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??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss

Well, sounds like everyone is doing great.

Kell - I'm with Jenn, use the Laninsoh after every feed, it will really help. I used to get excruciating pain in my left nipple when I fed with Dion and after a while must have toughened up and we made it through 10 months of BF. This time I wasn't going to go through the same thing so I tried the laninsoh and it is wonderful. Keep up with it and you'll be back to normal in no time.

Jenn - glad to hear you are feeling better. It must be really awful being that sick and having to care for a baby. I'm sure your MIL was a god send for those few days. I hope the supply increases too so you don't feel like you're starving Ivy!

Caz - day light saving has thrown Dion's sleeping out a little too, though his is his day time sleep. I know it's close to when he might possibly give up the day sleep but some days he'll have one and others he'll need one! Bedtime at night is the same but we too are getting the longer sleep ins in the morning which are wonderful - unless Isla decides she needs a feed around then too.

Sam - that feeding/wind theory sounds pretty spot on here too, though Isla always seems to have unsettled sleeps during the day where she'll wake several times and cry for a bit then self settle, and other times she'll howl until you pick her up, but I know sometimes what you said is incredibly true - gotta love the longer breaks between feeds!

Tracey - hope Darcy is continuing to put on more weight and I hope that Noah is loving his extra day in daycare.

Shaz - I hope you managed to clean up all the 'snow' at your house. I remember when my mum decided to wash the beanbag covers and she would empty all the beans into the bath while she washed and dried them. We were a little older at the time but had strict instructions not to spread them everywhere. I guess Madison definitely did have a party on her own! I'm also sure she's loving her little sister Ashleigh.

Sasha - glad you had a good time away. It's nice travelling with babies this age as all they do is eat, poo and sleep and they are very portable.

Beth - how's the feeding going? I'm sure Jaydn is growing like a mushroom and I know you'll still be loving him to bits smile

Tanya - I remember Dion growing out of 000 quickly too (he was 9lb 1oz) Isla is in 000 but some she is pushing out the feet in them (depending on the make) She definitely doesn't need them for the weight but definitely for the length.

Hope that's everyone - if not, I'm sorry I missed you out and hope you're doing okay.

Well, besides being an extremely unsettled sleeper during the day, Isla is a champion sleeper at night. Mind you, still getting usually a 5-6 hour stretch and then a 4 hour stretch during the night, and she settles well and I don't hear a peepe out of her until she's hungry. During the day is a little wearing though and she constantly wakes and cries for a bit then goes back to sleep. When we're at MIL's, every time Isla cries, MIL asks, 'can I pick her up?' and we keep telling her no, because I sure don't want a baby that thinks it will be picked up every time it cries - I'll never get anything done around the place! Other than that, all is good here. Had my 6 week check up with the GP and all is good with me, so back in 2 weeks for Isla's needles. She'll get weighed properly then, but I hopped on the scales with her the other day and I got that she weighs 4.6kg - little piggy. We too are out of newborn nappies.

Anyway, should get motivated to do some preparation stuff for when I go back to work. I really don't feel like going back, but know that once I get started it will be okay. Glad I only have to work for 6 weeks before I get another 6 weeks holiday over the christmas school holidays.

Horrible wet windy weather here at the moment. You wouldn't think that summer is just around the corner

Paula smile

Good Morning Ladies!

Well we had a crappy day yesterday, Ava wasnt sleeping during the day and just seemed to be one cranky little baby. That was until about 5pm yesterday when she was sitting in her rocker and i hear the biggest back fire session. Pick her up to change her and it come out everywhere! Up the front, out the back and down her leg.

How hard is it trying to get a pooey singlet over her head without getting poo all over her! haha

Then she was right, fed her at 7 she slept till 12.45 had a feed back down at 1.30 then woke up at 7 this morning! Hope she keeps that up.

Other than that we have a very sick little foxy. She just isnt herself this morning. She's usually running around like she's on speed. But shes just moping around and looks really skinny. So she's inside today so i can keep an eye on her. I think she's just eaten something a little funky.

