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  5. ??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ???

??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss

just popped back to see if anything interesting has happened but nup, nothing new to report here either - lol! Just wanna know what was wrong with the old huggies? So much easier!

Oh it so was much easier!! I do like the function that lets you automatically qoute a post thou, very cool. Well for any mummies still on here who arnt frequently visiting us on fb as you can see by my ticker I have news to share... Daniel & I are expecting bub#3 in Nov! freaked any of you out much lol.
Olivia is still the best baby and now has 2 teeth and is starting to crawl except she goes backwards lol.
hope all is well for everyone else

caz xo

Hi there, I'm Jocelyn from Lower Hutt. My gorgeous Molly was born 29th Sept '09.
My little bubba surprised us by arriving 5 weeks early lol.

Our beautiful wee girl "Mia Rose" arrived on Sep 28th 09, 4.18am, weighing 5lb 10oz.


...and question: how do we add our lilypie age bars into our post??
HI ladies,
A belated congratualatons on the birth of your 2 lil girls, arnt our wee sept babies growing up so fast!!!

to add the lilypie thing, you first need to create a "ticker" (thats what they are called) you dont have to use a lilypie one there are many so I just google ticker and choose one that way. After you have created it it will give you a code which you need to cut and paste into the signiture part of your profile but you only need to cut and paste the bits from
[img]to[img] (inc [img]) does that make sence??

Hope your bubs are doing well since my last post olivia is still not crawling moving back a lil bit gets up and rocks but thats it. she has 4 bottom teeth tho!

caz xoxox

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks heaps grin

Mia is doing fabulous! She is almost crawling and has 4 super sharp teeth lol. I'm in the process of very slowly weaning her onto a sipper cup which is going ok.

Congrats on your pregnancy - exciting smile
I just came searching for the old thread. Woo! I dont think i have been back on here since starting the FB page. Off to do some more huggies exploring smile

Hi there!

My DD2 was born on the 9th of September so I thought i'd jump in here and say hello!

Hope all your big kids are doing well smile

Hey all, my baby was 1st September! What are all your babies doing now? (Well, I suppose they're all not really babies anymore!!) My girl is soo much fun now, just started walking properly and loves dancing to everything. She has stopped sleeping through the night though - not sure why! Hope everyone's doing great and enjoying motherhood xoxoxo

Mum to beautiful baby girl Mackenzie, born 1-9-09

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