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??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss

Hi girls, thanks for all the support with the bf. We've been feeding lots and LOTS over the weekend, but as yet don't know if its been making any difference! DH seems to think he has filled out a little, but until we put him on the scales its all guess work really. All I know for sure is that both Darcy and I are exhausted!!! I was told that as soon as he opens his eyes I was to shove a boob in, or wake him every 3 hours (except overnigt). That went well Friday and Saturday, but yesterday and today he has been harder to wake, therefore not having great feeds, and he's waking sooner overnight (crap!). On a brighter note, his cough is much better - still there, but definitely improved! Thinking of getting him weighed tomorrow to see if all the hard work is paying off, then we are back to the doctor on Friday for a weigh in and to discuss our options if need be.

Kell, as Jenn said with the shields, just squirt a bit of breast milk into them and that helps them stick. They are a bit tricky to get the hang of. I found often as I was trying to attach Noah they would slip and slide around and then I'd have to start all over again. Hopefully its only a temporary thing for you. Not sure what Kallum's crying could be, only suggestion is that lots of babies have a period each day where they are quite unsettled and like to cluster feed and it usually occurs in the evenings! Even if he's not hungry, maybe he just enjoys mummy's cuddles too much. Time to tag team between you and DH with the cuddles so that you can both eat and rest your arms!

Jenn, hope your sore throat has gotten better and re the cooking - I didn't cook for the first few months of Noah's life. I have no idea where all my time went, but it wasn't cooking that's for sure! Even this time round, I've made a few casseroles and pastas for the freezer before Darcy arrived, and half the time I don't even have the time to do some spuds or pasta to go with them! Things will get easier and all fall into place and in the meantime, you're keeping the take away joints in business or finding all sorts of delicious toppings for toast!!!

Sasha, happy anniversary for the other day, hope you got to the beach!

My sister is taking Noah to a play centre tomorrow with her DP and step son, so I'll just have Darcy for the morning. Hopefully we'll be able to catch up on a bit of rest. Speaking of Darcy, he obviously knows my dinner is ready because he's woken for a feed!!!

Hope you're all well. Happy washing to the mummies of the chuckers!


Jenn I hope ur feeling better now. Poor you having to clean up baby vomit! Gotta agree the smell is pretty awful. Hopefully it sorts itself before summer arrives and the heat makes the smell worse?

Paula how nice to get out and about at weddings! Isla sounds like a little social butterfly and happy to watch the festivities LOL

Kell your poor poor BBs. The midwife gave me a nipple shield too but I hated it. Ashleigh also had trouble latching on cos my BBs were so huge, although I'd say yours probably are bigger than mine! The only way the both of us could get comfortable was for me to feed her twin style. Now that my BBs have reduced in size I started feeding her laterally. She's still getting used to it but I know I'll find it easier especially when I have to feed her in public. Oh and about being fussy at night, Ashleigh is the same, just likes being cuddled. We've given in many times but we're trying now to get out of the habit and try and get her to settle on her own.

Tracey what an exhausting weekend of BF! I hope it was worth all the effort. I would be tempted to weigh him too! Having Noah go 2 days a week at preschool sounds like a great idea too, more rest time for you hopefully!

Beth welcome to little Jaydn!!! Its a beautiful name and well worth the wait!

Been full on day here, my gorgeous Madison turned 3 and has had the most exciting day! She surely made the most of her last day of being 2yo yesterday. While I was BF Ashleigh at 6:30am yesterday, I thought Madison was quietly playing in her playroom, but NOOOOOOO, she decided to empty the bean bag and play inside it. NOT HAPPY JAN!!!! I can't remember the last time I yelled at her, but she copped it. I'd had bugger all sleep too. They really know how to time it! And DH wouldn't get out of bed to help me clean it up. So I shoved an unsettled Ashleigh in his bed and got the good ol' bagless vacuum cleaner. There's still beans everywhere in the house.

