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??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss

Here it is in readiness for us all.

And for those who have already gone but are in August its an option here for you to post here or the August thread.

Hope to be chatting with you soon!


Come on babies ... lets give us something to talk about!!!

Since I kicked off the month, here's my announcement!

Isla Audrey was born 8 hours and 12 mintues into the first day of spring - September 1st. Weighing 7lb 11oz (3490g), 51.5cm long and head circumference 34.5cm.

She is absolutely gorgeous. Can't believe I got my little girl!

Paula smile

Hey Paula, I dont know if I said congratulations, so congratualtions! One of each, now there is none of that "going to try for a girl/boy" pressure!

How was your labour? Share all the details if you like! It'll remind me of whats to come! (not that I need reminding!)

Isla's weight is close to Caitlyns too, she was born 01/09/07 at 4.13pm and weighed 3570gms.

When you get some extra time jump on again and let us know how things are going.It wont be long before I get that pleasure! I hope!


I now feel like a september fraud smile but ....

Ivy Jessica was born on the 31st of August at 1524hrs via normal V delivery. Birth Weight = 3.085kgs (6lbs 13 oz); Length = 48 cms & Head Circ = 34 cms.

She is absolutly gorgeous and I am so overwhelmed by how much I have fallen in love with her. I never knew you could love one person so much that it hurts!

I have posted some pics on facebook .. follow the link below!

Cant wait to hear of the up and coming announcments!!!

Congratulations to all of us on our Arrivals!

Olivia Ruby was born 2 sept @ 10.22pm wieghing in at 7lb6oz and is the much adored lil sister for Jack.

jess I can't believe otto is already 1mth OLD! god the time goes too quick..

How has everyone settled in at home? my baby blues hit the night we brought Jack home which was day 3 Olivia came home day 2 but as we were dicharged so late we left jack at nannas. Well I freaked right out crying and wondering how the hell will i be able to handle 2!! I was home alone as dan had vote count for footy and huggies was down for maitence! The surge of emotions was not helped by the time i spent prior to olivias birth in hospital were on several occassions i just wanted a good cry but was too embarresed lol. I ended up texting dan and he came home and we went to bed and cuddled. I look back today and laugh as so far 2 hasn't been as hard as i imagined all tho i'm sure there will be days i can not handle but until then 1 day at a time.

other than that. Olivia is sleeping and feedin well, we have some slight attachment issues as she is slighlty tounge tied so she cant really help it apart from the initial attachment pain its not so bad.

well better go get a rest in Jacks at daycare today.

looking forward to everyone joining us very soon.


Thought I'd better change my name to include my new little princess!

Hope everyone's doing well. Here's a more detailed birth story.

Monday August 31st - Brenton and I decided to go out and do some last minute things before he had to work his last 3 shifts and then he was on holidays. We wanted to get a gift for the baby from Dion as well as spend a gift voucher that expired on the 9th Sept. We left Dion with MIL and went out for the afternoon. I felt absolutely fine. No different than I had to the last few weeks. Left hip was giving me absolute agony, but I'd put up with it for so long that I knew the end was in sight and I put up with it. Had chinese for tea and came home from MIL's. Put Dion to bed and then Brenton went to bed around 10am as he had to be up at 2am to get ready for work.

I sat on the computer and as you know, posted that I thought I'd still be waiting a while for this bub to turn up. Even updated my countdown on Facebook. Bub was definitely comfy in there.

Went to bed and decided to take the midwife's advice and spent some time kneeling on all fours reading a book It would've been an interesting sight. Managed to put the book down and crawled into bed around 1:30am

Heard Brenton in the shower at 2:30am so I moved from the bed in the spare room to our bed and crashed. When Brenton came in to say goodbye at 3am, I felt fine, was half asleep and just reminded him to take my mobile phone (he doesn't have one) just in case I needed to get him while he was driving to/from work. He had a list of work numbers to get him on stuck next to the computer.

I woke up at 6:30am with a bad lower back cramp. Just thought it may have been a bit of gas from the Chinese we'd had for tea the night before. Went to the toilet where, thinking back now, I think I lost my plug. Crawled back into bed but the pain didn't stop. Tried to time them but they weren't super regular, so I gave it half an hour and when they weren't getting any less painful, decided that it was going to be safer to get Brenton home. Rang his shift supervisor who promptly went downstairs to tell Brenton he'd done such a good job that he could go home already. Brenton said that he must have had a pretty miffed looked on his face, because the supervisor then told him I'd gone into labour!

