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??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss


Tracey good luck with Darcy's weigh in...I am sure it will all be fine...and remember they are a GUIDE only! As long as your baby looks like he is putting on weight and not losing it and thrives otherwise its all good!

Hey everyone-

I will read everything and write personals in a minute- just had to write this quickly...

I DID IT!!! I finally got Jaydn to latch on!! And its only taken 8 days

Had the community nurse here today to have his 1 week check. He is now 53 cm long, 35 cm head circumference and weighs 3.53 kgs...(which is apparently too much when they weighed him on Tuesday he weighed 3.34kg - which means he put on 190g in 3 days)
She showed me ANOTHER b/f position...and this time it not only worked when she was here, it worked again just now when I tried!!

Right, going to read everyones posts then write personals

Beth and Jayden
Hi Ladies and babies!
We have been flat out here since Cameron was born so its the first time I have got to write for quite some time! And my first post in here (I think....blame it on baby brain!)We bought an investment property in the last week of pregnancy and have been madly painting it trying to get it ready to rent out in a weeks time. Poor Cam has been shoved into one of the rooms with the air con going to eliminate the smells a bit while sleeping.
Speaking of which - Cameron is a little champ! I am loving him through the night with only getting up usually once. He isnt going down till late-ish, around 9 - 10 and then up at 2.30, then around 6, which is when one of the girls are usually surfacing. The other night I got an 8.5 hour straight sleep out of him! He is a belly sleeper now. I have tried putting him on his side and back, but within 10 minutes he is grunting and groaning with wind. Flip him on his belly and he sleeps really well. So I am just going to go with that. I have the Angelcare sensor monitor for peace of mind, but he also sleeps right next to me and will do till he grows out of the bassinette. Amber was the same.
He is stacking on the weight, nearly a kilo over BW. He is out of newborn nappies now and almost out of 000's, depending on the make. He will soon be a rolly polly if my girls are anything to go by!
Anyway, Im going to finally go and see if I can read a few more posts here! I have only read a few as I wasnt sure when my next chance would be to post. Im loving seeing all our beautiful babes pictures on FB, keep them coming!
Hope everyone is well, or getting there....!

DD1 July 2004 DD2 August 2007 DS September 2009

congrats to beth on getting Jayden to attach! hopefully BF is smooth sailing from now on.

Tan - i cant believe Cameron is already in 000 let alone almost out of them. Ava is still in 0000 and still got room to grow. she'll be 4 weeks on thursday tho.

Kell - how are you going? Are you feeling better after the other night? just remember your an awesome mum!!

Shaz- those pics of your girls are so cute. you make some gorgeous kids. i guess your DH helped a little smile

we had a weekend break at our local rydges. was good, nearly talked myself into swimming but chickened out. bought new swimmers and everything. just a little chilly. Ava pretty much slept the whole time, which was fine by us!

anyways better put her in her bed and get this brothel half respectable.

big kisses and cuddles from Ava!!


Well Man its been ages since I've been on. The weather has been great so I have been spending every (limited) spare moment I have outdoors giving our courtyard area a huge make over! we are almost done. Than we still need to attened the other gardens.

I'm hating daylight savings as instead of giving me extra time to do things out side it has robbed me of my me time in the evening Jack who pre the extra hr of light would go to bed at 6.30/7 (at the latest) Now in the last week has NOT gone to sleep before 8 pm he is however sleeping in an extra hr most days but its in my bed! and Olivia wakes at 5-6ish for a feed and if i turn the light on jack wants up hmm maybe this week i'll have to be a tough mummy and set things right. Jack had his 2yr check when Olivia had her 2 week one and he seems to be proggressing right on track. he is still shortish for his age (but so am I) and he has only gained 900gr since his 18mth check. I did assure the MCHN that he eats all day. lol.

