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Morning ladies and babies!

Morning ladies and babies!

Jenn, thanks for the heads up with the tablets, my LC had mentioned something similar, but I would have forgotten to ask I'm sure, so need all the reminding I can get!! Have an appointment in a couple of hours with GP and then will hit the shops to get them made up.

Top work to your partner complaining of tiredness!!! DH says that to me often, but I can't really complain as he stays up and does our last feed at 10/11pm-ish so I can go to bed and then I get up to do the overnight one (which has been 5am the last few days - getting there!) - but yeah, I'm the one that settles overnight if need be.

Jess, great news that Otto has put on some weight. How much does he weigh now? If you want to avoid formula, you could try expressing and feeding Otto EBM from a bottle. We give Darcy one bottle of EBM before bed and I think it helps him sleep longer overnight as well as helping him put on a bit of weight as they don't have to suck a bottle as hard as bb's. I exclusively fed my first son EBM for about 6 weeks when he got lazy at sucking bb's and wasn't gaining weight!! Hard work, especially with other kids, but worth it if you really want to BF.

Kell, great news too that Kallum has put on weight and hope your bb's have healed up! Now I understand why Kallum was rugged up in all your photos!! When we lived in Faulconbridge we always talked about moving further up the mountain as its so beautiful, but waaayyy too brrr for me - I'm a sook!!! Hope Kallum enjoyed his first party!!

Sasha, great work on Ava's weight gain too - maybe all these babies are starting to get it together, hopefully mine will get the hang of it soon!!!

With expressing, another good time to express is in the morning after bub has had a little longer sleep at night (maybe)! So if I'm organised and have time I will feed, then wait half hour or so and then express. And yes, you can add new milk to already expressed milk. Make sure you freeze your first lot, chill what you've just expressed and when its chilled add it to the frozen stuff. Also, only add to the one lot for 7 days, but if you are expressing 60ml, you will get enough for one feed in a day or so. I usually store mine in 100ml lots. I take it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge in the morning and DH does the last feed in the evening and only warm it in a jug of warm water - do not microwave EBM, big no no apparently! Hope that makes sense.

Took Darcy to the paed yesterday. Nothing much to report. Commented on his tiny frame, as expected, but once he knew I was seeing LC and who she was he was happy for things to continue how they are, which is great as I'd been told he only likes fat babies, and if they aren't gaining 300g a week, he wants you to feed them more and potentially go to formula!!

Well, Darcy is stirring for a feed and I don't think the dummy will hold him off any longer - what a mean mummy!

Have a great day!

x Tracey

Shaz, I missed your post while I was posting, you poor thing. I have absolutely no advice for you, but am thinking of you and hope your supply settles down soon so Ashleigh can get a good feed and settle. Someone told me you can express the first bit off to get to the fattier hind milk so they are not getting so much of the foremilk - did the nurse say if this was an option for you? Have no idea if it would work, but just a suggestion?

What a star your dad is, hope you can get some rest today and things settle soon.

x Tracey

Posted by: Sasha+Lewis=Ava

Can i express throughout the day and then put all the little bits together in one container then freeze so i dont have a million 20ml containers in the freezer?

I have no idea how to do the quote thing so hopefully it worked .... Yes Sasha you can express during the day and store all milk expressed in a 24 hr period together. A simple way of doing it is from midnight to midnight. It can be stored in the fridge for 4 days, freezer for 3 months or deep freezer for 6 months

Hope this helps

Jenn xoxox

Jess - I have the Avent Isis hand pump and it's wonderful. I used it last time and am using it again. Really small - easy to put together (once you've done it once or twice!) and travels everywhere! I take mine to work with me and because my room has a huge glass door facing out into the shop, I just go and sit in my car and express. The pump came with 2 bottles, but you can also buy storage containers which go in the freezer. These come with lids and also an attachment that the teat can go on so you just thaw out the milk in the container and heat it up in the same one. Less messier than transferring to a bottle once thawed.

All the other advice on expressing and storing is good. to start a stored supply I just waited about and hour after a feed and then expressed. At that time I had an over supply so I got enough in one express, but other times I've expressed and chilled it in the fridge, then expressed again at a later time and chilled that before adding it to the other lot. You don't necessarily need to freeze as you go. At the moment I just have one EBM bottle going. As it's used, I express again instead of the feed (this is what I'll be doing at work). Missing a feed and using the EBM just doesn't work for me and stuffs my supply around as well as makes me really uncomfortable. I'd love to do what Tracey does and leave the 10/11pm feed for DH and go to bed but I would wake up either soaked through, or in pain. Oh well. At least I'm only getting up once a night then too and Dion sleeps in till 9am so I still get a bit of a sleep in!

Jess, I use the same pump as Paula and find it really good too. Also have some storage bottles/containers that I store in the freezer.

I should clarify that I wait up for the 10/11pm feed and express while DH feeds Darcy the previously expressed BM. Once I have expressed I hit the sack, so still staying up, but not for as long and I usually nap on the couch until then anyway!!

Well, while I was getting my motilium made up, the nurse was in the chemist, so I popped Darcy on the scales and he's only gained a pathetic 64g since I weighed him with her last Tuesday. I was gutted, I've been putting in so much effort and thought we were making progress. I felt like walking over and cancelling the motilium because I just feel like a total failure and that it won't make any difference anyway. I really want BF to work, but think I need to make a final decision on Friday after seeing the LC at the hospital clinic again. She does bare weights, so that will be a 100% accurante measurement of any gain. All this effort, stress, worrying and constant weighing is wasting precious moments with my little man and I did that with Noah and don't want it to happen again. Don't get me wrong, I love BF and really, REALLY want it to work, but at the end of the day my relationship with my little man is way more important than the way I feed him. I was FF and there's nothing wrong with me ... well not officially anyway!!!!

OK, going to grab some dinner, have a good night all.

x Tracey

Thanks for the advise on expressing! Will need to get my but into gear and express more during the day. Will be good in the long run, so DH can take Ava and i dont have to worry.

I use the Medela Mini Electric Pump and just store it in the freezer bags. They are a bit expensive, i thinkm $25 for 20 containers, but i dont have the room in my freezer to store bottles.

Tracey - I hope those tablets work for you and increase your BM supply. I was FF and im fine! And can you imagine what was in Formula 22 years ago??!! I doubt it had nearly as much nutrients as it does now.

I dont know why the doctors etc make such a big deal about how much they should put on. Realistically if Darcy is happy, sleeping well and putting on some weight arent you doing your job???

From the pics on FB he looks small, but very healthy and happy! