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Any other babies born 10.10.05 or OCTOBER 2005??? Lock Rss

I was looking for any other bubbies born around the same time as my beautiful little angel Talia 10.10.2005

Hi Kym

Jazz was born on the 10th too. I've been waiting since I joined this to see another on the 10th but they seem to be rare.
Nat and Jack are the only others I found just recently.
Jazz was born at 8:43am, 6lb9oz.
She has two front bottom teeth an is crawling but not much interest in sitting yet.
How's Talia doing?

Vic, Kianie 04-01-00 Jazz 10-10-05

hey girls
Lillie was born on the 30/10/05
she is just the funniest little baby ever
well she is getting teeth alrighty
2 down the bottom (im expecting them within days)
and all her top teeth are there as well waiting,the health care nurse said she's going to be in alot of pain...
she can only sit for a few secdonds,she's trying relly hard to crawl and she says
"bub bub"
and sometimes gets confused and says
"bum bum"

Lillie....1 year old!!!

my little princess Sophie was born 31st october 2005. she has two teeth,third coming soon.she rolls all over the place,so much that i have to put her in the cot when i have a shower.

tania,WA, amy 23/12/94 anth 02/10/97sophie31/10/05

Hi to all October babies! My twins arrived on 10/10/05. I lasted until 38 weeks....which was great. Patrick was 5lb and Sarah 6lb 7oz. They are both still smallish just on 6kg and about 64cm long. Both are rolling everywhere, usually different directions though! No teeth yet. Have started solids..2 small meals a day and still breastfeeding on demand..keeps me very busy...but they are great babies..full of personality. Are there any other twins born on 10/10/05?
Hi My beautiful boy Kobe was born 1.10.05 at 9lb after a 4 hr labour. He is sitting completely unaided and can pretty much get anywhere he likes with his caterpillar wriggle. He has two bottom teeth which came through at the same time and is eating 3 meals a day. A lot I know with his 3 bottles but he is thriving.

Anna, WA, mum of spunky boy!

Hey guys...Where are you all from i would love for my little angel to make some little friends....and some mummys that seem to be goign the same things at the same time....EVERYONE feel free to email me [email protected] or add me to your msn i love talking to other mummys

Lillie was on the 30th oct 05

oh what a wonderfful day

she is the most well behaved baby(apart from the whole teething tgingy)

i just love her to bits
the love of my life

xxx smile xxxx

Lillie....1 year old!!!


My bub Ryan was born on the 22nd October weighing 10pound 1/2 ounce - yes a big bubba! I had him via C-Section as he was just too big! He is a very happy little fella who has mastered rolling and sitting and is also teething - can't wait to see some toothy pegs! He is a good sleeper and usually goes too bed between 7.00 & 7.30pm and wakes around 5.00am for a bottle and then back to bed for another couple of hours. He now weighs 8kg (haven't had him weighed recently) but I'am sure he is getting heavier every day! He has also mastered escaping from his rocker by rolling onto his belly and sliding out - he thinks he is very cleaver indeed!

Look forward to chatting to others mums too.

Mummy to Ryan 22.10.05 & Luke 11.9.07 Tassie


My bub was born on 21st October weighing 3.12kgs and 49cm tall. I had a little girl and we named her Kimberley. Now that she is 18 months old now she gets into everything as they do. In about 10 weeks Kimberley will have a brother or sister so there is going to be more times ahead.

Love to talk to other mums



Hi ladies (hey hey kate!!!)

My little "angel" (and I use that term loosly at times LOL) Taylah was born on 4th October after I was induced at 14 days O/D. Was a horrendous labour and ended up with 3 epidurals, 1 spinal block, an episitomy and a forceps extraction. She was 7lb 15oz and a huge 57cm long! She is as sharp as a tack and talks non-stop! She also has a little brother Logan who is 5 mths old. 13 mths gap so life is very busy but I love it! Tay is not yet walking but is now standing by herself and trying to pull up. She's absolutely gorgeous and I love her to bits.

I actually talk to other October 05 mummies in the Toddler thread under "your toddlers growth and development" "October 05 toddlers" so it was a nice surprise to find you all here!!

Chat soon,

Luv Mel
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