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Aug 05 babies. What are they up to? Lock Rss

Hi girls,
I had my little baby boy on the 10th of august. He was born at Royal Womens Hospital in melbourne. He is crawling everywhere and starting to pull himself up. He still has 4 bottles a day + 2 solid feeds. Callum can say mum mum and dad dad.

I'm 24 and my Dh to be is 33. He is our first child and we love him so so so much!!! We live in the northern suberbs of Vic and i'm a sahm.

So what i was wondering is what other babies his age are up to. Or if you want to chat you can get me at
Hope to hear from you soon.

Jodie, mum to callum-10.8.05 & matthew-1.03.07


I had my son on the 4th August and we live in Perth.

I'm 23, and hubby is 26 and hes out first smile

Hes almost cutting his first tooth through and i wish it would hurry up coz its giving him hell !! He too says mummum and dadada, its so cute hey? Seems to be dadad when hes playing and mum when hes grizzly - typical !!

He gets up on all 4's but isn't crawling yet. Blake has a form of club foot, and has to wear casts on his feet, so that's slowing him down a bit because he can't grip on/ push off with his toes sad

But hopefully when the casts eventually come off he'll be off !

My msn is if any Aug mums wanna chat !

Kristie, mum to Blake(23mths) & Joshua(1mth)

Hi Jodie,

My daughter ashleigh was born on 26th of August 05 at western general in sunshine after being 13 days overdue (LOL). She is now semi crawling as she crawls and then drags herself around. She is cooing dadadad, mumumum, nananan & bubububub but none of them are single or specific words as yet except occasionally dada. She is a funny eater cause she loves her solids but wont have the 600-800mls of milk she is supposed to have when she has her solids first but the other way around she is fine and eating 3mls a day.
She can occasionally sit upright unaided now too. She has also just started clapping.

I am 26 and my partner is 30 she is our first child too.

Hey Im Elizabeth, My daughter Alexis was born 24th August 2005, at Sunshine Hospital. Alexis is just starting to roll around the floor alot, and today she turned around whilst still sitting up. Her latest thing to say is "gerr gerr", she loves clapping, and peek a boo.

Elizabeth, Alexis 7mths, Vic

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