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HI There, Emily was born 30th November 2005- i have decided to organise a naming ceremony as my partner and i are not religious- Does anyone know what i need to do?? Emily is my first and i have no clue on what to do- Can anyone give me some advice on who i need to contact or how to organise one

Elizabeth- mum to Emily

hay there we had a naming celebration for our littel girl well it was actually called a dedication. all the dedication means is that you recognise that your child is a present from god who ever that may be for you. my partner adn i are not religious i am catholic and he is new england we dont practice so we figured what is the point doing it ina church. it was in out back yard we had a marquee and i guess we were lucky enough to have a friend who was a minister i think it was any who he cand wed you or dead you but everything else.
I suggest taht you look into and start contacting some celebrants as most of them will peform a ceromony for you it goes for about 20mins you can have a family member read a poem we had our god parents light a candel to represend the new life that was our child. my aunty wrote two poems for here our friend sang a son and then after everyone stayed aroung for a fingerfood lunch and drinks it was realy nice low key and great. so you can pritty much do it how ever you like there is no set procedure. I hope that i have given you some help and not confused you? but yeah it is prity somple realy some people like to have a cake but we didnt as all the bakerys we found did religious cakes ie bible cakes. btu if you have any more questions dont hesitate to ask and good luck "-)

Alison 27yr NSW - Ella 4yr, Kylan 18mths, one in t

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