Last night we put the bassinette in the lounge room at DHs insistence. Its been in our room and poor him complains that her noises keep him awake and he's getting no sleep. ARGH!!! He's not the one getting up to feed so many times a night and he's the one complaining? Go figure! So I compromised and hopefully it means happy hubby, happy wife? I dunno, doesn't sound right.

Alright, rambled enough, have a good week mums'n'bubs!

Firstly CONGRATS BETH!! I LOVE the name...we want some pics soon on FB please, I LOVE seeing the babies we all made LOL

OK I perservered ( sorry bout spelling ) with the nipple sheild, well it came off and Kallum had it in his mouth like a dummy and was sucking so YAY for wind LOL

I have to feed him laterally on my left but all I hear is his breathing through his squished nose around my bb, I think I am smothering the poor lad!!!

Yes my bbs were H cup BEFORE the milk came in, they havent grown TOO much but man, they ARE huge...I was always saying in the beginning my bbs are too huge, they are bigger than his HEAD!!!

Never mind, we are getting the hang of BFing, I can even take him off and reattach him, I was too scared before. And the cracks have started to heal up a bit, not always painful, just every second or so feed is cringe worthy. I try to reattach and it doesnt make much difference so I think I have a very sensitive left bb. The right no worries!! Anyways better go he is due a feed shortly,


Take care all

Kell and Kallum xoxoxox

Congrats Beth, welcome to little Jaydn! yay!

Oh you poor ladies, so many issues...where to start?

kell its really normal for babies to want to be picked up and the settle when you do. They are missing your heartbeat. I find if I leave Ryan for a couple of minutes when he first cries (after the whole feed, burp etc routine)sometimes he settles himself and others I need to hold him more. You can try to place an item you have recently worn into the cot/basinette with bubs and even a cloth with BB juice (if you are BF - I cant remember who is and who is FF)so baby can 'smell' you. They often learn to settle in their own time, if you dont want to be holding your baby endlessly then now is a good time to start. The important thing to NOT do is to put them down asleep or to rock them to sleep. Settled yes, asleep no. That way they are 'aware' they are down to sleep and often will nod off on their own eventually.

This website offers good advice on settling techniques. As it says its like you going to sleep in your own bed and waking up in the bathtub. Thats how a baby feels when you rock them to sleep and then put them down. A bit of a 'what the?" feeling!

Was going to say more but the screen is jumping and Ryan is demanding attention...again! Oh well, one more good feed (I hope) and then a 5 hour sleep? maybe?

Night all


Sam - Did you get that 5 hour sleep!?!

Trace - Hope you and the boys are feeling better soon. Vent whenever you need to. This is a great place to let out what you are feeling and getting great advise from all these knowledgable women.

Shaz - Sounds like Maddison had a great birthday.

Kell - Good job with the BFing. I didnt realise how much it was going to hurt, but it definately improves. The Midwife told me when your BB are really full it can make the latching a bit painful. Also if you think Kallum has his nose shoved right up against your BB, i was told to place him on with the belly to yours, but then move his legs/butt closer to you and this should move his head back a little and maybe allow him to breath easier. Does that even make sense??

I was a 12D before being pregnant, and now i've only gone up to 12/14DD and i have to watch im not suffocating Ava with mine! haha

We had a great night last night, not as good as everyone else getting 5hour plus sleeps! We started putting her down still a bit awake and she is putting herself to sleep although.... she is a tummy sleeper. And i feel horrible for putting her on her tummy to sleep knowing im not suppose to. But she gets a much better sleep and isnt waking herself mid-sleep. I know naughty mummy

We are getting professional photos done on the 4/11 at a local photographer who does beautiful portraits. They are so booked out, that was the last date we could get for this year and we only got that one by accident because someone called up and cancelled while i was talking to them. Lucky!!

Going to have to remember to get some paint and scrapbooking gear to start an album and to do her hand and foot prints in her baby book. Havent weighed her yet, but will definately do it next Thursday cause the baby book has a place to put the weight/length for every month for the first 12months.

