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??? SEPTEMBER 2009 BABIES ??? Lock Rss

Im just sitting here watching the news and am almost in tears after watching a news story about a 6month old baby falling in front of a train in his pram. I have goosebumps. How on earth did that child survive? Im absolutely amazed. I couldnt imagine how the mother would have felt seeing that happen right before her eyes and unable to stop it. Such a miracle!!

On other news, i went to Big W to pick up the birth announcement/ thank you cards. They were due back Monday, but i was told to come pick them up Wednesday to allow for delay. So i go in this morning and was told they werent able to find them in store so they would check with the sender. Then she comes back to me and says they never got the request and she isnt able to find it in the system to re-send it. She gave me the option to come back and re-do them or refund.... Ahhh refund Thanks ----- IDIOTS!!! Mind you i was there for 45mins waiting for her to find out what was going on!! Talk about cranky!!

Then we went to the local Court House to hand in her registration form and because I used to work there i had to show everyone Ava. So what was going to be a 5min stop turned into a 1.5hr stop. Just as i was about to leave, i was told to go to the police station to show Ava to the police prosecutors. Lucky only the Sgt was there so we got out within 20mins.

Ahh long day! It's so hot, so i've stripped ava to her singlet and nappy and she crashed here watching me type.

Okay better get cleaning this house. My dad, his wife and my 1/2 brother and sister are coming for a visit tomorrow.

Sending sleeping baby vibes to everyone.

Hi girls

Just a quick one to share a discovery with you ... this could be a coincidence or I could be jinxing myself but ...

I have cut all caffiene out fo my diet. I wasnt a coffee drinker anyway ... but I was drinking up to 5 cups of dilmah tea a day which still has caffiene in it. I am now drinking chamomile ... and guess what!!! I have a settled baby. She is have at least 2 3 hr sleeps during the day ... and the last 4 nights I have had a minimum of 6 hr sleep up for a feed then straight back to bed until 630 am...

As i said could be a oincidence but hey i am going to still to it!!!

Hope all it well

Jenn xoxox

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all your concern. We are trying to look on the positive side of things with Dion at the moment. The paed said there are a lot of things that he does that are very uncharacteristic for a child with Autism. Like you said Sam, your neighbours child wasn't very good with social interraction, where Dion will feel comfortable around most people and will interract with anyone. He also isn't afraid of showing emotion towards others. He is also very clever, and a lot of this doesn't come out when you are in a doctors room and she wants him to do all sorts of puzzles and things. There are areas which look positive and others that don't - especially his speech. Hopefully when we can unlock the key to his talking, it will fix a lot of things. Real bugger there are such huge waiting list. Sam, I hope your daughters leg/bone problem is sorted out soon too.

Jenn - I'm not going to shoot your theory down because it obviously works for you! I have heard that it can help settle babies to not drink too much caffeine - I think they also recommend it during pregnancy too. I don't drink coffee either, but I do drink tea only very occasionally. My big thing is coke/pepsi, and I drank heaps with Dion - but then he was just a really good sleeper. Isla's not too bad, and while we're only getting 5 hour stretches at night, I gues I can live with that for now. But definitely go with it. If Ivy is behaving better for her mummy, then I'd be all for it!

I think a lot of our unsettled day sleeps are due to a bit of reflux. Nothing really bad, but enough to bug her occasionally.

Oh well. Should enjoy some sunshine. Both kids have decided to coincide their sleeps today - woo hoo! Well, Isla is asleep and Dion is in bed but defnintely not asleep (yet - fingers crossed!)

Paula smile

oooh boy I really need to get on here more often!

Paula good to see you looking at the positive side of things, as hard as it is to go through all this with Dion. Speech and language is only one part of Autism and from what you said, I doubt that he'd meet enough criteria for diagnosis. Does he have any rituals or repetitive behaviours? Hopefully it is just a speech delay and he'll come along cracking soon.

