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DECEMBER 2008 BABIES!!! Lock Rss

My name is Stacey and i gave birth to my DD, Charlee on the 23rd of December 2008. I also have a son, Ryan, who was born in august 06.

Thankfully my DD has been a dream baby, but we are starting solids now and routines are changing which has made me realise i have forgotten all this stuff i did with my DS.

So i would love to chat to other mum's whose bubs were born in december so we can support, give advice and encourage each other while raising our babies.

Look forward to hopefully chatting with some of you.

Stacey smile
Hi Jess,
Congratulations on little Dave. He sounds just like my DS when he was that age. He was 10kg at 6 months and on solids at 4 months.

I love being a mum. I couldn't imagine myself doing anything else. It has it's hard moments but it's definately all worth it smile

Charlee is doing well with solids thanks. We are just at that awkward stage trying to fit solids around bottles and shuffle her routine a little bit. It's starting to get there though. If you don't mind me asking what's Dave's feeding and sleeping routine?

How's his reflux going now? That must have been hard for you. Thankfully Charlee has never had reflux. I was so worried in the beginning about having the two, wondering how i would cope. I anticipated it to be much harder then it is. We have our occassional moments but 80% of the time it's pretty good.

Anyway hope you are well and i look forward to speaking to you again.

Take care,
hi smile
my baby girl jada was born on december 21st weighing 3.3kg and now shes 6months old and 9.4kg!
i started her on solids the day before she turned 6months, she likes it but shes more interested in the spoon then the baby rice haha.
i think she needs more tummy time cos shes not rolling from her tummy yet. but shes been sitting up for almost a month.
what are your guys babies up to now?
jada had so much hair when she was born now she has hardly any! but its just starting to grow back. oh no shes awake i gotta go! take care

Hi Jah blezd,

Congratulations on your little girl. Is she your first baby?

It's funny how they all do things at different times. My bub rolls from one side of the room to the other but has no interest in sitting up at all.
Charlee was born with a heap of hair to and still has it all, apart from a bald spot at the back lol. We are going through the whole teething thing at the moment. She has always been a fantastic sleeper, but not is waking a few times a night. Poor little thing.

Hope you and Jada are going well smile
hi im kirsty, my son was born 17 december, he came out breech which was a shock for everyone lol but other than that pregnancy and birth were good. we also have a daughter born september 06. who loves her brother to bits~!

hunter has been anything BUT the dream baby (his sister was tho) he has severe reflux and ended up in hospital extra at 2 weeks old. at 6 months old now he is heavily medicated but still isnt great. but HEAPS better. he doesnt sleep at night, hates breast milk etc etc etc
hes been on soilds since a couple of months old (pediatrician advice) and it did slightly help with the vomiting! he loves his soilds and eats everything in sight lol he crawls on all fours, and his latest thing is pulling himself up to stand while holding chairs etc
well look forward to hearing from you all
hey guys, well last night hunter slept from 9-3 gasp omg it was amazing!!!!! then till 630 and WOW i feel totally revived!

sorry to hear you too are dealing with the dreaded reflux jess sad it is horrible! hunters had another increase hes now on 30mg of losac and 2 ml ranitinde twice daily sad but it is totally noticeable when hes not on that much sad
he weighs 7.5kgs and is very tall like his sister hehe

hope you are all doing well and had a great weekend....

take care
Hi Mums,

I am a first time mama and my little boy Gabriel was born on the 26th of December. His due date was Christmas, so we were happy he was a little late!

Gabe is rolling around the room and can sit by himself for a few minutes but doesn't look like he'll be crawling any time soon. He got his two bottom teeth at 5 months which has made breast feeding rather interesting! smile He started solids at 6 months and has loved all his vegies but had a reaction to avocado. On to the fruit next!

He has been saying 'mum' and 'bub' for the last month- so heartbreaking when he cries and calls 'muuuum' during the night. At least it softens the pain of night feeds!

Thanks for starting this thread and can't wait to hear more about your beautiful bubs,


Crystal - What wow congrats!!!!

Hi, how are all the mums and bubs going? Hope everyone is well smile

Jess, our routine is starting to get better.....although poor charlee has an ear infection so routines have gone out the window. Thanks for sharing your routine with me, it helps to know what other bubs are doing at the same age.

Charlee has started to sit now.....yay...but think it will be a while before she crawls. I think her speech will be delayed as she was born with an unusual tongue tie so we will have to see how that goes.

wow mum of prem, congratulations. Thats fantastic news. How are you feeling about it all. Charlee is also getting whingy during the day. She is teething and gets frustrated very easily. Makes it hard to get things done lol.

What are all your plans for the weekend? We have a 60th on but i sooooo don't want to go. All i feel like doing is snuggling up on the lounge with chocolate and a glass of wine haha.

So where are you all from? I'm from S.A.

Hope you all have nice weekends?
Stacey x
Hi Mums,

Are there any other bubs going through a 'clingy' phase? Went out to lunch with the in-laws yesterday (I hear you Stacey! Would much rather have been at home watching a DVD with hubby!). Gabe spent the whole time (aside from the first 10 minutes) crying to get back into my arms.

I realise it's part of his development but could not believe how the 'out-laws' acted. As though I had somehow encouraged this in him! Was very irritated with them! Told hubby afterwards that our baby just has good taste!

Stacey, how are Charlee's toothy pegs coming?

Jess, what sort of reaction did Dave have with the pumpkin? Gabe got a rash over his face with the avocado but he gets eczema anyway so I wasnt 100% sure it was the food?

Crystal & Kirst, cant believe your bubs are so active!! They sound like little dynamos!

Hope you had a lovely weekend,


Hi my name is Rebecca and my DD was born on the 2nd of December 2008 via elective c-section, I also have a DS born Oct 02, DS born Aug 04 and a DD born Nov 06, so 4 kids in total!.
My DD 'Mahana' is an absolutely delightful baby who sleeps thru the night and has been bottle fed since 5 days old,we have recently had her to the Paediatrician who has diagnosed her with a Milk protein allergy (after 7 long months of vomiting and constipation) and is now on Soy formula,the change has been alsmost immediate,no spewing for 2 weeks now yay!!.She has no teeth yet and started solids at 5.5 months,she is having 2 meals a day.She is rolling everywhere but isn't sitting alone yet or attempting to crawl.
As 'mum of prem' said I am too from the Dec 08 thread and we are all still very close and talk everyday!!.
Hi All,

Thought I better introduce myself
Í'm Vicky and have a little girl Ella who was born 12 days early on the 11th Dec 08. We live in NZ. I was in the group on here for when we were preg aswell.
How is everyone?

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