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??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss

Morning guys,

how are we all doing?
Tracey in regards to the Breast feeding I feed from both sides as well, this is the way I was taught to do it with Jack I always start with the side we finished on last feed first than when she seems to be not getting much out of it I than swap to the full side. if she doesn't want the second boob she just doesn't lach! If your scared that feeding this way will ruin your supply than you could express the remainder of your milk each feed. I lost my supply for Jack at 6mths so I'm no expert!

We are going good here apart from a couple of nights where Olivia didn't settle until past mid night! I've concluded that she does not like strawberries which sucks because I Do! lol
Jack also had a crap night on wed night so yesterday I was so very sleep deprived but got up did the house work and was planning on having a shower when MIL turned up hoping she would take Jack back to her place but that wasn't her plan she stayed at ours all day so my plan on going back to bed was non exsistant! I ended up only getting 40 min! I would have got 2 hrs had she not come to help cause Jack slept for 2 hrs! oh well beggers can't be choosers last night was much better.

The MCH nusre came for our home visit yesterday and Olivia has passed her birthweight by 300grms! so I guess feeding is going great!
I am however starting to feel a little terrible that I wasn't overly freaked out by olivia not breathing after birth for 4 min! (the dom midwife & the MCH both asked how I was with that and look at me funny when I say I was't too paniced)You see for me it was like dejavue because jack also came out rather lifeless so to speak he needed suction and a good rub and was all good than screamed for 3hrs straight!
So ok admmittedly Olivia took much longer and more methods, such as suction, oxygen, mask & bag & cardiac massage! but I knew she would be ok i just had a feeling. and she was! I guess I wasn't freaked because jack didn't come out screaming so i knew no different!
Am I bad for feeling this way?
ok so now thats off my chest!

we see the mch again on monday for olivia 2 week check and part of jacks 2yr check!

Jack has just fallen asleep in my arms as i type lol.
better put him down.

Hi everyone!

Finally I can get on here for longer than three seconds and update everyone on my progress! And thanks Tracey for the ticker information, I finally got mine going! Its hard to know which option to choose and needless to say I was choosing all the wrong ones!

Firstly to the BF issue raised re expressing and feeding both sides.

I have done it differently both times, with Ash it was only ever one side as she was full after one and it only ever took 5 ins to feed her (once established). Caitlyn would sometimes take only one but often would have both and then I would start the next feed on the half empty side and move across if she wanted more.

If I needed to I would express after the feed and freeze it. Remember the MORE you express the more milk you make so if you are trying to settle down your supply try not to overdo it. If you are trying to increase your supply and baby doesnt take both you could try to express after every feed and if you feel as though you dont have enough for the next feed you have the expressed milk on hand.

I was told as soon as you start to feed within 20 minutes your body is producing milk again. Also keep drinking lots of water, breast milk is 90% water so the more water you drink the better your supply.

Also ring the Aust BF association, they are really helpful and have lots of info to help you out about supply issues.

And onto us.

Ryan is doing really well. I knew as soon as my milk came in he would be happier and so far he has gained the 60gms lost after 2 days and is now past his birthweight and up to another 120gms on top of that. yep, he loves his milk! So far we are doing on average 2-2.5hourly feeds, sometimes I can ge him back down within half an hour but usually takes up to an hour. Luckily for me (so far) our unsettled period is usually from the second morning wakeup around 7ish till 10-11am. This is crazy as I am in circles feeding, burping, settling for 20 min catnaps, holding etc. You know how it is. BUT at least he does this during the day! Last night he was unsetttled till 8.30pm and then was asleep until I woke him up at 12 cause my boobs were so full they hurt too much!
So we have had some 3.5 hour sleeps. Not bad for a 9 day old! I am hoping that by the time he is a month old we may be up to 4 hourly sleeps, then he seems to feed so much more and sleeps better.

