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The "Born In July" Group Lock Rss

Hi Mums,

Well my post in the pregnancy section called The "Due In July" Group was a huge success... and pretty soon we will all go from being due to have our babies, to actually having them here with us!

I thought it would be a great idea to announce our births here, share our stories and enjoy all the new and wonderful experiences here that we are about to face.

Let me be the first to Congratulate each of you as you welcome your precious babies into the world this month.

I look forward to sharing many wonderful and trying times with you ahead.

Michelle grin
Yippee!!! grin It's the 1st July...

Not long now and we should be hearing the wonderful news of the pitter patter of tiny feet!!!

Congratulations and good luck everyone grin

...Who is going to be the first person to join the "Born In July" group...?

I am anxious to hear some wonderful news...

No 1st, 2nd or 3rd July babies...?

Hi Michelle,

I was hoping I would be the first to add to this new post with a new addition but it doesn't look likely anymore ... maybe Sarah will be.

I will be soon not counting down but counting over considering I am due today - he he

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

I am not due in July,or even pregnant,but I look at this post everyday,waiting to hear about your new arrivals. I was due on 1st July LAST year! My little feral was born on the 17th,I can't believe how fast a year has gone! I wish you all good luck,and can't wait until the baby announcements start rolling!

Marti, NSW, Baby Boy born on 17th July 2003

Hi again...

Wow still no new bub's here?

One week into July and no new arrivals to be seen.

Jo, I don't think you will have too much longer to wait now. Can't help the feeling you are busy today...?

I'm starting to think there are going to be a whole lot of babies born smack bang in the middle of July. It is all getting very exciting now though.

Marti... 17 days over!!! Oh, my goodness. My Ob told me yesterday they will only let me go 5 days over cause bub is a bit big... But that could mean an August baby for me. Hope not. Happy first birthday to your little man too. Hope you have a great day.

Come on July Babies... where are you???

I've been here every 2nd day waiting for all the announcements... what's going on?
Well.... I'd love to tell you my baby has decided to join us in the real world... but it hasn't.
Like Jo, I am now 1 day overdue. I once read that when you're overdue every day feels likea week and each week like a month. I thought yeh right... now I belive them.
Good luck all....

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Has everybody gone on strike...? :|

Will we have to make this The "Born in July & August" Group...?

I am due July 30... but with all these other babies going over their due dates, am I headed for the same...?

Hoping all is well with the Over Due Group wink

I am so looking forward to coming here and seeing who has the first bub for July...

Stay well everybody grin

Neveragain will i fall pregnant to be ue in July. Look at al these babies that don't want to move!!! At least I feel a little better not being the only one with my baby yet.
Hope you're all well,

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Here are a few word of encouragement for one and all...

'Baby on the Way'

It is important to me
that I spend a part of
the next few hours here
alone with you in the darkness

You and I will never
be this close again
by morning you will be
a tiny person all your own.

No longer the kicking
demanding bulge
in my body that
I have grown to love so well.

I pray that God will safely
guide you in your journey
And I ask Him for the strength
to help you all I can.

Again - you signal
your impatience to be free
time to wake your daddy.


Thinking of you all,


...Wow!!! 10 replies to this post and not a new baby to be seen...

I will keep coming back here hoping for news!!!

Where are all those due in July bubba's...?


19 days and counting for me smile

the thoughts from that poem are the only thing keeping me going from one overdue dasy to the next.
I just love the feeling of my baby 'booting' me around ro the inside. There is nothing more delightful than the feel of a baby moving around inside you.
Everyday, when I start to get impatient with being overdue (that's normally about the same time I open my eyes of a morning) I stop and think to myself ' ok you may have had enough of this, but as soon as bub is born, you won't get the pleasure of feeling those kicks and thumps anymore!'
It seems to kep me going from day to day.
Thanks for the poem - it's brightened my day!
Hope everyone is well...
can't wait to hear some news...

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

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