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Any Feb 09 bubs? Lock Rss

Just wondering....

i had my little girl on the 21st of feb smile

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My lil man Hamish was born on the 27th of Feb. Can't believe how quick time has flown!! he is already over 5 weeks old.


well you know me. My little man sam was born 5th feb. GC Hospital. I had him at 4.27 pm on a thrusday arvo and got a parking fine at 4.15pm, and DH saw us getting the ticket, wonder if we will get out of it?? (the metre expired, not because we just parked willy nilly)
i would write them a letter and explain what you were doing!!!! Not that they will prob care though! damm revinue raising.

Hows everyones lil ones going?

Sam has had a chest infection and has already been on antibiotics... I was told he has reflux as well, but just screams when i lay him on his back, so have gavisconfor that. he seems to be just getting himself sorted now with the sleeping thing, he was eating every 1/2 hour to 1 hour (bottle) but has got some kind of night pattern happening now ihave been getting from 9pm till 6am sleep out of him, but it has been a little varied of late. He is by no means a perfect But he is mine and i love him to bits, and we will gwt through this patch and we will all find a pattern that suits us. I am not as tired anymore, i was a walking zombie at first, but we will see how things go from here.. Now wasnt that a positive
Poor lil thing already on AB's. Hamish gets really bad wind pain at times - the MCHN and a pharmacist both said nothing conclusivly works so I'm opting not to give him any drugs for it yet. we try to keep him upright til he burps.

Wow thats great he is sleeping that long! Hamish will go from 9 - 3am then back awake at 6am and doesn't want to sleep after that!! I have real trouble trying to get him to sleep during the day - He gets no where near the supposed needed 14-17hrs. Going to a sleep seminar so hopefully we get some tips!

Hi everyone,
It doesn't look like there is many of us at the moment. Well i had my little boy 13th feb. We/I had a personal rough start but we are getting there, or more to the fact i am getting there.
Darcystarflight - have you thought of seeing an osteopath for the wind issues. It is all to do with massage and pressure points. I had a very colicy bub and i have had one visit to an osteopath and he is a totally different baby. No drugs involved. I have tried infacol - worked for a week or so, chiropractor - which i used for my first ds but made ds2 vomit next day and unsettled, infants friend - which is basically natural and works but i found it makes his poos loose if used too often.
He was a good day sleeper but no so crash hot night sleeper - woke every 3 hours round the clock. Now he is a napper in the mornings, not bad afternoon sleeper and getting better at night. He ranges at night anywhere from 5hrs to 10hrs.
He got a cold in his first week, thanks big brother, and i have mentioned to midwives and drs that his chest sounds rattly but they keep telling me it is all clear. I feel like taping him so they can hear what i am talking about.

Anyway that's enough from me

shyone, ds1 09/02/07, ds2 13/02/09 nsw

My son Oliver was born 20.02.09
My little girl Lillie was born on FEB 14 at Pindara.
She had her immunisation this morning and is a little cranky!!
wow i almost forgot about this thread....

Oliver was born 16th Feb at penrith nsw, wasnt due till 15th march... had a stay in special care, even though he was 7 pound 12 he still had a few probs such as blood sugar levels and really bad jaundice, and had no suckling reflex so was tube fed.
We are doing quite well considering all our bloody health issues with Jack his 2 yr old brother, who has a broken leg, croup and tonsilitls, and wow wee last night we took Olli to hossy as he has bronchiollitis (sp) and we are really struggling with that. but he sleeps well, is now smiling and following us with his eyes (he is technically a month behind in development) and gargling in convo with us.

I had a c sec with him, my second one.... you?

We have had no time for immunisations yet but as soon as he is well we are on it!!!

Hi my little girl was born on the 12th feb at 9:24am..Times going so fast though almost 9 weeks already

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