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November 2005 babies from Campbelltown NSW Lock Rss

Hi, i gave birth to my beautiful daughter Makayla on 28th November 2005 at Campbelltown Hospital.
We then transfered to Camden where we stayed for 3 days.
The midwife who delivered her was Peta.

They were flat chat that morning and continued to be really busy for a while after.
I thought i might start a post to see if there were any other mums on here that had their bubs at Campbelltown around the same time!

Cheers and hope to chat soon
Hi, I had a baby girl named Hayley born on 30th November 2005. I had her at Hurstville Community Hospital. But I lived in Campbelltown at that time.


My son was born 8th Jan, 2006 - close in time to your little girl. I also transferred back to Camden. I had Cathy as my Midwife who delivered Matthew.

They were really busy the day i had mine too!! I was glad to go back to Camden as i had my own private room and then they werent that busy!!

Cara, NSW - DS 04/01/04, DS 08/01/06

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