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AUGUST 2009 bubba's Lock Rss

Hey there

Just getting in early with a new place to post for all the bubs about to arrive in August... Hope to keep in touch with you all...

Yay! Cathy I was just thinking of doing the same.

Just bumping!
me too....bump bump bump !

Hey Girls,

All is going really well with Aleya except for her thinking at 2-2:30am that its staying awake time unless i cuddle her. So we are going to try a few things tonight to try and settle her in her bassinet so i can get some sleep and i don't need to co-sleep with her as its just something i don't feel comfortable doing to scared ill roll onto her or something.

Got her weighed on Thursday just gone and she has put on 160grams since birth so shes now 3740g.

Im having slight problems with attachment on one boob but im sure over time we will get the hang of it just gets a little frustrating at times.

Congrates on all who have already had there bubs and im sure it wont be long before the rest of you pop and have a healthy baby in your arms.

Well little Miss wants a feed and i want a cuddle hehe

Hope you all have a lovely weekend

Bec xxx

Xanthe had her 1st bath with me this morning and she loved it ,loved it, loved it! she has been sleeping for almost 3 hours yay!!!

Hoping that she will have a feed and have another nap so i can get the shopping done... DH is back to work on Thursday so I am planning on stocking up so that i dont have to go out if Xan has a bad day....

Anyways now August has arrived I am sure we will have lots of new bubba's to celebrate soon...

Take care all...

well Byron was due 18th August, but arrived 30th July, so hope i can still be included. just home today, after a week in hospital, got addmited last monday, with really high blood pressure, they tryed everything they could at local hospital to bring it down but to no avail. so they decided to send me to bigger hospital over an hour away, where did more tests and medication dident work so 11pm wednesday they decided to induce me, after hours and hours of not much happening, they decided that if we dident deliver by 2.30pm that i would have a c. but at 2pm on the dot out poped our third boy, Byron, 6lb 1oz or 2750gms, it was such a relefe.

all going ok with feeding, exept i feel like ive got bowling balls on my chest now my milk has come in, but that will pass.

congrats to all who have their bubs in their arms and goodluck to those who will soon enough


hey mel, technically we were due 18.08 too but we had a few issues and Xanthe arrived 23.07.09. We went in 8.30 pm on the Wednesday- tried 2 x gel with no luck over night- ended up with waters being broken and drip in at 8.30am labour came on very quickly and Xan was born 1.30 thursday arvo- being our first baby it was a huge shock- within about 15 minutes of the drip going in my contractions were under 2 minutes apart... i was going to try and do calm birth without drugs but ended up with gas and an epidural ...
Hopefully next time I won't have to be induced... having a baby at 36 weeks was quite daunting but we are both doing well now... 3 boys you lucky duck...I love the name, how big was he??


hi ladies. glad to hear that our little boys and girls are doing well.... only 16 days till I get to write on here for real!!
have good days ladies... and smoochies to the cuties...

Hey all.

I am on here just quickly, to announce the birth of our georgeous little munchkin - Caitlyn Louise. Some of you prob already know from FB, Bubba arrived on the 4/8, via C/S as planned, however, Caitlyn had to get in first before the 'booking' and I went into labour watching Supernatural on the 3/8. Didn't really have much in the way of Labour pains as such, but when it happened felt like she'd put her fist thru my vjay! LOL, then I felt my pants and said to DH, get up, it's time to go. We were at the hossy within 1/2 hour.

So long story short - Caitlyn was born at 2am on the 4/8 ended up being only 3.64kg (which I think is about 7.9 pounds) and 51.5cm long - so not so big after all, just tall.

We're all settling in nicely, trying hard to get into breast feeding as she definately prefers it to formular, and settles better. Have already had very bad bleeding nipples the day I left hossy, but a couple of days of expressing for her and then had a midwife come today to check the attachment, now we're back on board and good to continue - boobs looking much better now, but was getting worried there.

Will come back later when I have some more time (very scarse at the moment) and reply properly to everone.

Hope all the August bubba's are doing well!

woot i can now make my way in here smile

Hope your all well and your babies are too !!!

hi all had my girl on the 11th we didnt know what we were having so was a nice surprise 5 pound 2 ounces very healthy bf really well she goes for her hearing test and weight check on tue we named her savanah marie will post some pics soon


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