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??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss

mmm lets see if I can remember everything Ive just read......
Shaz I wouldn't stress too much over Madisons "cold" behaviour toward you I would be inclinded to think its more to do with you being stuck in hospital for so long as oposed to ashlieghs presence.
Jack is really good with olivia however he definalty has his moments when he becomes jealous and today he even slapped her! poor lil thing she cried with real tears for the very first time and her brother got timeout and a good yelling at.
I'm so happy bf is going like a dream for you now and that your nearly back to 100%.

hmm forgot her asked about attachment but olivia is generlly pretty good as long as my boobs are full! but over the last couple of days she has been on a feeding freenzie and they feel defalted and all sucked out I find that she has trouble attaching when they are like this.

Sleep well I must have been blessed with the best lil girl ever so far because all my little olivia does its sleep eat maybe up for half hour and than back to sleep mostly she does 4 hr stints last night after being up every 2 hrs for 24hrs she slept 6hrs straight and today she had been back to 4 but she definalty sleeps alot and harldly ever cries and altho she gets wind and grunts and grons she is really very good I keep thinking its going to end and reverse bigtime very soon lol.

well Jack is demanding attention (its his bedtime and he is playing up so better get to the rescue)

take care love]

Hey everyone!

Just reading through what i've missed the past week or so.

I've only got 2 weeks experience at this mummy stuff so i'm no good for advise.

With BF - we are going really well. I did get a cracked nipple on thursday and it started to bleed, but i kept feeding her as normal (gritting my teeth!) and yesterday it was healed and back to normal. I just left it out after the feed to dry out, seemed to have worked.

Doesnt hurt feeding anymore which is great! My nipples have finally hardened up.

She is sleeping really well during the night which i was surprised at. I had been told stories of babies waking every 2 hours for a feed. But im lucky enough to have her sleep for at least 4 hour stints during the night. But i have been lucky enough to get a good 6hrs out of her every few nights.

I havent had Ava weighed since her 8 day check up. Is this something i should be doing on a regular basis??

Oh well i better get started cooking DH lunches for the week while she is asleep. Oh and a shower! haha

Glad everyone is doing well! I need to sit down and do a picture sig to show her off to those not on FB.

Okay, the kitchen calls.

xoxo Sasha & Ava

OMG! I finally got a long sleep! Ryan slept last night from 7pm till midnight and then 2 other 3.5 hour sleeps. Wow that was good! He did a monster poo today (almost getting me in the process!) and is so much more settled!

I went and got the homeopathic colic relief but am unsure if that is really helping much.

And my mum couldnt come today sad( she has whooping cough so decided it was best to stay away, as she has already changed her flights once at a cost of $400 she wasnt going to do it again. And her insurance doesnt include broncitis or chest infections as cover so she loses all her money. That sucks! On both counts!

Anyway, this is a short one from me, I hope you all are doing well.

And has anyone heard from beth? or did I miss reading the announcement?



Hi girls, again, been a while since I've posted, but have been catching up on everyone's news.

Shaz, glad to hear you are feeling better and that things are almost back to normal for you. Its been a bit of a rough start for you and Ashleigh! I'm hearing you about the behaviour of older siblings!! Noah is being really good with Darcy, but his overall behaviour and tantrum throwing is testing me to the limit! Hopefully we will all be well soon and things will get back on track. Hopefully I'll be able to start spending more time one on one with him too. Also going to start him at kindy for a second day in two weeks, so hopefully that will help keep him occupied and help him settle in faster there too.

Jenn, I think its totally normal for babies to prefer one breast to the other. I know Darcy does. I've been told there's nothing wrong with that, but for your nipple's sake, you might just need to try a few different positions to get the attachment right so that you don't end up in pain.

Kell, glad to hear you and Kallum are settling in at home! I've used Avent nipple shields before, most chemists should stock them. Sounds like Kallum is doing well from what you said on FB with the visit from the nurse. Great news!! Hopefully you're getting plenty of rest too.

Paula, how cute that you and Isla had your first girly day out!!! Cute too that she's been smiling! We've had a couple of smiles out of Darcy too this week and it just melted my heart! Enjoy the wedding today.

