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??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss

Tracey I think its unfair that the chemist lady is giving you a hard time. Babies don't grow by text book figures! It sounds like Darcy is doing great guns and if he's happy and settled then you should feel proud for doing such a great job.

Things are going great here now. I am successfully BF Ashleigh exclusively, boobies have healed and I feel so chuffed. Abdominal pain has eased so I can assume all is healing down there too. Have had a f/up visit from the midwife as well to refine BF issues. I have had so much f/up support since leaving hospital its been great. And when both the health nurse and midwife have visited, they spent much time with me helping me and weren't rushed to be somewhere else. Both have been monitoring me for PND considering my past history and how I was in hossy, but all is well and the black cloud has eased. I am enjoying Ashleigh so much I don't like putting her down to sleep. She is feeding every 3 hours during day and 4 hours at night so I couldn't ask more from her. Touch wood that it stays good!!!

Had my script filled today for the Pill. Bit weird cos i haven't had to take it for 2 years! I fell pg with Madison immediately, but took 15 mths to TTC Ashleigh so its been a while!

I hope the sick bubbies/toddlers get well soon

Hi Ladies,

I'm pleased to say that I had our precious daughter on Thursday 24th September at 8:46am, labour was alright, and managed with use of epi. We were discharged from the hospital the following day. Her name is Brylee and she weighed in at a bonny 8 pound 9 ounces and a height of 55cm.

We're seeing our midwife today to see what she weighs now. Being a first time mummy i'm learning as we go and are pleased to say that breastfeeding going really well and getting their with sleeps.

I hope it's ok to join in this thread and talk babies with you all.

Take care
Paula xxx

Hi all,

Tracy, stop stressing love, you are doing fine! As long as baby gains not loses weight then all is good! EVERYONE is different! babies are no exception, some gain heaps, some gain a little, when they have a growth spurt they go for it and then slow down again. There is no 'right' way to do it and the measuring system is just that, a system that is a GUIDE only! The biggest indicator is the happiness of your baby! If bubs is feeding, seems satisfied after a feed, goes for at least 2-3 hours or more before wanting more, is getting bigger not smaller and your boobies are soft and squishy...YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! I can still squeeze out a little bit too, thats normal as far as I know.

Shaz you poor thing, that is awful! I had a small amount of membranes left in there after I had Ashleigh and god the smell was awful! I was just at the point of going to doc to see why I stank so much as I knew it was not normal and one day when going to loo I felt something in there and it came out. And within a day the smell was gone. Glad you are being looked after but I would stress to make sure all has gone as you certainly dont want to end up with a really bad infection.

Ryan is doing better with the night sleeps, I was rewarded after a hard day of unsettled holding yesterday with a 4, 3.5 and 3 hour sleep last night. He still is unsettled from time up till around 10.30-11am but at least he sleeps better at night. My mum is here on Saturday from NZ, am looking forward to seeing her and getting that much needed comfort from good old mum. Nothing like it in the world really!

Anyway, best go and see to the housework and feeding etc. Talk to you all soon


Hi Ladies

Just a quick post before the princess wakes for her next feed. Kell congratulations on the safe arrival of little baby Kallum ... just gorgeous! And I can totally see why he didnt want to turn or come out naturally .... everything happens for a reason and this is a prime example!!!!

Tracy dont stress about your milk supply or how much he is putting on. I agree with Sam .. the average weight gain indicator is just that .. an average .. some weeks you will find he will put on more and some weeks less. It all depends on their growth spurts etc.. My boobs never ever feel full and some times i dont think that there is anything in them for her but she eats, sleeps, pees and poops! so she must be getting something smile Every baby grows at different intervals .. I havnt had Ivy weight since she was nearly 2 weeks old so I have no idea how much she weighs .. but she looks fatter .. i got on the scales with her and i am estimating about 600 grams above birth weight ... so not to bad for 4 weeks .. my friend had a baby the same day and her bub has only put on 250grams and her child health nurse said her bub is healthy smile

Sam Im glad you got some sleep!! i had an up all day cuddly baby yesterday to .... but get this ...................

SHE SLEPT 7 HOURS LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!! from 830pm to 340am ... what did i do to deserve that smile and then when straight back to bed after a sleep smile woohoo!!!!!!!!!
I am sure that wont happen to often but here is to hoping hey smile

I cant remember any other personals and i just read them!! oh this baby brain!

