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Hi guys

I find trying to have a shower one of the most frustrating things because I am home on my own during the day. Sometimes it can be lunchtime before I am convinced Ryan is sound asleep and I can make my dash for the shower. Nush you are very lucky with Ella sleeping that long. Ryan tends to go from 6pm till 1am but the 9 till 5 sounds alot better to me cause i find myself in bed by 7.30pm now.

Ryan is still coming along in leaps and bounds. He had his needles this morning which wasn't as bad as i'd feared. He has also gone from the 50th percentile (at birth) to the 75th percentile in length and the 10th percentile to the 50th percentile in his head circumference which explains where all the weight he has been gaining has gone.

Keep enjoying your bubs and take care


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

hey everyone, hope all is well.

Kaleb and I are both doing fine he weighs 4.9kg at 5.5 weeks and is 59cms long. He sleeps from about 11 until 6 and then again til 10:30.

Jo i understand where you are coming from with the showering. I have found away to work around it for me, i put him in his rocker/swing in the bathroom while i am showering so i can keep an eye on him... seems to work a treat... even when he is awake. We also have an ensuite so sometimes i just lay him on the bed while i shower.

Hope you can start showering earlier smile

take care!!!

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hello everybody,

It's so great to come here and see that evryone is doing so well.

My big news of the day is:

William is 6 weeks old today and he smiled at me!!! A great big bright eyed full face smile!!! It was awesome... then to top that he said "Goo" I was just gushing all over him... hee, hee, hee - talk about proud, excited mummy!!!

Jo, as for the showering... I too take William into the bathroom with me so I can keep an eye on him. I usually put him in his pram or bouncer, he loves the sound of the running water, it seems to relax him. I find it harder to juggle my showers around my toddler daughter! I have to get up before her or wait till she goes down for her nap around 11am.

Have to run, Master William is hungry and wants to be fed NOW!!!

Take care,

Michelle smile smile smile smile smile smile

1 smile for each week of William's life!!!
Hi guys,

Don't those smiles just about bring tears to your eyes?? I swear I heard Ryan's first little laugh this morning ... this motherhood thing is so rewarding isn't it when they keep giving us these little surprises. The smiles and baby chat they give you though is definately the best.

Plus my exciting news of the week is I think Ryan is close to sleeping through the night. He has been doing 8 hours then 4 hours for about two weeks but three out of the last 4 nights he has been sleeping 10 hours from about 7pm till 5am! I keep waking up though thinking 'Is he okay I haven't heard him.'

Only frustrating part of my week is Ryan seems to be going through another growth spurt feeding up to every 2 hours during the day again. On top of that I think all this feeding is making him a bit colicky. I just hate it how he screams in pain until he is able to bring up a burp or fart it out. I have gotten some colic drops which seem to be helping but does anyone else have suggestions??

Keep enjoying your little bundles and look forward to hearing everyone else's bub's progress.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

... there are not enough hours in my day!!!

Just wanted to say things are great here. William is such a joyful baby... he is smiling and gooing at me all the time and I just love it! We are headed to the doctors next week for our first lot of needles (looking forward to that... not)

Hope you are all going great too. Would love to hear hoe all the gorgeous little ones are doing... and the mummy's too.

Take care everybody,

Hi there everyone - i hope you hadn't thougt I'd forgotten you all. I've just been way too busy to even think about writing, but I have been thining of you all.
Zarli is going great. She is now 9 and a half weeks old. We had her weighed and measured this morning nd she is now 6.41kg and 63.5cm. Thankfully she doesn't look anywhere near as big as she sounds! She as made her very own lines on the charts in the blue book - up above the top line for weight and height (as long as the stay in proportion)
Thankfully so far we have had no touble wth Zarli's kidneys.
SHE FINALLY SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT LAST NIGHT!! I'm very excited about that. 8.30pm - 8.30am with only one 5min feed at 4am. Hope she keeps it up
We have finally finished moving house and at last have everything unpacked and are settled in - not a job i'd like to do again with a 3 week old.
My eldest (Taneisha) has been extremely helpful with Zarli. I'm soglad that she has adjusted so well after being an only child for so long.
It's great to read that everyone else is going great guns.
I hope to be able to get here a little more often, but if not, know that I am thinking of you all
Keep up the good work all of you
Love and best wishes

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Hi guys,

Wow Sheree your liitle girl is growing like a mushroom isn't she ...