I am doing ok sleep wise as I usually go to bed when he does (am off after my hot choccy!) and although it is broken I usually get between 7.5-8.5 hours. I am getting nervous aboutwhen Rod goes back to work on how to manage the wqhole getting up early to caitlyn (she still wakes up around 6am)but as long as I keep going to bed early I should be ok.

Anyway, I will leave it at that so you short on timers dont have to read too much!

Glad to hear we are all doing well.

I am posting exactly the same message in the preg thread and August thread so sorry if you end up seeing it again!



Welcome to the new babies! The boy tally is evening up!
Well for me...Been one hell of a week. Sorry going to copy from sept thread... saves time...Got really sick Tuesday. Turns out have really bad mastitis... on antibiotics now and off to physio on monday for some unltrasound treatments... but wow talk about sore boobs! and was scared I had swine flu! all of a sudden came down with very high fever, shivers, sweats, aches all over blurred vision, palpatations you name it! quite scary! poor little eric been puking lots reckon its from the 'off' milk or the drugs... and has only just settled back to regular feeds after I was mean mummy and made him wait 4 hrs by using dummy last night... as just couldn't handle the 1.5hr feeds... I just didn't have any more milk to give! let alone the patience to cope with sucking anymore!
but at least he had good 2 naps today.
we are off down south to visit my sis and her new bub tomorrow. haven't seen her in 3w... she is 7w old now so will be sooo different! let's see how the 3hr car drive goes with a 4w old and a 20month old!
Oh and Eric had his circ done Wed. went fine. and no probs so far, bless him. so pleased it's done now.
But other than that... still sleep deprived, bit achy and wishing there were more hours in the day!
but bless my 2 boys they are so precious and wonderful. wouldn't change anything for the world! well maybe that the both of them would sleep through! hehe!

Hi ladies

So sorry to hear you had mastitis zoe .... ouchies!!!!! i believe that makes you feel pretty dam awful!!

Onto Bf .... i agree with caz ... i feed Ivy off one side then give her the other if she still wants more ... the next time I will start with the side she didnt finish before. I have noticed if i dont drink enough the next day my supply is slightly low and she wants to snack alot obviously because she isnt getting much ... i have an electric pump but havnt had the time to express much. I went to the BF clinic in the early days due to attachment issues and was advised if i wanted to express to have some stored to do it after the morning feeds as this is when you have the most milk.

The last few days have been much better around here. Ivy is on rantidine twice a day for her reflux and also on a probiotic powder (from naturopath) which i dip my nipple in before every feed ... OH MY GOD DIFFERENT BABY!!!!! she doesnt vomit as much and is so so so so so much more settled. She still gets the odd bout of pain but its improving and not as long ... before if would be an hour before we could even attempt to lie her down! so not counting my chickens but fingers crossed we found the answer!!!!!

We had photos done today .. my friend is a prof photographer and came around and did them free of charge ... she is so lovely we just need to pay for the developing ... she is a sucker for a good glass of vino so will be sure to add to her collection. Ivy was so good she went though 4 hours of photos and was very well behaved!

Tracy i cant believe u are getting 5 hrs at night~!! i get 3-4 if i am lucky and every now and then 2 1/2!!!!! not getting any rest during the day sad the visitors have been told to rack off!!! hopefully i will get a rest in on tuesday as i have to go out tomorrow!

hope all is well for everyone else and you are all getting plenty of rest!

Also just a question ... and i cant believe i am thinking this already but when did u all start TTC after your first bubs for previous mummies??? We are thinking of starting when Ivy is about 1 ... is this crazy???

talk soon

Jenn xoxox

Hi all

Jenn, glad to hear Ivy is doing a lot better with the reflux. I really hope that it is going to continue on the up and up for you.

I am like you (although it sounds like I am getting a little more) but I only get 2-2.5 hours before I am up again feeding etc. Lucky last night each time was only 20 mins and back down again. I still get around 7-8 hours but it is very broken, and the only reason I get that is because I am in bed by 7.30-8pm at latest! nana hours!