One thing i do need to think of is contraception... I remember reading a few of you where talking about going back on the pill soon etc etc ... i cant go back on the pill It makes me really sick (nausea and vomiting) and i have to take motilium (domperidone) anti nausea medication to stop it ... this is also the medication they give u to increase your milk supply ... and my boobs are already three times bigger than what they where with horride purple stretch marks i think i will give that a miss!! they cant get any bigger smile so i will either have to have no mummy daddy time or think of something else! that stupid implant doesnt work neither does the injections ... might need to go back to using condoms (wonder how DH will react to that) hehehe

Anyway check in soon smile hope all mums and bubs are well

jenn xoxo

Just a quick one from me today. Have had visitors stay with us for the last 5 days and I was glad to see them go yesterday. So nice to have my house back to ourselves and not have to try and keep a crying baby quiet in the middle of the night!

Was so excited - Saturday night, Isla went 6 hours between her last feed before bed (around midnight) and the next one. Couldn't believe my eyes when she woke up and the clock said 5.51am! Woo hoo. It was short lived though - back to every 4 hours last night. Oh well. Can't complain with that.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

Paula smile

Congrats Paula on Brylee's arrival!

Looks like these babies are starting to sleep at night for their mummies! Well done Isla and Ivy.

Jenn I got the mini-pill but haven't started it yet. Not too enthused about it cos the last time I was on the progesterone-only one I got migraines and fell pregnant. I was only 19 and lost the baby at 6 weeks. So if it doesn't go well we'll be using the good ol' condoms too. Not excited about that either! I hate them.

All is improving here. I can say that I am now successfully BF Ashleigh and I am sooo happy! She is a booby guzzler though and has put on almost 500g since birth! She did a 5 hr stint between feeds last night too. Check-up at the docs today showed that my retained placenta has almost all gone which means I don't need the curette now, THANK GOD!!! On last bout of antibiotics and can't wait to have it all out of my system. Starting to get some energy back but trying not to do too much.

Just wondering how the big brothers/sisters are handling things? Madison has been really good with Ashleigh but doesn't want anything to do with me. She wants Daddy to do everything and denies me kisses/cuddles. I know its only temporary but it really hurts. Today has been a better day but I was wondering how others were doing?


Hi Ladies

Shaz so glad to hear the retained products are almost no longer retained!! You will feel heaps better once all thats gone and you are off the ab's!! and CONGRATULATIONS on successfully breastfeeding!! Im so glad you have said Ash has put on 500 grams .... because Ivy is 4.1 kgs!!!!!! HOLY COW!! thats 1kg!! and she has grown 5 cms .... i freaked out ... she feeds really well but still vomits heaps ... the reflux pain is being controlled by the medication but she will need to grow out of the vomiting... I am glad to know that she is gaining weight. I have a friend with a 12 week old and she has just reached 5kgs ... so I was a bit surprised when she was weighed!

As for the breastfeeding .... how is everyone going with attachment?? I am finding one side is fine but the other she has a little trouble with and that nipple is now cracked and when i have to feed on that side i am using a nipple sheild as of today because it is so so so painful!!! It doesnt happen all the time just some of the time .... hrrrmmmmmm!!!

I have completely forgotten all the other stuff i was going to write .. might take myself off to bed and check in tomorrow!!

Hope all you mums and bubs are well smile

jenn xoxo

I am now offically a MUM LOL feels weird to say as it feels surreal.

I am home now, and feel SOO much better..

Birth story, well got 2.5 hrs sleep on Thursday night SO wired and excited. Got to Hossy at 5.45, got settle into the room. By 7.30 I was in theatre. Once epi/spinal block in place we were set. First thing we saw was two little purple feet, we didnt knwo what it was and the Doc's forgot to advise us so wes had to go with paed to find out. Kallum was 7lbs 1oz. or 3220 grams.49cms long... and so cute with a head of ginger hair LOL. I was taken to recovery and Kallum and daddy went to the room to be introduced to the grandmothers who of course were smitten on sight LOL

I was Literally GLUED to the bed for a full 24 hours. When I got up on sat morning I had the sheet, kylie, the pad and the blanket all stuck to me the nurse had to peel it off LOL.

First shower was bliss. I was walking around on Saturday morning by 10am. I felt fine. Bleeding was minimal and is still light.
I had to go shopping tonight as we only had 000 clothes and kallum is prob a 00000 but we got 0000 to tide him over. As for the Breast feeding question Jenn, I have the exact same problem. Wjhat sort of sheild do you use? I need to use them too I think. I dont think he empties the breast as he falls a sleep after about 15 mins and I have to wake him to feed on the other breast! He is a chewer OUCHY! ANd does anyone else have this problem? Feeding for 5 hrs then the next for 3?