We are so blessed with Olivia, she is still an angel of a baby so far we use to think Jack was cool calm and collected but Olivia far surpasses him she hardly ever cries just she does have unsettled periods in the evening still but I have found if I bath her every night she seems to settle better she also loves her bath so this is the routine we have opted for. She is feeding really well at her 4 week check (which she really had at 5 weeks) she had put on 500gr in 2 weeks weighin in at 4.3 kilo so 1kg since birth. she has also grown 2cm. No wonder tho she feeds any where from 2hrly to 4hrly and during her unsetteled evening will just hang of my boobs. I have put all her 3o's in her draws but she is still mostly in 4'0 but every brand is different.

Today she had been rather unsettled hmm sad oh well she can't be perfect all the time lol.

hope everyone is well it seemed most q had been answered so no other advise really from me.

Tracy how did you go on Friday at the Dr with Darcy?

best be off the clean the house than mmm perhaps have a snooze. Monday seems to be the only day I'm getting one in.

Just me again just wanted to add that it seems to be a day of uploading photos on facebook for most of us lol. oh and i forgot to mention Olivia has started giving her first smiles in the last couple of days so very cute!


Ok update, community nurse came last week and said Kallum is still below his birth weight, he was 3220 born and weighed 3080 on 07/10/2009.

I was told to do 3 hr feeds. SO HARD with a cracked bleeding nipple on the left, and was a little yuck with puss ( sorry if TMI )

She came today and weighed the boy and lo and behold we have put on 120grams in 5 days!!! ONLY 20 GRAMS BEHIND HIS BIRTH WEIGHT... I am happy, I was so worried he was not getting enough.

The left nipple however is not so good. I have had to put an ICE pack on my left breast after each feed, PLUS take panadol AND voltarin. The community nurse suggested I use Lansinoh as it has something in it to heal the sore part. Put some on before the last feed and Kallum fed with minimal pain. I dont know if it was a combination of panadol still in the system or psycological lol but we will continue on. Havent had anymore meltdowns THANKGOD...and thanks Sasha, I appreciate your support smile

Kallum met his cousins from Old Bar ( near Taree ) today and he received Blinky Bill limited edition books. He is a lucky boy. Have our first party to attend on Saturday. We are ultra excited except its at Hazelbrook in the mountains, which can get cold, so we have been madly trying to find warm clothes for him to wear, as I put a 000 outfit on and moved him on the change table and the pants slipped off him LOL it looked SO funny...

Anyway best go the boy is a due a feed in 30 mins and I need to get dinner organised...

Oh Tracey, how are things going now hun? I have been thinking of you. And big hugs to all bubs making their first smiles etc smile

Love to all,

Kell and Kallum

Evening ladies, been a while since I posted, this two kids business can get a little busy!!!

Certainly does seem like today was the day to upload photos to FB!! I need to take more photos of Darcy, don't seem to have a lot - second child syndrome creeping in already!

Beth, glad you've been able to get Jaydn attached all by yourself. It amazes me how 'natural' BF is - NOT! I'm still not a natural at BF and seem to contort myself into all sorts of positions to get a good attachment. Hope its still going great for you and your little man keeps up the good progress.

Kell, bummer about Kallum's slow weight gain. You and I can start up the feeding frenzy club!! Good to hear that the more frequent feeding is helping with his weight gain, but I can't believe you are persevering with such sore nipples! I really hope the pain eases soon and BF becomes a pleasure for you both.

Sam, how are you going stretching Ryan out between feeds? Hopefully you're getting a little more rest these days.

Sasha, sounds like you had a fun weekend away and the pics of Ava are gorgeous!