After I'd rung Brenton, I rang his parents who came out to look after Dion. Brenton rang me from the shuttle bus on the way back to the car to see how I was doing and I told him he better hurry home because this baby wasn't going to wait for him.

Brenton's parents turned up around 7:30am and kept a close lookout for Brenton who arrive about 7:45am. He walked in with the biggest grin on his face to which I said, turn around and take the bag, we've gotta go.

I had 3 contractions in the car on the way to the hospital (about a 7 min drive) the last one just before I got out the car. I told Brenton, that within minutes I would need to be pushing and that they had to get me into a room fast. Brenton left for about 5 mins max to move the car out of the emergency driveway and by the time he'd gotten back my waters had broken. The pain was so intense, but I only had enough time to take about a dozen deep breaths of gas - enough to take the edge off - before 2 pushes and the head was out and one more for the body.

We'd just made it.

Isla Audrey Starke was born on September 1st - the first day of spring - at 8.12 am weighing 7lb 11oz (3490g) - a lot smaller than we thought she'd be. She was 51.5cm long and 34.5cm head circumference. She was 4 days early and sure took us all by surprise. I was definitely expecting to be cooking this bub for a lot longer. But I'm sure glad she's here now. Still hard to believe I finally have a little girl. She looks very much like Dion did when he was born, just skinnier.

Due to a huge influx of births that day, we were asked if we'd like to move out of our lovely birthing suite into a shared room or perhaps go home. So after both Isla and I got a clean bill of health, we walked out the door - exactly 12 hours after she was born.

I wouldn't change anything about the whole experience, though, if I go through this again, I'm going to be camping on the steps of the hospital for a week before I'm due! Just to make sure I make it in time!

Caz - I know how you feel with the crying and feeling like not coping. I had a vad day on day 4 when my milk came in and everything seemed like it was going to be too hard. I had a good cry and Isla had a good night and I felt heaps better on saturday. Definitely one day at a time.

We're going okay here. A few feeding issues - not bad ones - just way too much milk that leaks out before she gets to drink it then complaims because she's still hungry! The home visiting midwife had ti cut her cord and clamp off yesterday because it was getting all smelly and yuck, so it looks lots different. Just waiting fpr Isla to get back up to birth weight now and we'll be cruising.

Anyway, trying to type with one hand and feed with the other - very slow process!

Paula smile

Hi sept ladies...
Hoping Sam has had her bub today!
My second little boy entered the world on Aug 21st but EDD was 4/9 so that is why I'm a sept girl!
Eric James is going well, 19 days old today. going so quick. big bro Simon is happy and doting. although not happy about him having his own rocker! Simon wants to share everything! BF is going well and Eric is putting on lots of weight so we're very happy. He was only a little bub 3.0kg so only just escaped SCN (3.0kg is cut off in our hossy) he is still a little jaundice but improves daily. he's a real personality and has come alive the past 2 days, starting to look around and gaze into our eyes. Such a wonderful thing to have a new baby and share it with Simon too. I love having my 2 boys... but cant wait till I can drive again... sick of being stuck int he house!
CS would healed well so just counting down...
take care all...look forward to all the announcements!
xx Zoe

Well hi girls!!

Even though I'm technically an August bub, I hope you don't mind if I stay in the September gang with all you cool gals!!

I put my birth story in the due Sept thread, but I'll copy it again here for anyone who missed it and may be interested.