Sasha, great to hear that you and Ava are settling in together so well. She sounds like a dream! If you want to get her weighed regularly that's up to you, otherwise you can leave it until the checks at 4-6 weeks and 8 weeks or whatever they are. If you can see her growing and she's growing out of her clothes and wet nappies and settled etc, its likely you're doing a great job!

Yay Sam for the great sleep last night. Boo that your mum hasn't been able to come sad Hope she's feeling better soon though. You've reminded me that I still need to book in for my whooping cough vacination - thanks!

Well, you may/may not know that things have not been going well for us in the feeding department! As much as I said I wouldn't, I've been devastated that things have taken a nose dive when it all started out so well. Basically, Darcy was born at 3.1kg, was 2.85kg on discharge and yesterday still only weighted 3.5kg at 5 weeks old, so he's still the size of a lot of newborn babies!!! I've had advice and seen a few health professionals this last week and all have said the same thing, he is surviving, but not thriving and we need to attend to increasing his weight asap. So basically I've been ordered to spend the long weekend at home feeding the munchkin every 2/3 hours during the day and when he wants overnight in an effort to increase my supply. What we've established is that he is a lazy sucker - once the milk stops flowing on its own, he stops sucking because its a bit too much effort!!! So he is getting enough to get by on, but not enough to grow and put on weight. This is all just going how it did with Noah and I fear that my bf journey may be coming to an early end. That's what my head is telling me, but my heart just needs to catch up, as everything started out so swimmingly its hard to digest. I have to try to keep up this feeding frenzy and then take him back to be weighed next Friday and then discuss the options from there. As much as I'd love to put in all this effort, there really is no guarantee its going to work and I'm missing out on so much time with Noah who going by his behaviour of late, really needs some attention (or a good smack on the bum!), so as you can tell from my rambling, I'm in a tough place at the moment and can't tell you the amount of tears I've shed over it. And then childishly I get so jealous when I read how well all the other Sept bubs are doing and gaining so much weight - its ridiculous really!! The way I look at it is boobs are boobs and babies are babies, so I can't understand why it works for some and not for others, but this is just a fact of life. With any luck he will have put on a decent amount of weight and things will be fine, but as I said, been here before and I don't like my chances.

Sorry for ranting on about myself and for being on a downer. Sorry to anyone I missed, hope mums and bubs are doing well and congrats to Beth finally on your little man - can't wait for all the details!!

Time to get the girls out for another feed!!! Chat soon!

A quick post before Ashleigh wakes for BB juice!

Sasha for sore/cracked/bleeding nipples airing in the sun is also good and I have discovered RiteAid Hydrogel Disc Pads which are awesome!!! They are gel pads which you slip in front of the breast pads and they soothe and heal cracked and tender nipples. They're about $10 a pack from the chemist and you only need to change them daily.

Tracey so sorry to hear about ur BF issues! I had the same thing with Madison except I gave up about 2.5 weeks and put her straight to the bottle. A friend that I borrowed the expresser from also had the same problem. She got advice from someone to express the top milk from her BBs before a feed so that in the short time that bub latched on, he got the rich hindmilk that was more fattening and filling. This may be an option while he puts some weight back on? What a hard slog for you though, as if BF isn't demanding enough and you have poor Noah to think about too. These toddlers do demand our attention and I'm fortunate that I'm just starting to spend some 1:1 time with Madison. Hang in there and if you have to go to formula, don't beat yourself up because some babies are feeders and some are eaters and just find it hard to suck. When I was having the problems BF in hossy, the lactation consultant told me that I had to do the best by me, bub and Madison cos its harder to persist with a toddler to consider and if it was going to make me depressed then it probably also wasn't worth persisting with. Hope this helps!

Sam my Ashleigh is getting colicky too and has been awake screaming in the evenings and not a dammed thing we can do about it. I did get the Brauer colic relief drops from the chemist last night. Not sure if it was coincidence but it did settle her.

gotta go, Ashleigh's right on cue for mummy's BBs. All I'm good for at the moment! LOL

BTW welcome home Kell!!!
And congrats Beth!!!

Hi all

Finally get a chance to post for a bit, Kallum is snoozing,

BFing has been a challenge, cracked and bleeding nipples, fussing, etc etc

Well I purchased some nipple sheild and I dont know whether its me or they are idiot proof but I cant get them on!!