Well, things with us are plodding along nicely. Those on FB may have seen that Darcy had an awesome weight gain last week of 300g (compared to the previous week of 92g)!! So after a birth weight of 3.1kg, he now weighs a massive 3.8kg - what a fatty!!! So he is still pretty tiny, considering a lot of babies are born at that weight and the doctor wants me to keep up with the frequent feeding for up to the next 6 weeks depending on his weight gain!! I expressed concern that Darcy was turning into a snacker as he has been waking after 1.5 hrs or 2hrs and the doctor's exact words were 'don't worry, just keep doing this for the next 6 weeks and then we'll book you a weekend at Tresillian to sort out his sleep and feeding routine'!!! Great in one way that he's prepared to support me and help me on my BF journey, but on the other hand, its a lot of hard work, especially with Noah and then if time away from the family is required to rectify sleeping, it all just seems too much, but then I get cranky at myself for being 'lazy'. He has also become increasingly fussy at the breast since last Thursday, pulling on/off and not wanting to attach at some feeds, so I'm still up in the air about what to do ... I don't know, I have an appointment with the hospital clinic on Friday and they are all very helpful with BF and then appt with paed next Monday, so I'll see what happens there and what information/advice they have for me.

On a brighter note, Noah started his second day of pre-school today and it all went down with minimal fuss, so that's great and gives me some extra time with Darcy.

Well, going to have to cut it short as Darcy is getting ready for a feed. Apologies to those I missed, hope everyone and their bubs are keeping well - keep the photos coming!!

x Tracey

Hi all,

Just a quick one to give you an FYI for those Bf mummies out there who may have windy babies:

Ryan has been driving me bonkers with his frequent feeds and I have noticed although he burps well mostly, around 20-30 mins after putting down he starts to grunt and strain then cries till I pick him up and then he burps.Sometimes settling down again and other times I can hear gurgling happening in his gut. Along with this his poo is of the 'seeded mustard' type when I know that by now it should be more of a paste consistancy and sometimes seeded mustard when he goes through a growth spurt.

so I rang MHCN line for advice. You know what the problem is? TOO MUCH FEEDING! HAH hows that one! But what she said makes sense:

- milk takes up to 3 hours to develop fats in it
- if you frequently feed baby is not getting the fat thus the extra wind and the seedy poo as no fat to hold together
- seedy poo = windy baby as digestion is not optimum
- hind milk doesnt mean you need to 'empty' breast to get it, it comes through within the first 3 minutes
- hindmilk refers to the location of the milk in the duct so you only need to feed for short time before it starts to come through
- once baby slows the long sucks and starts to decease then take off, burp and put onto other side to get the quality milk again
- should take approx 6-7 mins to 'empty' breast and after that will be comfort sucking without getting much else (although still gets milk) thus why she suggested to take off and put onto other side

I started this with Ryan last night and lo and behold he is starting to go "longer" between feeds and drinking more. He still is a bit windy today but seems more settled. Hopefully bye bye 2 hourly feeding and longer ones atnight!

i hope this info helps anyone else in a similar situation

Bye for now, dinner calls and so does a 4 yr old "HI5 Mummy, Hi5 on the big tv" .....which by the way Aust government I WILL allow her to watch whether you think its a good idea or not!

Bye for now


Tracey, I just read your post....sounds like what Ryan does when he has his frequent feeds. As the nurse said to me quantity and quality dont equal the same thing . Personally I would go for the quality as you want Darcy to get the most out of his feeds.

Maybe ring the MHN and see what they suggest and maybe also BF Australia? I think they would be the best advic eon how to increase darcy's weight without compromising your sanity!

WOW i have missed so much!!! its been a week since i have checked in .... been so busy!

Firstly i had to laugh I also uploaded new photos onto facebook yesterday. I had a look through everyones photos and may I just say you have all made beautiful beauitful children!!! congratulations xoxox

Kell - Last week must have been a first for all of us BF in public and guess where I did it .... MYER!!! The parenting lounge is awsome! so glad i stumbled across it! As for your increased breast size ... i hear u sister!! I was a 10 C before and I am now .... get this ... a 12 E!!!!! I passed the DD the same week i got out of hospital (not that i have a good supply .. will get to that later). Also as for your cracked nipples I also use Lansinoh ... USE IT AFTER EACH FEED!!!! this gives it time to absorb and work!!and it is oh so good!!! Dont apply it to the areola just the tip of the nipple otherwise bub wont be able to get a good seal because he will slip off ... and if u apply it just B4 a feed kallum will suck it off and it wont work as well ... If you still have puss coming out get some daktozin gel from the chemist. Its an anti fungal which helps thrush and infections .. this is what we advise the mummies at work to use with the same problem as u. Also are u using disposable breast pads??? The plastic on them makes u sweat and adds to the infection .. go to target and grab some re-usable tommee tippee breast pads (pack of 4 approxx $8) I use these and wash them out at the end of the day ... i have 2 packets to ensure i have enough ... they are much much more comfortable!!