Well, waters were leaking at 6.30am when I got up to shower. Showered and rang hospital and they said labour ward was full (FREAK OUT), but to come in and get checked. By the time my mum got here to come with us and DH's family arrived to watch Noah, it was 9am before we got to hossy. Was monitored in the tea room (!!!) for an hour or so and bub was doing well. A few contractions, but nothing much. Midwife said she'd call doc, but he would probably send me home to wait for something to start and if not, come back for induction at 7am Saturday. Five minutes later she came back and said that doc wanted to start the induction as soon as delivery suite became available (must have had a golf game booked for Saturday!). I lost it and started freaking out as I had a horror experience with Noah's induction and didn't get any pain relief other than gas and had 8 hours of full on contractions - plus he was posterior - yuk! Midwife told me to calm down they have these marvelous inventions called epidurals nowadays! I was just worried because I didn't get one with Noah even though I asked - kept getting told I was doing well and keep going a bit longer. I said as long as I could get an epi I was happy to go ahead with induction. So wandered the corridors until a room became available about 11.30 am. Was hooked up to syntocin just after 12pm. Had a couple of major contractions and bub had massive heart deceleration that lasted for nearly 2 minutes ... people were rushing from everywhere, doctor came down, buttons were being pressed, hands were being shoved in 'there' to make sure cord hadn't prolapsed, but seems he just had a reaction to the syntocin and the high level that it was started at, so it was turned off to calm down. About 1pm there was a knock at the door to say there was an anethetist outside and did I want the epi - send him in was the reply!! Epi barely hurt, which I was surprised about. Syntocin turned back on about 1.30pm and couldn't feel a thing!! Was started at low levels this time and gradually increased every so often. I was 3cm when we started and within an hour had gone from 3cm to 5-6cm. I was so relaxed we were watching tv and I even dozed off for a while. When I woke up I had a sore back and felt sick. DH got the midwife and told her my back hurt. When she came in I said I felt like I needed to be sick and she replied 'great, time to push'. I couldn't believe it when she said I was fully dilated by about 4pm. I was worried because I couldn't feel my legs and didn't know how I would push! She said I'd be fine and let's do a test push. With some help I got my legs up and was swiftly asked to put them back down again as bubs head was right there. Doc arrived about 4.20pm, legs up, 4 pushes and I got to pull my beautiful baby boy up onto my chest. Such a totally different experience than I had with Noah I just can't believe it!

Now almost two weeks in, Darcy is going really well with BF, which also didn't happen well with Noah, so we are very excited. Had him weighed yesterday and at discharge from hossy he weighed 2.8kg and yesterday weighed 3.2kg. Taking into consideration different scales and Darcy was fully clothed instead of naked, I'd say he'd be back to birth weight or close to it, so a gain of 200g or more in 1 weeks is pretty impressive. Hopefully it continues that way. My boobs have felt empty today, but I think that can happen second time around, where they don't get as full and painful, at least I think thats what I was told in hospital - all a bit of a blur now!

Caz, you poor thing, those day 3 blues are the pits - and to be going through it on your own at home would have been even tougher. I just blubbered all over the midwives because they were all so lovely and kept asking how I was, so I just cried! Its usually the day bub wants to feed non stop to hurry your milk up, so you're exhausted anyway. Hope things have picked up and you're enjoying little Olivia.

Paula, wow what a birth story. Little Isla sure was in a hurry to make her appearance - you'll definately be camping at hospital if you go a third time!! Hope your feeding issues have settled down and you're not drowning your little one! Darcy will start coughing and choking on milk when I let down, but the silly bugger won't let go of the boob, so ends up in all sorts!!

Welcome Zoe and congrats on the safe arrival of Eric. I've now got 2 boys too and like you, am totally in love with them. They are the absolute light of my life. Hope Eric's jaundice improves soon and that your CS wound heals so you can get out and about again!

Well, this is going on forever and I might try to nap on the lounge before Darcy wakes for another feed.

Chat soon and take care!

HI guys,
really am just poping in to see if my new ticker is working???
will pop back on with an update on us tomorrow aftr the MCH nurse has been.
hope you and families are all well
love caz

i tried to change my ticker and cant bloody do it! i cant remember which one to use! any tips would be greatly apprecaited!

Hi girls, with the ticker, use the code for the Pseudo HTML, UBBCode and BB Code, then copy and paste only the info between [img] and [img] (including those brackets) - hope that makes sense!!

How are all the new bubs going? Darcy is going pretty well, seems to have every 2nd or 3rd day where he will just catnap, but then make up for it the next day. Feeding still going well, every 3 hours during the day, but then we get a couple of longer stretches of 5 or 5 1/2 hours overnight, so hopefully they'll continue to stretch out over the coming weeks!!! I'm still so flipping tired though, can't nap during the day with my 3 year old around!! He'll be at preschool tomorrow, so I'm hoping to catch a few zzz's, although I should use the time to do some housework - boring!!

Had a visit from the community nurse yesterday who said I should only be BF from one breast per feed (which contradicts all the other info I've been given in hospital etc). Tried this yesterday and Darcy was so unsettled, and constantly looking for food, so today I've gone back to feeding from both and he's much more settled and sleeping better - what's everyone else doing?? I'm so paranoid that I'm going to stuff up my supply as I wasn't successful at BF with DS!!

Well, gotta get Darcy back to bed, so will chat later. Hope all is well.


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