Time to go flop my BB out for a hungry Baby Girl smile

xoxoxo Sasha & Ava

Shh Sasha - I wouldn't worry about putting Ava on her tummy. Apparently I was a tummy sleeper too (30 years agon mind you before all the SIDS stuff!) and I survived. Isla is a side sleeper so once I've wrapped her up I plonk her down on her side. She likes sleeping on her right.

I hear all of you about smothering with big BB's! I was a 16D before now quite comfortably a 18DD and I sometimes listen to Isla's poor little nose smushed into it! Ha. They're all surviving. With the nipple shields. I've used the medela ones and find that with the warmth of your body, if you just stretch them a bit and then put them on, they stick better.

Tracey - hope your BF marathon has done the trick. Would be exhausting but hopefully you get the reward when you next put Darcy on the scales. Looking at their face is a good indication. Isla still has this skinny little body but man are her cheeks so chubby!

On a more sad/stressful note, we've had Dion seen to by the CHN paediatrician and the news isn't good so far. He is way behind with his development. His speech is less than that of a 1 year old (he's 28 months) and his social skills are behind because of it. Some of the other areas of development are behind too, but probably because of his lack of communication. It's been a rough couple of days but now we have to organise to take him to a speech pathologist and hopefully that will do the trick. Back to the paediatrician for the rest of his assessment next week. Fingers crissed it's just a delay.

Other than that, all good here. Enjoying the last 4 weeks of my holidays before heading back to work for a few weeks. Sure don't want to at this stage, but will try to find the urge sometime in the coming weeks!

Paula smile

Yippee de doo dah! I had a troublesome settling period between 6 and 8pm last night but it paid off with Ryan sleeping until 1.45am! yay!

We went for 4 wk checkup today, he has gained a whopping 640gms in 2 weeks making him now 4.795gm and birth was 3.740gm so he is now a kilo over birthweight! Go go boobie juice! No wonder as some days he is feeding every hour.

I am implimenting changes that nurse suggested of trying to get him to feed later and later and putting him to sleep in our room in the basinette(like night time) and this seemed to help with his self settling and sleeping a bit better this afternoon. He managed to go a whole one and half hours (wooppee) and hopefully will get longer and longer. She said to try and keep him awake more after a feed, he stays awake maybe 5 mins then sleeps or falls asleep straight after feeding so maybe thats why he also feeds and sleeps in shorter bursts.

You'd think being the third time I would know this but as my other two would go the three hours between feeding this is new for me. And thaving them fighting and playing together makes it for a noisier environment so I cant do the same as for them and have them sleeping in a bouncer on the loungeroom floor. Its probably better anyway as then Caitlyn cant go and wake him up like she does or poke at his eyes!

Anyway, thats me for now, I hope you are all doing ok and coping ok.

Catch you soon


I had a bit of a meltdown last night that I am ashamed of. At 10.30 ish bub wanted the left bb.
Well unfortunatly that nipple was cracked and had puss ( sorry if TMI ) Well that brought the tears, sobbing I am a horrible mother, I am trying so hard why cant I do this etc etc etc. The usual sob story. Had to express the left side OMG hand expressing with a hand pump is PAINFUL!!! OUCHY, anyway got approx 20 ml out of the left what an effort NOT! My mother was such an angel, she put me straight saying "I couldnt even HAVE a baby, you have produced a miracle, you are doing wonderfully" Which made me cry even HARDER..what a reaction.

Well, we perseverred and this morning at 5am, we decided we will try the left with a different hold, and not QUITE so painful YAY.

Then today, met my cousin for lunch and I TRIED to time it so I could do the feed at home, but no such luck. I DID IT!!! I fed him while I was out ( in the parents lounge in Myer tho ) but I am so proud as this was one of my biggest fears.

SO I am now able to go anywhere & do anything YAY well within reason

Anyway Kallum is due a feed so love to all mums and bubs

Kell and Kallum

Hi girls, just a quick one from me as I've got a stack to do before bed time tonight!!