Sam - glad to hear ryan is giving u a little longer than 2 hrs and that he is putting on an awsome amount of weight! Your MCHN sounded like she had some pretty good advice!

Shaz - Hope Maddys birthday was heaps of fun!!! and that your DH has lightened up a bit!

Beth - cant remember if I congratulated u on baby Jaydn!!! Im sure i did but if not .. Congrats!!!

Sasha - I also bought new bathers but it will be a while before this body wears them (in publoic anyway) .. I have lost 11 of the 13kgs I have put on but I am very flabby and feel very uncomfortable! I need to tone my legs a little and get some sun in the backyard otherwise i will blind everyone with how white they are!! Good luck with your professional phtotos cant wait to see them! As for Ava sleeping on her tummy.... dont worry me to! Its the only way Ivy will sleep without chucking up everything she just ate!! I also have an Anglecare monitor .. best thing ever!

Paula - Sorry to hear about Dions developmental assessment .. good luck at the paeds! I am sure he will be just fine ... and oh my god u are going back to work!!! Good on you girl. I am ready to go back to work just for a break smile but wont be until March! You are super mum smile

Tracey Glad to hear all the cluster feeding with Darcy is paying off!!!

Caz - U are super lucky that Olivia is a dream baby!!! well done

Tan - Hope the renos for the investment property are coming along nicely!!

Did i miss anyone??? if so I am so so so sorry!!!

Ok onto me ... everything was ok until last wednsday which i came down with a horride virus and was bed ridden with temps up to 40 chills and sweats. I had to get MIL to look after Ivy at my house while i slept. She just bought her in for me to feed her and then off she went... im all recovered now except i think i had mastitis and didnt know it until sunday!!! when my right boob was so so so sore!!! The pain has gone now .... but SO HAS MY MILK!!!! the last 3 days i havnt been able to fill Ivy. Normally she will just take one side but I have had to give her both ... no vomiting and she is still looking for food. Have had to give her formula at night so she can get some sleep!!! Today I decided after feeding hourly that I would give her a bottle wait 4 hours them express with my electric pump .... i got a grand total of 40 mls!!!! Ok so I have been starving my kid for the last few days sad So I am going to bottle feed her whatever i express today aned on top up with formula ... I have start on domperidone today and have drank 3 litres of fluid!!! fingers crossed we will have some back tomorrow!! I am seeing my obs on thursday so will get a script for a months supply of domperidone and keep taking it! I really want to BF for at least 6 months (NOT 6 WKS!) but if I have to FF I will ... I hope it all comes back ..i put it down to being so sick for those few days and not eating or drinking much ..

Ivy is doing great. Have not had her offically weighed since she was 13 days old ... she will be weighed on friday so looking forward to it ... but i measureed her and she has grown 7 cms!! She is smiling and laughing and wants to stand on your lap all the time! Its so beautiful .. just lover her to bits ... we have upgraded from newborn nappies to infants!! woohoo

Well better go express again .. then have some dinner. Have a roast pork in the webber yummo!!!

Take care mums and bubs and speak soon



Jenn sounds like I need the daktozin, is it safe for Kallum?? Do I wash it off when I go to feed??

ARGH I just wish the magic nipple fairy would make them painless!!!! LOL

Never mind we are perservering smile

OOPs lil one is rising for a feed,

Take care lovelies

Kell and Kallum xoxoxoxox

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