Better jump in the shower while Ava is asleep. Mum's coming out for a visit today so that means i can cook and clean without interuption.

Glad to see everyone is doing great and the babies are getting bigger. Smiles and giggles already! I've only got a few smiles from Ava and she only giggles in her sleep. Very cute but.

Stay safe everyone and keep those FB pics coming!

xoxo Sasha

Hey Jess - good to hear from you. Sounds like it must be nice to be in your new place. I reckon you should just do what you feel is best for Otto in terms of feeding regardless of what the nurse tells you. I'm sure he'll gradually keep putting on weight. Oh, and I wouldn't worry about the period - a friend of mine didn't get one for 14 months after having her 1st - gotta love that smile

Hi girls, how are we all??

I'm having a bit of a panic tonight as Noah fell asleep on the floor in the loungeroom at about 5.45pm - what does this mean for a good night's sleep, especially with a newborn!!! Looks like daddy might be bunking in with Noah when he wakes at some horrid hour. We are still struggling with his sleeps since he doesn't have a day sleep, as he is ready for bed by 4pm and sometimes just can't keep his eyes open, but if he naps during the day he is a NIGHTMARE, and I mean NIGHTMARE to get off of a night. He's never fallen asleep this early without a day nap though, usually still makes it till 7pm then wakes between 6am-7am ... oohh, I'm nervous!!!

Thanks for the BF info Sam, got some good advice in there. Darcy has been having a few good sleeps for the last few days, so I've been feeding every 3-4 hours (and giving a top up BF before he goes down for a nap as suggested by the ABA) with a lovely long stretch of about 7 hours overnight, but I'm obsessive about weight gain so weighed him yesterday and he has lost 25g since Friday. I'm so confused its just not funny. He was losing interest feeding too often and the ABA suggested just topping him up with another BF before going back down and I'm trying everything suggested and it just doesn't seem to work. Have also heard they need to sleep to grow which is why I haven't been too hasty to wake him from naps this week. I don't know, I just end up going round in circles, so as I said in my last post, have appointment with hospital clinic on Friday and appointment with paed next Monday, so will see what they have to say!!! Sorry to whine on girls, as you can see, I'm consumed by my BF journey at the moment!!

Jenn, how are you going today? How is your milk supply going? Sounds like you were pretty ill, so I hope after all your hard work you build up a lovely supply and Ivy can get back to exclusive BF asap.

Paula, I can't believe you are going back to work soon! How many days will you be working? Isla's day sleeps sound a little like Darcy's apart from the last few days where he has just crashed. I do seem to be coping better with it as I'm up and around with Noah, so don't seem to get too disturbed by his unsettled-ness (!!). Hopefully when we all get to the magic 12 week mark our babies will be more settled and into some sort of routine!

Sasha, poor Ava, what an impressive poop! I would have cut the singlet off her and chucked it!!! I have a couple of friends whose bubs only poo every few days and they say its pretty impressive when it does happen!! Hope your puppy is OK too.

Good to hear from you Jess! Hope Otto's weight gain evens out for you and glad to hear you're enjoying your new home better than the last place!

Well, I'd best see if DH needs a hand with dinner, then off for a shower - didn't quite get around to that this morning, so have been in my PJ's all day!! Luckily we didn't get any unexpected visitors!

Hopefully a sleep filled night heading our way!!!

x Tracey

Just very quick i will do a longer post later

Kell yes daktozin is very very very safe for kallum. this is what we prescribe the mums ... but i would wipe it off before you feed. We dont tell them to do that but i would just wipe over your nipple with a damp cloth. We prescribe daktozin ointment for nipples and daktozin gel for babies oral thrush.

Hope this helps your poor sore nips!!!


TRACEY When you said Darcey had lost weight was that on your scales or the nurses??

I weighed Kallum the day before the nurse was to come over and MY scales said he had lost weight, When the nurse came he had put ON 120gms in a week...all scales are different...