SO the Community Nurse suggested another hold and actually SHOWED me how to mould the nipple to bubs mouth, since then getting better... no more cringe worthy 15 min feeds.

Nurse also suggested 4 hr feeds during the day but let HIM decide when he wants to be fed during the night. Well last night fed him at 3am then this morning I woke up at 10am and he's STILL asleep!!!! Managed to rouse him to feed but I PANICKED!!!! The nurse is gonna shoot me for sure!

He's only nursing approx 15mins each side if THAT, and I am worried that hes not getting enough and thats why he sleeps.. he WOULD be screaming if he was hungry right??

The nurse said make sure his nose is at your nipple, Lady my boobs are bigger than his HEAD I cant even SEE his head much less his nose! I am sure he will grow into my boobs eventually
OK Must go, got a pie in the oven and mister is due a feed shortly

Love to all and TRacey Dont get down hun, remember We are here for you so RANT away xoxoxoxoxox\

Love to all Kell and Kallum

Hi Girls

Ok firstly i would like to say to you first time mummies (sasha and Kell) who have time to cook .... good on you and well done!!!! Cooking before 730pm is only a dream for me at the moment!!! dont know what I am doing wrong but I dont seem to get any time during the day! Ivy is still pretty unsettled at times and spends alot of the day awake ... crying and needs to get held!! I am sure I will sort things out and my time management skills will improve.

Kell I use Medela nipple sheilds, they seem to be pretty good but my sister also used the Avent ones and they dont look much different. To get them to stick to your boobie I either run it under hot water then put it on or express some milk onto it, this also makes it stick. I have to use it on one side because she never attaches properly .... and as I said often gets cracked. As for Kallum sleeping so long .... you lucky duck!!!! As long as he is putting on weight! dont wake a sleeping baby!

Did I miss beths birth announcment???????? I just checked facebook! A little boy thats awsome!!! we should be pretty even now??? cant wait to hear the details Beth congratulations!!!! thats all of us now??

Tracey so sorry to hear young Darcy is being a slacker in the weight department! I am sure he will start stacking it on soon. Just remember if you do have to go to FF you have tried you darn hardest and that you have also given him the best start with your colostrum so he has all the good stuff!! My fingers and toes are crossed for you both!!

I cant remember any other personals. I am sitting hear with my eyes hanging out of my head. Ivy has had a cold the last few days. Had to suck her nose out with one of those nasal apirators... YUKKO!!! Havnt had much sleep sad and today I have woken up with razor blades in my throat! Just great!!!

Might go and have a shower and some icecream to soothe my throat (thats going to get me back into my jeans quicker hehehe) and then do the unthinkable ... wake a sleeping baby for a feed!! (going against my own advice). The little rat bag has been sleeping from 730pm - 230am for the last week ... HOWEVER is awake until 500am after that ... now if i could go to sleep when she does it would be fine but this seems to be the only time to get things done so i dont go to bed until 10ish .... 4 hours sleep isnt enough!!! and i done get to sleep during the day because she doesnt smile So I am going to dreamfeed her tonight and see if that makes a difference!

OK off I go .. Happy sleeping mums and bubs!!

Jenn xoxox

Well today is our 1st wedding anniversary! DH is still asleep. A-HOLE! HAHA as is ava. She woke up at 12 then 1.30 then 3.30 then slept till 7.30 which is the worst night yet.. but in the scheme of things still pretty good. She just had a bit of wind so wouldnt settle.

Hoping to get to the beach today!

Ava seems to be putting on weight, not outgrowing clothes yet as she is a 5x0 but i only got 4x0 and they are huge!! So the 3x0 dress i wanted her to wear on the 17th for a b'day party probably wont fit...i might weigh her next wek just to check progress.

Jenn - that sucks that Ivy is unwell. Hope she gets better soon and starts to sleep after her night feed. As for the cooking, i cant believe i actually cooked 2 meals yesterday before she woke up! BTW my polenta savoury muffins were delish! Im not much of a cook, so DH was surprised i made something from scratch smile The other thing was just a lamb casserole in the slowy!

