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HI Everyone!
This is the first time I have been on the Parents Exchange site and I love it.
I have a baby girl Elise who was born on the 4/9/05 (fathers day) by C-Section as she was breeched. She was only 2 days early and weighed in at 6lb 3oz. She is now almost 7 months and is sitting up all on her own and loving all the solids I feed her.
She has 5 teeth. 2 on the bottom and 3 on the top and they haven't worried her at all. She has been bottle fed since 7wks as I had heaps of trouble breast feeding her and I felt it was easier to give up the to keep trying. I am 23 and me & Elise's dad got married only 3 weeks ago so now that the wedding is over I'm very bored and will be spending heaps of time on the computer while bub sleeps.
I would love to hear from anyone else out there with bubs around the same age of Elise or not, doesn't matter I will chat to anyone about anything.
Hay there my name is Alison and my bubba Ella was borne 01/07/05 tops birth i did not know i was even in labour 10cm ready to go and did not even know you can book me in for one of those labours next time thanks.
I am 23.5 and i am currently planning my wedding i am starting to get to the i am over it all stage y dont we just fly somewhere and get married come back and have a huge party but i am assuming it is just a passing faze.
HOw did yours go any hints was your little girl involved in the wedding Ella will be about 1.5 then so hopefully walking and will spread flowers and not eat them LOL

Alison 27yr NSW - Ella 4yr, Kylan 18mths, one in t

Hi all. I am new to the forum after some hassles of trying to join.
My son Tyler was born 16 oct 2005 8lb14oz (4045g). I got induced on the 14th as my doc said bubba was big and to be honest i just wanted my darling baby to be out. I finally had him on the 16th after getting to 7cm and stopping at that for many hours. He is just gorgeous though and i love being a mum (cant stop kisssing him).
He is now just over 5 months and growing at a rapid rate at 8.2kg, not chubba but solid and very cuddly (his dad is tall so i thing taking after him).I am pretty sure he is going through the teething stage as quite irratable at times and gums looking quite different.
Also wont stop rolling from back to front, hasnt worked out how to go the other way.
Anyway, its great to be able to see how other mums are going, and also have a bit of a chat.
Take care all


Hello. I am also new at this, joined about a week ago. I live in Broome and love it, although there is not much to do this time of year, especially with a baby...too bloody hot and humid. I have a 5 month old DD. She was born on her EDD 25/10/05. She was tiny, 5lb 8oz (2.5kg), length 47cm and head circ was 31cm. She is very healthy but still very small (takes after mum) and now weighs only 5.8kg. She is an absolute darling. She's been sleeping 8-12hrs a night since 8 weeks. She has been exclusively b/f until now. I have just started to ween her so I can go back to work soon (part time). I intend on b/f morning and night for as long as possible. All is going well. Nice to meet some other new mums and swap stories.

Emily 25/10/05

Hi all I have a daughter who is 9 1/2 months old and Jaye was born on 12 june 2005 and she was 6 days early and we didnt have any problems in the labour and when we got to the hospital and before I know it my daughter was born within 10 minutes getting to the hospital and all together in labour was 5 1/2 hours so I dont know if that is to fast but I was glad the labour was over.

Jaye loves her food to and she is also breastfeed but trying to get her onto the bottle but no luck so far and congrations for your wedding Kayleen and where did you have the wedding? and im 24 years old and we live in Brissy.

Great hear from mums.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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