SO I would wait and see...I know it's hard, I only hope Darcey improves... *BIG HUGS*

Jen, I got some cream so we will see how we go smile Thanks for the update

Good morning Lovely Mummies!! Hope you are all getting a decent amount of sleep.

Jess- hopefully you sort out Otto's weight gain soon. He's still so tiny. The underwater pictures sound awesome. Hopefully they turn out really well. $180 for professional photos is so cheap. Im getting Ava done at a local place and it's 100 just for the sitting and pictures start at $75ea. But we dont have very many good photographers and pixifotos are really disappointing.

Paula - are you taking Ivy to work with you when you go back? I could easily go back to work now for a few hours a week if i took Ava in with me. But after talking to work last friday and seeing how busy they all are, im so glad to have a few months off!

Tracey - i really hope that you can sort out BF with Darcy. It must be really stressful having to watch his weight and hope for a gain everytime you weigh him. It would drive me insane! Big Hugs

Kell - Professional shots of Kallum are so cute! Hopefully the BB cream works for you. I used the paw paw ointment and i was all healed up in 2 days. But different things work for different people.

Sending BB healing vibes to everyone and sleeping vibes to babies!

Beautiful sunny day here today, so the Air Con will be on by lunch time. I think we are expecting a top of 36! Time to set up the pool i think smile

xoxox Sasha

Thanks Kell, yep he was weighed with the nurse. I'm the same and only ever take weights off the same scales as I know different scales can have different outcomes. Which reminds me I didn't ask my ob to weigh me when I went last week because I know his scales are kinder than ours at home and I never weighed myself on my set at home, so now don't have a true record of how much I've lost since Darcy arrived - probably better that I don't know anyway!!

Thought I'd also mention that Darcy had his first lot of jabs last Friday (it was awful he SCREAMED)!!! You may/may not know, but in NSW at least, the 8 week immunisation is currently being brought forward to 6 weeks due to an increase in whooping cough cases - not sure if its the same for other states, but worth looking into.

Well, MIL has just taken Noah to the shops for a little while. I'm feeling very guilty as I haven't had a chance to take Noah out for some one on one time since Darcy arrived. I do take him out, but I've always got Darcy with me. We did do some cooking and a puzzle together yesterday while Darcy was sleeping, but I still felt terrible as they drove off!! He's had lots of outings with Daddy and his various grandparents, but I don't want him to think I'm always ditching him for Darcy - man I'm very emotional this week aren't I?!?! Sleep deprivation and BF issues must be starting to catch up!!!

Might try to get dinner started while he's out so we can play together this afternoon.

Thanks for the reminder about photos, we need to organise a date as we want to give family photos to our parents for Christmas and if we don't hurry up, we won't have them back in time. Also have to arrange hands and feet casts too - so much to organise!!!

Have a good day mums and bubs!

x Tracey

Hi Girls

Jess - welcome back!!! Hope Ottos weight picks up soon! he is still teeny weeny!!!

Tracey - thanks for your comments on FB re: BF issues! I apprecaited it ... Milk is slightly better! On domperidone now ... have to take 6 tablets a day!! thank god they r small. They make u really hungry and thirsty. I am drinking about 3 - 3.5 litres a day! getting about 80 mls total from each expression. We are feeding 3 hrly and expressing ... fingers crossed it all comes together. I am not going to beat myself up if i have to bottle feed though.

Well I had my 6 week check today. All is well .. no problems. So I am going back to yoga monday night and went for a big walk today smile The weather here in WA has been crap! we finally have some sun so I will be able to get out a bit more and enjoy my days rather than being locked in the house!!! We had our first parenting group yesterday and I met lots of really nice girls who live within walking distance from me. All their bubs are around the same age! There is also a girl who is also an ICU nurse and her hubby does the same as mine and she has the same type of dog as us! so lots in common! which is great I was really worried about it.

I went shopping today and bought myself 4 dresses ... (SHHHH) ... I have lost 11 of the 13 kgs i put on but can not seem to wear any of my jeans/ shorts/ or pants ... my tummy is as flat as a pancake ... maybe my hips have have have widened? so I am sticking to dresses for now ... i dont really want to have to buy all new jeans etc etc etc!