Good idea to tell the visitors to rack off! You need your sleep and sleep deprivation will also affect your milk supply.

As to the TTC question...we never did! it just happened! We were always of the mind around 2yrs apart which is what has happened but each time I only had gotten to 3 periods after Bf for over a year each time and we got pregnant again. One thing you really need to consider is the age Ivy will be with a newborn. personally I prefered the older the better as it is MUCH easier than if you have an 18mth old or younger to deal with as well as a newborn.

You know yourself how much work it is right now, imagine that with someone who is too young to understand why mummy is not paying as much attention or to try and spread yourself over 2 cryng kids at the same time (like me today...whew! what mental moment!)

so my advice is to wait until Ivy is around 14-15 months old and then you would have a nice (manageable) gap. I also think it depends on the person too, if you are a stress mummy (like some of my friends are) it will be easier to wait, if you are a take it as it comes mummy then you may be ok with a shorter gap.

Just my opions for the day!

catch you all soon.


Hey everyone just transferring from the expecting to finally here thread!!

Ava is absolutely gorgeous and i cant believe she is mine. Touch of jaundice still but its clearing. BF going good, just really sore as my milk is coming in.

Im loving the visitors more than expected, i think i just like showing her off smile

hope all the babies are behaving and your getting plenty of sleep.

Our numbers in here are growing!

All is going well here. Isla put on 400g in her 2nd week of life to fly back past her birth weight. I'd hate to think how much more she has put on in the 3rd week, but we've out grown the 0000 clothes and are pushing for more length in the 000. I just have really tall kids! She has gotten very chubby in the face but still has the skinniest butt and legs - so cute! Can't wait for those first smiles in the next week or two.

BF - I offer both sides here too. Most of the time she'll drain one and have some from the other and then I do as Jenn said, start with the side I finished with next feed (if I can remember which one it is- lol!)

Sleeping is going okay here. Feeding every 3-4 hours during the day and then at least one stretch of 5 - 5 1/2 hours at night. Can't wait for the day when she decides that she can sleep for a little longer before waking up during the night.

Glad to hear everyone else is doing okay. Keep enjoying your beautiful bubs.

Paula smile

Oh, Jenn - we started TTC #2 when Dion turned 1. It took us 8 months until we finally got a BFP. It all depends on what kind of age gap you want between your kids, and also if you think your body can handle it again sooner rather than later. Everyone's different I guess.
[Edited on 23/09/2009]

Hi everyone! I have finally come over to the "other" side LOL. Ashleigh Morgan was born on 15/9 at 6:37pm, 6lbs 15oz, 50cm, 35cm HC. We have been home a couple of days now but have had a rollercoaster ride, and have only had some energy now to post!

Ashleigh is doing great so far but my recovery has been eventful! Infected/cracked/bleeding nipples which means I've had to express for the last week. While in hospital I pretty much let them hang out for air, feeling sorry for whoever walked in my room! LOL The health nurse did a home visit today and I successfully attached Ashleigh to my booby and I was so excited!

But went to docs today as I've had severe abdominal cramping the last few days and turns out there's "retained products" in my uterus. So basically got a 6cm section of the placenta still in my uterus that has become infected. There's another lot of 2 antibiotics. Hopefully the body is on the mend now.

Sorry I haven't had time to catch up on all the goss but I hope all ur babies are doing well.

Take care lovelies

Oh Shaz. What an eventful time you've had. Know how you feel with the 'leftovers' and cramping. My mum said she had the same with my brother and she ended up back in hospital. Not sure what they did for her when she was in there (that was nearly 29 years ago!) but she said it wasn't very nice at all. Hope you are feeling better soon. But it sounds like the BF is starting to go a little better.

We have a dodgy feeder here at the moment, meaning very broken sleeps. Very reluctant to let go of her wind every now and then making feeding time frustrating. Oh well. Just another hurdle to get over and then we'll be back on track.