Tracey what a journey you're going through with Darcey and Noah. I sympathise with you about the mother guilt and not spending enough time with the toddler! You probably feel worse than he does and sleep deprivation is thy worst enemy! It will get better soon. As they say, when you're going through hell, keep going cos you don't want to stay there as things are sure to get better. Hugs to you!

Jenn I am so jealous that you've almost lost all your weight! I did notice how great you're looking in your FB photos, looks like the weight has just fallen off you LOL. I'll be in my maternity clothes for a while longer I think! I've lost about 8 of the 15 kilos I put on and I hate that I can't hide my flab under winter clothes!

Its the second day of 38 degrees today, argh!!! It went from pleasant spring weather (high 20s) to high 30s. Got the old clunker of air con keeping us sane. Hubby went back to work today. The poor thing felt so sick about having to go back. So far I've enjoyed my day with the girls.

Ashleigh is doing well, getting 5-6 hour feeds at night, but 2.5-3 hours during the day. BF is just sooo time consuming!

I started taking the pill this week but as I predicted had to take myself off it cos it gave me severe headaches. Bugger bugger bugger! Hubby cheekily suggested abstinence as the best contraceptive LOL sounds good to me, bonking is the last thing on my mind anyways hehe

Can't believe the babies are all having their 6-8 week checks already, how time is flying! Definitely loving all the baby pics on FB too, definitely the best looking bubs around hehe

OK enough rambling from me. Sorry for who I missed but hope all you yummy mummys keep well and bubs be well behaved

Hi girls,

Well, took Darcy to the clinic on Friday. He has put on weight, but its hard to gauge as this was a different set of scales!!! The nurse prefers to use bare weights as clothes have all different weights etc, so his bare weight was 3.7kg and I'll take him back next week to follow up our other issues and have him weighed again. She wasn't overly concerned about him as he is bright, alert, active and interacts - he's just a little bub. She watched me do a feed and gave me a few tips to get him to attach even better. I have to try switch feeding between the breasts (switch to other bb as soon as he stops sucking), try to feed him twice in one sitting i.e. feed, play, feed, sleep and I also have to get a script for motellium (sp) and she wants me to take the maximum dose of 9 tabs per day to make as much milk as possible for my little lazy sucker. I can express a couple of times a day if I have the time because let me tell you, feeding like this takes AGES plus Noah and household chores!!! He's also been throwing up more with this arrangement as he must be getting a bit too much milk - will this BF business ever be easy!!! Darcy has also been doing the text book cluster feeding from about 5pm-8pm for the last 4 nights or so and I seem to have more milk - both my bb's leaked in the shower yesterday and my left one hasn't leaked for weeks. Can't get the meds made up till Tuesday when my GP is back on deck, so we'll see what happens.

Looks like all our bubs are starting to do some longer stretches at night - yay!! Darcy went 7 hours last night, but we average a 5-6 hour one overnight. If he hasn't woken we wake him between 10/11pm and DH gives him a bottle of EBM, I express and go to bed and DH finishes the feed and settles him for the night and then I get up to do the next one anywhere from 3.00am. Working well for us so far.

Jenn, how is your supply going? Sounds like we are having a lot of the same issues at the moment, just for different reasons!!

Paula, big hugs to you and Dion. I have zero experience with Autism or speech delays, so am not of any use to you, but am thinking ofyou guys and hope that you're able to get some answers soon and that Dion's issues can be resolved. Keep us updated on how he goes.

Shaz, nice to see you back in the land of Huggies!!! That weather sounds a bit yuk over there! Sounds like you're still enjoying Ashleigh and the BF is still going well for you. Would be a real reward for you after all the hard work you put in at the start.

Jess, sounds like you guys have had a tough time with illness lately - hope all the meds work and you're all feeling much better soon.

