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The "Born In July" Group Lock Rss

Yippee! smile

William slept for 6 hours straight lastnight!!!

I am thrilled...

My little guy is 10 weeks old today!

All is well here...

Hope all is well with you guys,

That's great Michelle, sounds like the start of better things to come to me. How quickly these bubs are growing up. I find myself browsing the posts in the Pregnancy section of the 'Due in x groups', it seems like just yesterday we were sharing our pregnancies and excitement of the impending arrivals of these little bubs.

Speaking of which our bubs are soon to be out of the 'Newborn' category. Wonder if we should continue this group over in the 'Baby' section ... what do you all think??

Had Ryan weighed today and he has only put on 230g in a fortnight which is a lot less than he has been doing. Is now 5.7kg at 12 weeks. Ooh he has just woken for a feed, gotta run ...

Take care

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)


Can you please contact me at [email protected]

Thanks very much,

Michelle smile

P.S. It is all good news!!!
Hi Mums

Well it looks like I fit into this category.

Jayden born Thursday 29th July 2004 at 1.42pm.
Weighed 3.1kg.
Labour went well .
Congrats to all you other Mums !


8 month old

Hi Michelle

I forgot to mention ......

I read your poem. It was beautiful.
I have just joined as a member and I hope to fit into the July it sounds like you share lots of funny good interesting experiences.

I am into a routine it seems now so Im finding myself onto the computer more ...
My boy had his immunisation too last week. I felt soooo sorry for him..
I hope to hear from you mums.


8 month old

Hi Mel,

A big welcome to our little group ... and congratulations on the birth of Jayden. Seems to be a lot of boys born in the month of July ...

Jayden was on my list of boys names I liked but my partner quashed it along with almost every other name I picked smile But, hey Ryan got a name we both liked eventually ... we will be in trouble if we ever have another boy though ...

You are doing really well with having Jayden in a routine. The only routine Ryan has is sleeping through the night ... but then he feeds and sleeps all over the place during the day

Look forward to hearing more from you


Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Thanks Jo !

ohhh..I think Jaydens more or less the same as Ryan. He is great at night however during the day he tends to want to look around more heehee least tho I can sleep a bit at night.

Im glad you like the name Jayden ! ..dont worry it took awhile of convincing my husband

Have a good day


8 month old

Hi Mel,

Welcome to our little group! My little boy's name is William and he was born on 26th July. He is a wonderful calm baby, but not a great night sleeper! I am so envious of you all who have bubbas that sleep through the night! William wakes about every 3 to 4 hours for a feed! just 2 nights in the last 10 1/2 weeks he has slept for 6 hours straight. Lucky you being in a routine... I wish! I also have a 22 month old daughter, so I don't get anywhere near the computer as much as I'd like.

Jayden is a lovely name and it sounds like you have been blessed with a great baby who sleeps well.

I am sure you will fit in here just fine... we are great bunch who was fortunate enough to share our pregnancies here at the "Due in July Group" post and we then moved over into this post ... soon though as Jo pointed out our bubba's won't be classed as newborns and we will have to move again into the Baby Section... will let you all know when and where.

Look forward to chatting with you soon.

Keep that chin up Michelle and look at the positives. William sounds like he has a fantastic appetite and must surely be growing like a mushroom with all the feeding he is doing. I have a book on baby's sleep habits and I will check it for the stats but off the top of my head only 50% of babies sleep through the night at 3 months, and 80% of babies at 6 months. How old was Maddy when she slept through ??

Mel, Ryan too is not terribly crash hot at sleeping through the day either. He is the king of catnaps, just when I put him down, hang out some washing he is up to play again. I tell you what when he starts walking we are going to be in trouble, his legs, arms and everything go a million miles an hour when he is awake and playing - must be why he sleeps all night, he tires himself out LOL

Mum also thinks Ryan is close to rolling. He pulls his hips up off the ground and rolls onto his side, with his top arm also coming over ... just a little more momentum and he'll be there! Also looks like he is going to be a thumb sucker - don't know if that is good or bad yet smile

Take care guys (How hot is it today in QLD!)

Ryan (2) & Jayden (18mths)

Hi there everyone!!!
WOW ... how i've missed my 'born in July family' lately. I just haven't had the time to even recognise that I own a computer, let alone turn the thing on lately.
Zarli i going wonderfully. She grew 9.5cm in the first 9.5 weeks. She's now 6.5kg and 64cm.
We've had a few down weeks where she only put on 140gms in 3 weeks which was a bit of a worry. However, we had her kidneys checked and all came back fine so she must just be slwing down a little.... thankfully.
It's probably because she's been sleeping so long. For a whole week she was going down to sleep at 4pm until 8.30 then back down at 9.15pm through until 6am - HOW DELIGHTED WAS I !!!
Normally though she'll sleep from 10pm to 5.30am so that's still good.
I think she could be suffering from a bit of relfux - has anyone got any tips for diagnosing or treating this?
Im so glad to hear eeryone is going so well. Our babie are quickly getting to be no so baby like anymore - how sad. You wait so long for your babies then they grow up way too fast.
Anyway, better keep moving. Hope to get back hear soon to talk t you all.
Stay well and take care...

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

Hi Mums

Well guess what I had to do : (
pack away all of Jaydens 0000 & 000 clothes !
He fits into a size 00 now. He is growing & growing.
I cant believe he will be a "baby" soon and all your little ones as well

take care


8 month old

Hi All ... hope all is well with everyone.

JO - have you started the new post??
If so in what section of the baby category is it under?
I know i'm a bit slow but i've looked and looked and can't find you all (very sad situation)
Hope to find you all again soon...

Sheree, mum to 2 plus 1 on the way (dd 31-5-06)

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