Hey Ladies

I must first start by saying how gorgeous is Ava!! Sasha well done she is so beautiful!

Secondly .. Shaz sorry you have been through the mill!! I had really bad cracked bleeding nipples in hossie but thankfully they healed quickly and didnt get infect ... you must have been in so much pain!! Hope the retained products decide to evacuate sooner rather than later for you and the ab's do the trick!! Also good luck with the Breast feeding .. I hope it works out for you... we still have our ups and downs but getting there smile

Thanks for the replies and advice of when i should start TTC ... oh how awful that I have even been thinking that!! And i cant believe we are even discussing it!! My partner is 10 years older than me .. I am 26 (for another 4 weeks anyway) and he is 36 .. I initially said only 2 babies but now thinking 3 and we wanted to try and have them all before he turns 40 ish smile I know he is still young now but we are looking at down the future... I think we will start TTC at 1 yr who knows how long it will take (and i may change my mind by then)... however it didnt take anytime with Ivy ... she was the one time we didnt use protection smile Initially we where going to try in july this yr..... wouldnt change it for the world.....

I am having a little bit of trouble adjusting to how quickly Ivy is growing. I have blinked and 4 weeks is nearly gone already ... and had to upgrade to 000 today as she is super long and has massive flipper feet!!! I was actually sad by this! I know she cant stay little forever but it just seems to be going far far to fast! Although we got a proper smile out of her yesterday smile which was just gorgeous !!! I got on the scales and weighed myself with her then just me and if it is correct she weighs 3.7kgs .. thats 600 grams up on her BW. She hasnt offically been weighed since she was almost 2 weeks old... she looks 3.7 though as she has the fattest face!

Well hope all you mums and bubs are gettting plenty of rest. The pumpkin has just woken and it demanding to be fed so best be off!! take care and catch up soon

Jenn xoxox

Goodmorning all, well almost good afternoon but hey they all roll into each other don't they.....

Just thought I'd get on and catch up whilst BOTH yes lucky me both my children are asleep.

I've been not so patiently awaiting kells news this morning.! lol

Sam re: getting up early. my lil man gets up at 5.30 most mornings but miraculously since Olivia was born he will sit on the couch and watch a wiggles dvd for 40min before coming in at 6.30 - 7 to tell me its time for me to give him attention. LOL. he must know mummy needs a lil extra lay in because pre Olivia he would bug me every 2 min!

Zoe - I hope you are feeling much better and that your mastitis has cleared up. How did your trip south go? hows your lil niece doing?

Jenn, I'm with you on the 3-4hrs sleep but I'm not fased by it. its way more than i was getting whilst pregnant!
And as for TTC well I really hate to say it but having had a great labour, no tearing, and a so far fantastic baby! I could go back right now!!! LOL
however I'm not quite so nieve... we origianlly wanted a 18mth gap between Jack and Olivia but the 2yrs is nice. It took 3mths to concieve Jack and a yr to concieve Olivia so not really sure on when to try for number 3 will wait and see what the next few months bring, altho I'm yet to have my mini pill script filled! but given the way Olivia feeds I'm hoping it want be needed just quite yet!
I hope Ivy is setteling much better now with her medicine.

Jess, glade after all the stress Otto was fine in the end. was he sick the other week to have lost some weight?? you would think that the ABA would encourage a breast pump when feeding from the boob itself is not an option. I hope the lactation nurse was able to help you out and that otto is back on track!.

Paula, great to see Isla is thriving! well at least you got some use out of the 0000 clothes this time around lol. we have heaps of so called newborn clothes but most still arn't fitting olivia we have however outgrown 00000's now! and she loves her food so I'm sure her other clothes will fit in no time!

Shaz you poor thing what a horrid time post birth you have had. sad so will they have to remove the retained placenta?? scary stuff.
glade to hear you are able to feed Ashliegh again wow hoo! hope you pick up soon babe.