The hospital have a policy of 4 hourly feeds and he is NEVER ready to feed after 4 hours, after 5 maybe but never 4 and thats why we had so many issues int he begining.

Damn this jumpy screen anyways I better get some shut eye before my squirmy baby wakes for a feed god knows WHAT time that'll be
Love to all Kell and Kallum xoxoxo ( sounds better than ninja huh? )

Warning this is a copy of sept thread! sorry cheeky me!
lovely to hear about all the new babies!
Glad that the little bubs are starting to put on some good wt and that most of you are resolving the feeding issues that you talked about. Good on those for trying BF and sorry to hear those that had probs that resulted in FF. I had to FF Simon after 10 long hard weeks of beating myself up. I have resolved this time that if I have too many issues will have no hesitation to FF Eric. Speaking of which my mastitis has cleared now after 5 physio treatments and 3 lots of antibiotics! highly recc physio to any girls with lumps, blocked ducts etc as may help you to keep supply and prevent mastitis. works a treat. and only about $28 if you have private ins. Eric feeding well although does gets laz with latching on sometimes so have to keep an eye on him otherwise he's a chomper! he's now 4.3kg! 1.3kg in 5.5 weeks. so into the 000 now. althoug still a little big. but looks quite cute now with some meat on him. he was so scrawny at birth!
we had a great night last night, he went down at 830pm after cluster BF between 6-9pm and up at 3.30am! down at 4am like a dream and up at 7am. have been getting him into strict 3hr feed in days to convert him day/night and seems to be working! well off for my 6w check wed and eric has his tomorrow.
hope you all having a good day and have a great weekend. sorry no personals, no time!
xx zoe, simon and eric

hi all

Glad to hear about all the longer sleeps! I have so far only achieved one 4 hour sleep, still doing 2.5-3 hours max and most days I am lucky to get one 2.5-3 hourly sleep in. Like today, every hour he has been on my boob and sleeping for half to one hour only. He had an ok night with 3 hourly sleeps and I am hoping the older he gets the more I get these longer sleeps! I am sick of the snacking and cat napping!I think its a wind issue, he seems to be more windy lately, I am using Braun colic relief as he is too young for the other stuff and that also has aluminium in it. It makes it hard to do anything...including getting on here!

My Mum is here from NZ tomorrow, its'll be nice to have her here.

Other than that we are doing ok, my brain is a bit mushy like yours so I cannot remember what I just read, so this is a quick one to say hello and to let you know we are still alive and kicking!

Must go and try to do some housework now, cant have crumbs all over the floor when mum arrives!



Well my son doesnt have a problem with the sleep department.

Kallum sleeps alot, sleeps for 5 hours at night at the moment. During the day I have to wake him to feed!!!! He even fell asleep when Wes was giving him his second bath! I asked the community nurse who came today if that was normal and she said he's content and just a chilled out baby. Feeding well thats another story, cuz he's so chilled and LOVES sleep I have to wake him so he's sleepy and will NOT attach!! Nurse gave me a few pointers on holds etc so we'll will see how he goes.

anyhoo, better get some sleep before my lil man needs to be woken to be fed, Love to all

Kell and Kallum xoxoox

Kell - don't wake Kallum. If you find that when he does wake and have a feed, that he feeds really well, then don't bother. With Dion, I had exactly the same thing. Most times he would go between 4-6 hours between feeds - all day every day! I never woke him up. It was too much hassle and then he never fed properly anyway. When the child and youth health nurse came just before he was 4 weeks old to check him she gave me a lecture about not feeding him often enough and I should be waking him every 4 hours. Yeah right. Then she weighed him and he was putting on a ridiculous amount of weight so she took back everything she'd just told me! He will wake up when he's hungry and you'll know about it!

Well, we've introduced the bottle with expressed milk this week in preparation for when I go back to work in November. Wasn't too sure how it would go considering Isla really doesn't like the dummy, but once she worked out that this rubber thing had good stuff coming out of it, then she was fine. Just had to use a teat with 2 holes in (not 1 for newborns!) 'cause she's such a guzzler! I am glad though because it used to take an hour to feed Dion but it takes about 30-40mins max to feed Isla. So glad because it means less time out of bed in the middle of the night!

Have been getting our first smiles this week, though they take a bit of coaxing out of her. She had her first girly outing with me yesterday - we headed to the hairdresser. It was nice to be pampered for a bit, and Grandma got her cuddle fix and baby sat for me while I had my hair done.

Oh well. Off to a wedding tomorrow with baby in tow. I've been told I'm the designated driver, but don't mind. Should be a lot of fun.

Hope you all have a good weekend. Long weekend here in SA

Paula smile

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