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JULY 2009 BUBS. Lock Rss

Hi girls,

Thought it was time we moved smile

hey....i might end up a ausgust baby i still aloud to be in the july babies lol

how are you and bubs going?

kaye xox

I found us!!!! I'm stalking all the boards, expressing is so boring! But typing with one hand is hard

I think my daughter is backwards she has been so difficult to settle all day and then NOW she is feeding really quickly and going back to sleep quickly bbbbbbbaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!! She better sleep through the night tonight or I'm gonna cry she wouldn't settle for Jr again this morning and he ended up throwing her at me then sleeping on the couch poor dude.

Ok someones waking best see to her and try to get her to feed and sleep again!

Meh she's keeps farting and pooping and I wanna change her but I don't wanna get squirted!
[Edited on 05/08/2009]
does anyone else have this feeds and finally goes to sleep then does a big poo and then is awake and wont go back to annoying

Caitlin does a big poo but still falls asleep. Am I a bad mum for letting her sleep????!

As soon as you hear them do a big poo change it lol so they dont fall asleep with a poo tongue

Ok i dont like having 2 under 2!!! this is way too hard, i need lots of chocolate.

Hi All

We are still alive - just super busy. Have tried posting before but huggies seems to hate me.

Xavier feeding well - weighed in at almost 5kg on tuesday at his 3 week check. Sleeps great in day but not so well at nite.

Hugs to all


Ha found

Hope your all going okay....need to know is it normal for bub to poo heaps? my colostrum is changing to milk and she pooed 3 times last that okay? lol

Otherwise im finding breastfeeding quite that i have the hang of it grin


Hi all

Nat - Yep completely normal love, dont be suprised if bubs poos several times a day for the first few weeks its all about getting it in working order - better that than not at all or often enough!

I think I spoke too soon. Not sure whats up with Nicole at the mo she is thrown me, might be a growth spurt but will give her a couple of days before trying anything else. Hope the wheels havent fallen off!

Good to hear from Evelyn & Toni, have been thinking of you.

Better go get ready for kindy, am a bit over in and out of the car feel sorry for baby she doesnt always settle if she wakes after a car trip makes for some busy avo's although I did manage to get her into the sling yesterday which helped.

I think Mikayla is starting the terrible 2's, she has like a million tantrums a day lol arghhhh already broke down crying once today, had both kids crying for like an hour, thank god Ashton is a good boy and went to sleep for me. WIsh i could afford a nanny or something

Hi Guys,

Good to hear from you Ang, Nat and Evelyn.

Just a quick question, we haven't given Caitlin a dummy yet because of her feeding issues. They suggested adding a dummy to the breast / bottle mix may confuse her even more as it is a different sucking technique to the bottle or breast. They said they give dummies to babies that have an urge to suck all the time. But lately Caitlin has been quite unsettled when going to sleep. Once she's fed, she will fall asleep and I'll put her in her basinette, but she moves her head from side to side for a while and does the mouth thing like she's hungry. Do you think she needs a dummy? I'm not really for or against a dummy, if she needs one she'll get it, but I don't really want her to become reliant on it. Just wondering what everyone's thoughts were?

Nat, glad breast feeding is going well for you. As for pooing, that's all Caitlin seems to do! She probably poos about 6 times a day, especially if she's having a check up!!!

Ang, hope Nicole gets back into her good habits.

Christy, good luck with your exam today. Thinking of you and hoping the girls had a good night last night for you.

Well, little miss just did another explosive and loud shart! Must change her.

Take care all. DH is home today so we're doing some errands we should have done earlier.

Catch you all later


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