Well as for us here apart from 3 of us having colds ( and I'm praying Olivia stays germ free however Jack forever goozing on her worries me.) all is pretty good. Olivias Jaundice finally looks as tho its dissaperaing althou she still really just eats and sleeps most of they time. however she gets unsetteled between 6 and 10 in the eveing still.
I too am not so happy about her growing so quick 3 weeks already here too is very scary! lol
and to top it of my lil boy did wees on the toilet today all growing so quick!

well I best be off I'm sure they'll all be awake very soon..
love to all

Hi girls, its been ages since I've had time to post, but I've been keeping up with everyone between our two threads and on FB!!

Thanks for all your answers to the BF question!! I've gone back to offering both sides and he is much more settled, however, I now have myself worked up over a different issue!! Because Noah was very slow to gain weight after birth and BF was a real hassle for us, I thought it would be so much easier this time around, and the attachment and feeding has been, but I've been anal about having Darcy weighed weekly and he is averaging 100g per week gain and the nurse I've taken him to at the local chemist keeps telling me that he needs to gain as a minimum 100g to 150g per week (which technically he is doing), but I'm feeling a bit inadequate that he's only gaining the minimum and she keeps grilling me as to whether I eat properly and drink lots of water and does he drain the breast etc. Well, I can still hand express a little milk out after he comes off, but the boob is all squishy and he's pretty much stopped sucking, its not like I just decide I've had enough and pull him off!! What are all your bubs gaining? I know I shouldn't compare as each bub is different, but I'm just curious. Noah was always a slow gainer and to this day is long and lean and doesn't eat a lot compared to some other kids, so maybe that's just the kind of kids we create! Plus I was a tiny bub and DH is 6ft, so maybe I'm panicking over nothing. When we left hossy I was told that as long as he had wet nappies, the odd poo and was settled between feeds I was successfully BFing and we are doing all that, so I don't know what I'm worrying about really ... blame it on the sleep deprivation!!! Plus, he has grown 3cm since birth, so maybe that has something to do with it? I'm going to take him back to the hospital clinic in the next week or so for his 4-6 week check up and the midwife who runs it is also a lactation consultant, so maybe she can reassure me or tell me if there is something to worry about.

Shaz, you poor thing, you've been through a rough trot with your recovery from this delivery. How is Ashleigh going with the BF now? I hope it improves for you and you can successfully BF second time around.

Zoe, no good to hear about your mastitis, hope its getting better and your boobies aren't too sore anymore!!

Jenn, you've had a rough trot too. How is poor Ivy and her reflux going? Have the meds made much difference? Glad you've told the visitors to rack off, its exhausting!! My MIL comes once a week to 'help' with DS1, so that I can 'rest' - usually entails me making coffee when she arrives and making snacks and lunch for her and DS1, as well as trying to fit in everything else that all of us are trying to fit into a day at the moment - exhausting!!

Jess, not sure if anyone else has mentioned it (sorry sleep deprived at the moment!), but have you tried using a nipple shield until your cracked nipples heal? I used these with DS1 and they were great, although only meant as a temporary measure. Hope it all improves for you soon and he gains weight.

Caz, so exciting that Jack did wees on the loo!! Noah accidently did a poo in the loo yesterday (still poos in nappy, its driving me insane!) and I was so excited, what has my life come to!!! Glad Olivia's jaundice is disappearing, hope she doesn't end up with the family cold!

Had both my boys at the GP today. Noah has a mild throat infection, so he got antibiotics. GP said that Darcy doesn't have an infection, more he is just getting rid of the last of the gunk he swallowed on the way out now that his lungs are matured and he's just trying to cope with the ridiculous changes in weather we are having at the moment and he's confident he'll be on the mend in the next few days. Certainly hope so, last night was a killer, think I managed about 2 hours of broken sleep with a 4 week old asleep on my chest and a 3 1/2 year old asleep right next to me, I'm tired!!!

Sorry if I missed anyone, hope all the mummies and beautiful bubs are going well!

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