chokes on my boob sometimes cause too much comes out, and it seems that my right boobie produces more! If she pulls away from my nipple milk goes spraying everywhere it is crazy.
Tash you are 44weeks pregnant haha STUFF THAT! 40 weeks is enough thanks lol!
Oh I was wondering when we were moving, thanks Alley for starting it.

Oh poor little Paiton hope she is ok

Hows everyone going today? I had a big morning wne t and opened Ellas bank account, did some shopping and went out for lunch she was so well behaved slept the whole time and when we got home just had a big feed and back to sleep. But just discovered today my pushchair doesnt fit in my car!!! Dad reckons it will fold down even lower but it didnt fit by alot so now i may have to learn to drive DPs car but its fancy and I'm scared of damaging it.

Yay Kelly congrats so happy for you

Yay we're now in hot topics

Anyway as the others have done

I'm Vicky 23 and live in Chch, NZ have my beautiful daughter Ella and live with my DP

Hi Everyone,

I posted very early on in the December thread then never really posted much. I'm Sarah and have a DD who is 3 and DS who is 1 and our newest addition baby Sophie arrived on the 19th December. Congratulations to everyone on there new arrivals, hope you are all doing well.
Still doesnt seem real sometimes that i actually have a baby now!!!! Will reintroduce myself then im gonna cheat and repost what i just wrote in our other thread!!!

Im Emma 26, i live 30mins out of chch nz, with my partner Steve my 4 year old step-son Jayden (we have full custody) and my beautiful daughter Briar who arrived on 9th dec.

Hey Everyone, whoa i cant believe how hard im finding it to get on here and actually post!!! i have been trying to read posts each day, but by the time i hve done that i'm needed else where and its usually Steve or Jayden, Briar's been really easy (apart from the feeding). Think the lack of sleep and Jayden playing up is starting to take its toll, Steve and i have been arguing heaps over the stupidest things usually ends with me in tears and him going outside, so hope things settle down soon. I know jayden's attitude is because he hasnt seen his mother in over a month now!!!! we told him as much of the truth as we thought he would understand so at least now he doesnt think its our fault hes not seeing his mum, as much as she is screwed up and messes with his head i feel really sorry for the poor kid, its hurting him real bad.

Congrats to the ladies who have had there bubs since i last posted. Amber and Kel how you guys geting on???? hope your little ones make an appearance soon cant wait to hear the news.

Briar went on her 1st picnic yesterday went to a place called Mt Thomas with my parents and Jayden rode his bike and paddled in the river and Briar pretty much slept the day away in her pram, and even tho she had 2 wraps drapped over her pram she still managed to get a bit rosy on the face and i feel sooooo bad cos i was making sure she was kept out of the sun all day so i really dont know how it happened!!!

I finished my thank-you cards today just have to get some envelopes to post them off. really happy with the way they turned out.

I better get going Briar is ready for her next feed and i need to see how much milk i can express this time!!!! getting about 40mls now so gone up 10mls so hopefully it keeps creeping up slowly!!!!


ps does anyone no how i can relieve Briar's bowels??? she is really struggling to the point she screams in pain and her face gets all red and the veins in her head stand out she has quite solid poos when she does squeeze them out, hate seeing her in pain!!

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