Paula, that's no good to hear about Dion's speech. I stopped taking Noah for his check ups with the community nurse when he was about 2, so I have no idea how he's going developmentally, but when he was wearing his sunglasses to watch TV tonight so that he 'didn't get the reflection in his eyes' I figure things are OK for now. Hope you get some answers for Dion's delay and that there is nothing else too sinister going on. Make sure you keep us updated on his progress.

Ah Kell, feedings in the Myer parents room, I used to frequent that place when I had Noah!! Glad you got out and about, I had my first feeding in public parents room today too and it wasn't quite as nice as the one in Myer either!

Had my 6 week check up today and everything has gone back to where it should be, so that's good! Can't believe Darcy is going to be 6 weeks old tomorrow - yikes!

Have been getting out and about this week which has been great for my frame of mind, particularly while we are doing this feeding frenzy business! Darcy is back to the doctor tomorrow morning, so I'll let you know how he goes. He has definitely put on weight, but how much is the question - think we'll be out of the 'danger' zone though so to speak.

Well screen jumping and I'm going out again tomorrow so going to go and 'pack'!!

hugs for all the mums and bubs xx

... and Sam, can I just say GO YOU with the hourly feeding!! I'm exhausted with all our frequent feeds and its only been for a week, hope you have some luck implementing the nurse's tips to stretch Ryan out a little longer and you can get some much needed sleep!!

Oh Paula sorry to hear about Dion's appt with the Paed. From what I see in my line of work is that its not uncommon for boys to have a delay with speech and language. Most respond really well to speech therapy and as you are getting on top of things early, he is likely to respond quite well to early intervention. The Speech Pathologist will give you exercises to do with him at home and review him regularly. It must've been such a shock to you and I know I would feel pretty devastated in the same situation.

Kell hun, well done on the public BF, I haven't gone there yet! You said u had pus coming out of one of ur BBs and I just had to get on here to encourage you to see your doc and make sure it's not an infection. I had cracked nipples too which are a haven for bacteria and that's how my infection started. When I fed it felt like razor blades and very painful!!! It still makes me cringe thinking about it and don't blame you for having a meltdown. I'm glad your mum was there to help you through it. The things we do for our little ones eh? Oh and saw ur FB status about the cabbage leaves. Did that lots with Madison and can now never look at cabbages the same again! They do work though!

Tracey good luck for ur appt tomorrow, I hope Darcy's weight comes up with the goods.

Sam I hope the advice you got helps Ryan to sleep longer. I can't imagine doing hourly feeds.

Ashleigh is doing 4-5 hourly feeds at night now so we're getting there! Hubby is at home for another week but is starting to drain me a little. He has been helpful but lately just wants more and more time on his own and rolls his eyes when I ask him for help or to make me lunch. I feel like saying, "oh honey why don't you sit on your ass while I do everything". I'm kinda looking forward to him going back to work!

Goodnight girls n bubs!

Yay! I got to hour and half and 2 hourly feeds today! ryan was really hard to settle today due to the hearing retest at hospital and then being out, but this afternoon since 1pm he has slept most of the afternoon and only fed twice! I didnt get as great a night last night BUT I can see now that a lot of the time becuase I am so distracted (or half asleep) I am mistaking tired and needing to resettle for feeding.

Last night it was around 7 hours between feeding from one side( I am a one sided feeder as that always is enough) so by this morning at 3.30am when it was time for the left oooooh the relief! He then stayed on there for 20 minutes and I was a flat little pancake by the end. So if we keep this up I may be blessed with one of those sleeps through the night babies!

Almost everyone I have seen says "you are looking good" and thats because I am so used to no sleep I think the bags under my eyes have become the norm!

Congrats on the feeding out in public Kell, it is a daunting prospect when you are new at this and especially if you are having issues so well done!

Paula - I am no expert but I must say almost every little boy I know of has always been slower at speaking than the girls and some have even been over three before they really start to communicate clearly so everyone can understand them. I do think it is a boy thing too, as well as maybe a few other issues but it is definately a bloke thing from my experience! Remember that even as men they dont speak anywhere near the same numbers of words that we females do in a day! Just look at these posts!

Have a great weekend everyone!


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