Kell - Glad to see your doing well with Kallum, hopefully the 7hr sleeps continue.

crap gotta cut this short DH call out phone woke ava, gotta get her back to sleep before she decides to stay awake

Happy 1st wedding anniversary Sasha & Lewis. I hope you guys had a great day.

Sasha - I personally wouldn't worry about weighing Ava too regularly unless you are worried about her weight gain. I had Isla weighed at her 2 week check up and she probably won't be weighed until her needles at 8 weeks, unless the GP wants to weigh her at my 6 week check up on Tuesday. I was really slack with Dion and only had him weighed when he had his needles (2, 4, 6, 12 & 18 months) and since then I haven't had him weighed, except for when we saw that CHN for a development check up the other week (he's now 28 months).

Tracey - don't beat yourself up about the BF. It obviously works for some people and for others it doesn't. Quite honestly, I wouldn't know where to start with FF as I've never had to do it, but have nothing against those who do it. Everyone is entitled to their own reason. Hopefully it sorts itself out for you and you don't have to resort to FF. Only you'll know what's best for Darcy, and as Kell said, you've tried your best and that's all that matters.

Kell - lucky you - 7 hour sleeps! Isla is about the same as Kallum when it comes to feeding. Only about 10-15 mins a side. I thought there was something wrong too because Dion used to take 25-30 mins a side, but she's just a guzzler! And yes, I'm sure Kallum would be crying out if he was hungry. You just sound like you have a super contented baby!

Jenn - hope Ivy is feeling better soon. Colds aren't nice, especially when they're so little. Dion's had a cold this week and I was dreading him giving it to Isla (and the rest of us!) but so far he hasn't shared.

Well, we had a good time at the wedding last night. Isla is having her 5 week growth spurt and fed every 3 hours yesterday - not so much fun. The she decided to be a party animal and not sleep very much! She was too interested in the coloured lights and the loud music! Thankfully she slept for 6 hours and then 5 last night and I got a sleep in. Plus a sleep this afternoon - yippee! Another wedding to go to in 6 weeks time...

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend

Paula smile

OK girls, I need help

I Jinxed myself, yes Kallum sleeps lots at night but the last 2 nights in the evening he crys for no reason, at 8.30ish.

He's not hungry, not got wind, I wrap him up and as soon as I lay him down hes crying again. If I pick him up he stops...what does this mean?? I am still trying to get the hang of this mummy caper, I just need some pointers... it took me an hour and a half to get him to sleep and that included feeding him an hour early.....he wasnt due for a feed till 11pm, but I fed him at 10 thinking he was hungry, but nope we wake up as soon as we lay down....but isnt crying or anything once I pick him up....

would he still cry if I pick him up if he is suffering from reflux or acid or something???

Need the experts on this as this novice is wondering what she can do...


Kell and Kallum

very quick post....

Kell if Kallum had reflux he would be cryign after every feed once you put him down...not just at 830 at night. So doesnt sounbd like it ... however this was around the time i noticed Ivy's reflux. He may just be having a clingy moment and want his mummy! Hope it all works out for u soon!

I was just about to head out the door to do food shopping .... to go in and find Ivy crying in her bed ..... in a very very large pool of vomit which is now smeared through her very long hair!!! Just great. Dont fancy taking a kid out who smells of off milk!!! off to the bath we go .... GRRRR smile heheh joys of motherhood!

Kell, I'd be saying the same as Jenn, just a clingy time perhaps. He might even have got the idea that he likes being picked up and is just crying out for your attention. If it drives you too nuts or you don't want it to become a habit, perhaps let him cry it out for a bit (if you can stand letting him cry - it's hard!) and see if he settles on his own. Let him cry for a few minutes, then go to him, but perhaps don't pick him up, just roll him onto his side and pat/rib his back until he calms down, then leave him again. Each time, if he continues crying, leave him a little longer before going back to him. It may just work, and he'll learn to settle better on his own so you don't have to take so much time to cuddle him off to sleep.

Jenn - know how you feel about the vomit. We have a chucker here too and I was so hoping Isla didn't chuck all over the nice clothes I had her in at the wedding on Saturday. Yay - we survived, but had a wonderful day yesterday. Can't stand the smell of milky chuck either, so it's a good thing Isla likes the bath smile

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