Ryan was 10 weeks on Sunday and weighs 12lb now (5.45kg). He has settled into a nice routine for me now even if it is a little flexible. Has been sleeping thru every night for nearly two weeks which is bliss. Then feeds around every 3 hours during the day.

He is still such a good baby. He can even keep himself entertained on his playmate for nearly an hour at a time which is just comical to watch as he talks, squels and coos to his toys with his arms and legs going a hundred miles an hour. He has also mastered holding a rattle, his milestone for this week.

One problem I am having is a miserable boy occassionally as he is teething already ... that and he suffers from a bit of colic occassionally too.

Starting back with some work a lot earlier than originally planned cause i feel ready. Starting some gym instructing this week (just one class a week to begin with) and getting a computer set up at home this week so work is going to send me about 8hrs worth of work a week to do from home. Will be able to do work while Ryan naps during the day and teaching at night when his dad can watch him for the hour I am gone.

Hope eveyone is doing well

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi everyone,

Everyone must be busy with their new bubs. We just got our computer and internet set up at home so now I am going to be on this site even more ... smile

Took Ryan for his first swim lesson today. He loved it, but screamed when it was time to get out ... and here I thought it would be the other way around. He is growing up into a little man so quickly. Looking through his first photos to what he looks like now is unbelievable and its only been 11.5 weeks!

He has slept through the night every night since 8 weeks so I have been very lucky in that respect. Mind you he worries me a tad cause when I get up to get him I find him in all angles and locations around the cot. This morning he had done a full 180 in his sleep and his head was where his feet were when I put him down and vice versa. Scared he will become entangled in his blanket or something.

Can't wait to hear about everyone else's bubs


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi Jo,

So great to hear all is well with you and Ryan!

William is great - 9 weeks old now and just had his first needles today! He was such a brave little boy and hardly cried at all, but the look he gave me almost broke my heart!

I have not been so well... this poor mummy has had fevers, headaches and nausea for days! It turns out I have mastitis! My advice to all of you... if you get flu like symptoms and feel really tired go to your doctor it could be mastitis and it is easily treated with antibiotics.

Better get going I need some rest.

Hi Michelle,

I really hope you feel better soon. Have you still been able to breastfeed? I have heard mastitis is agony with feeding.

So needles are horrible aren't they ... I know exactly what you mean about 'that' look too. Pity we have to go back soon for more.

Glad to hear William is going great ... any luck with getting a little more sleep yet? How is Maddy going? Enjoying the big sister role I bet.

Rest up and hope you feel better real soon.


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

hi everyone and all your bouncing bundles of joy. My little Kaleb is ten weeks on sunday. At nine weeks he weighed 5.5kg and was 64 cm long, he too sleeps through the night from 10:00 to 9:30 in the morning so i get a bit of a sleep in smile

Sorry to hear about you being unwell michelle, one of my friends from my antenatal class had mastitis when ehr bubs was 2 weeks old and had to stop b/f, i too have now stopped due to health probs. hope you all are well! a big hug to all you mums and bubs smile

Karina, S.A, mum to Kaleb born 25/07/04

Hi guys,

Amazingly just 12 hours after starting my antibiotics I am feeling much better. I am one of the lucky ones I guess, as while breastfeeding was painful I still managed to perservere with it. And the infection has settled right down within 24 hours! I still don't feel 100%, but at least my fever and nausea are gone! The extreme fatigue is the worst symptom, besides the fever and the pain!

William is great, he had no side eefects to his needles and he is starting to sleep a little better (my little champion!) I am starting to get 4 - 5 hour stretches over night instead of just 3! No all nighter for me yet... but I live in hope wink

William weighs 4.3kg now at 9 weeks old... he is a long skinny baby!!! "Gonna tower over his mama and papa some day!"

Madeleine is great too, loves being a big sister and is really growing into a beautiful little girl... where did my baby go? She is 22 months old now and her 2nd birthday is fast approaching!

It has been nice to catch up with you all again...

Hope to hear from you soon!

Michelle smile

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