Well we are heading over to my parents today to introduce Darcy to a few other extended family members, so I should probably have a shower and get organised or we'll never get there.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone!

x Tracey

just quick will try and get back on later

Tracey motilium/ domperidone is what i am on. I am taking 6 x per day and it has helped but i havnt leaked for over 2 weeks sad which was a regular occurence. im getting about 40-50 mls each boob every 4 hrs with expressing.

As for your script ...... make sure u get a private script not a PBS script. With a private script you can get 100 tablets at a time for abour $22.00 .... on the PBS you can only get 25 at a time and its about $10.00 .... so as you can see much better!!!! so make sure this is what u ask your GP for.

speak soon

jenn xoxo

Oh what I would give for non leaky BB's! If I have a shower in the morning before feeding Isla as soon as I step out, I'm dripping like crazy - and that's usually only after 4 hours! It has subsided a little during feeds though. I used to leak really badly from the one side while I fed from the other first, but that's nearly stopped now too. I was going through breast pads like no one's business! Obviously no problem with supply here - I can get 180ml expressing no problems - only Isla won't drink that much! I'd gladly give my excess to those of you who need it!!

I feel for you WA girls - looks like it's been really hot your way, and you're sending it to SA! Nice and warm here today but supposed to be getting warmer during the week. Oh well. Nice to get outside for a change.

Anyway, have to remember that it's sunday. Keep thinking today is Monday. What the?

Paula smile

Oh and I've decided that Isla is a comfort sucker - every time she wakes up she decides it's feed time, though I know she doesn't really need it. And while the 3 hourly feeds aren't a problem, considering she sleeps really well at night, she just doesn't need it and it makes her more unsettled (making Sam's 'overfeeding' sound so true). So much to Isla's disgust, I'm making her take the dummy. I'd rather she suck on that than me! Have tried 2 different types of dummies, and she seems to prefer the Avent flat teat ones. I have a Tommee Tippee one too which she took for a bit but now prefers the other one. Just means I have to keep sticking it back in all the time, but I'll just use it during the day, unless she becomes unsettled at night too. And ahhhh, feeds every 4 hours. So much nicer!
[Edited on 19/10/2009]

Hi Girls

I agree ... huge difference in the price of medication .. I thought the PBS was supposed to be cheaper??? anyway I have found out its not!! Milk is slowly getting better here. I got 120 mls last night!!! woohoo!! And I leaked after my shower .. only once I had massaged my Bio oil in but still leaked!! fingers crossed!!

Jess your cousin / SIL cant remember which one should be grateful for what she gets!! A voucher for twinkletoes is AWSOME but she still shouldnt be fussy! Hope you got your curry made!!

Shaz how is home life without hubby? Are you finding it hard?

Yes the weather has been awful here is WA .. we went from freezing cold to boiling hot.... now back to a pleasant 22 degrees smile I would liek to ease into the hot weather not just go BAM here it is!!

Ivy has been going to do nunmber 2's only about once a week for the past 2 weeks. We went out to a BBQ yesterday and she did a number 3!! (you will get that if u have seen the add on TV) She did an explosive poo everywhere all over everything and I used my whole packet of wipes cleaning her (they were un-opened!!) And then she slept the whole rest of the day which ment ... yep u guessed it NO sleeping last night!! My Partner woke at 5am this morning after 8 hrs sleep and said "IM SO TIRED" ..... dont *&%$^% give me that!!!!!!!!!!! Im the one who should be whinging! I think he thinks I get to sit on my bum all day relaxing! Some days I would happily swap and go back to work!!

Anyway better go finish mopping the floor while she is having a cat nap!!

Speak soon

jenn xoxox

hahahahahhahahahahaha Number 3's!!! I saw the Baby Love ad yesterday just as Ava fell asleep on my lap, and i couldnt help but PMSL. Hilarious!

Isnt it fun cleaning up those messes, even worse because you were out, lucky Ava keeps those poos for when we are at home.

We had Ava weighed today and she is now 8pd 14oz (4020g) so she has put a total of 740g since birth.