Ivy has been a bit better the last few days. Still chucking heaps! looking forward to having her weighed tomorrow. She as her 6 week paed check. Im not to worried because she looks pretty healthy to me. We had a great night last night. She went down at 730 ... woke at 3 am!!! had a BF (woohoo) and went straight back to sleep ... which was great for my sleep ... and my confidence with knowing she was getting enough milk ... although i hadnt fed or expressed for over 7 hrs !!

Well best go get some dinner and a shower and then settle my princess for the night!!

Oh by the way Kell I am glad u got some cream. Hope it works for u!!

Speak soon

Jenn xoxoxo

Sasha - no, not taking Isla to work with me when I go back. While it would be nice, all of my students would be WAY too distracted is she was there - especially the girls! Either Brenton or MIL will look after both Dion and her. She's taking EBM in the bottle quite well, so not too worried. Will be working 3 days a week but only in the afternoons from about 3 - 7, so it's not too bad. And it's only for 6 weeks until school goes on holidays, then I get another 6 weeks holiday.

Anyway, just a quick one from me. Isla is doing great - besides the unsettled day sleeps. I got 2 x 5 hours stretches out of her last night which I'm really happy about. On a really down side, Dion has to be assessed for Autism. The paediatrician has given him a 50/50 chance of being diagnosed with it. Either way, he has a severe language delay and needs speech therapy. Gonna be a tough time ahead. Only found out yesterday, so still trying to come to terms with it.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend

Paula smile

Hi all,

Paula thats a bit of a downer isnt it? it will certainly make for challenging times ahead if he has autism. But in regards to the speech therapy I know 3 people (an I am on the waiting list) who have thier kids in speech therapy now. It seems to be a 'common' theme nowadays.

My neighbour has twins and one has been diagnosed with developmental delays and unsure if its autsm or Aspergers syndrome. Since she has been working with her development (she is 3) she has started to say some words, will engage a bit with me now, smiles, says hello and bye etc when before she wouldnt even look my way and didnt cope well with being in a different place to her house. She still has a lot of work to do but there are so many variables and degrees of autism that in time and with help a lot of the kids are able to lead relatively 'normal' lives.

But I can empathise with little Ash possibly may have a bone disease called Perthes disease. She has already had a hip operation at 14mths to fix a dislocated hip and now I found out last week that she may have this too. It basically means the bone at the head of the femur dies and the body makes more cartilige to strengthen the joint but if it doesnt grow right or in the right shape she is up for many more operations to come. BUGGER! But I am not stressing about it just yet, we need to have another xray in Dec and then he can diagnose it if thats the problem or if its still related to her DDH (developmental dislocate dhip)and then we can go from there.

Not happy Jan!

Anyway, Ryan screaming again, so better get the girls out and sustain the starving man!

Bye all


Paula I am so so so sorry to hear about your bad news from the paed. My fingers and toes are crossed for you and your family. I hope it all works out ok, however the support systems in place these days are fantastic so know that you are not alone!!! My thoughts are with you!!

Ivy had her 6 week check today ... she hasnt put on as much weight as I thought she had .. she is now 4.3kgs which is 1.2kgs above birth weight... not to bad for nearly 7 weeks old. Its an average of 170 grams a week. I am having her weighed next friday again just to check she hasnt turned around with her weight gain with my decreased milk supply. Fingers crossed. She is having a sleep at the moment ... has been down for 2 1/2 hrs!!! woohoo I dont believe it! Its day time!!! I got all my shopping put away, did the filing, put the washing away and started making my thankyou cards! I got one of my professional photos printed out with writing on it and I have made a frame to go around it with pretty cardboard from the scrapbook shop and a flower in the corner. They look pretty dam good! 2 down .... 48 more to go smile Hoping she wakes soon so I can go for a walk. We are going oit for dinner tonight!

Hope all it well!!

jenn xoxox

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