We have been trying to stay at home as much as possible because of the bush fires that have been around. We are well away from danger but my mum is about 200metres from the fire.

Hopefully the weather gets better and they can put it out.

Better go and make dinner

xoxo Sasha

OK Still waiting to see what Number 3's are LOL but I do have an idea. Had a family suprise 50th party to go to on Saturday night in Hazelbrook, IE COLD mountain weather. Rugged up my lil love in a nice warm jumpsuit and about an hour in he does a BIG poo, it was EVERYWHERE..even through to the blanket I had him wrapped in!!! Lucky I had 2 changes of clothes with me as we were about an hour away from home, not exactly a quick drive home for a change LOL

Had the community nurse visit today, I was a lil worried as she wanted me to do 3 hr feeds, I have enough trouble waking him for 4 hr feeds as it is!! So I let him decide when he wanted to feed, well he was weighed and lo and behold he put on 180gms in 1 week!!!! YAY so I am doing the right thing regarding his feeds, PHEW!!

I am SO freeking tired at the moment... and I have no excuse, Kallum wakes only once during the night for a feed, so why am I exhausted?? MIght be the constant visitors! This week alone already had 3 visitors pop in and its only MONDAY!!!

My week, monday Community nurse and 3 visitors
Tuesday another visitor,
Wednesday, grocery shopping ( what a waste of time and money LOL )
Thursday MIL visiting, ALL DAY, PLUS I hadnt been able to get a place in a mothers group well today I got slotted into one starting on Thursday, GREAT now I need to split myself in two!
Friday is my only free doubt it'll get filled up again..

Oh well, better get a snooze in before my lil love needs another feed...

take care all

Love Kell and Kallum

P.S for those who are on my FB list if a Wes Logan reply's to a message you write to me, thats my DH, seems he likes to monitor my FB status LOL so sorry for any confusion caused Sasha wink

No confusion Kel - in your facebook profile it says your married to Wes. Great job with Kallum putting on more weight. He is still so little.

Looks like Ava is a big fatty. She is putting on about 180grams per week. But she is still in 4x0, but i doubt for much longer.

Im trying to express more and store it for DH as he's been nagging me to have a supply in the freezer for when he wants to take Ava. Its so hard. I am only getting about 60ml's and thats when Ava sleeps through one of her day feeds.

Can i express throughout the day and then put all the little bits together in one container then freeze so i dont have a million 20ml containers in the freezer?

Anyways time to clean my house, im sure it was spotless yesterday. What happened?

OK guys, big sook coming...

After being in such a great feed/sleep routine we have gone backwards! Ashleigh had her first trip to A&E Sun night. She was developing fever, refusing to feed and poos had gone all funny. Got a rude nurse who walked in, slammed her folder down and said "what's YOUR problem", no bedside manner at all and said "isn't there health nurses for things like this?", to which I replied "NO, not on Sunday and not at this time of night" Uh-DUH. Got sent home told by doc maybe its reflux but to 'wait and see'. The fever didn't eventuate but she was still fussing at the boob and bringing up all her feed and not sleeping cos of course she's not full. On the bright side she was weight to be 4.48kgs, unbelievable!

Saw health nurse yesterday and she was much more helpful and nicer. Said maybe reflux, but more likely to be lactose overload. Which means I'm producing too much milk, Ashleigh is guttsing down too much foremilk and because it digests quickly, not all the lactose is digesting and causing upset in the bowel, causing Ashleigh pain and the yukky green poos. Not much I can do but wait till my supply sorts itself out 6-8 weeks. Bloody hard to do when she's keeping one feed down in 24 hours! I just don't understand what's changed, cos we were in a nice routine and suddenly this! We had an awful night last night, cos half hour naps between settling and feeds and DH hardly much help cos he has the flu at the moment. My Dad is gonna take Madison today so I can have some rest, struggling to look after two (three) at the moment.

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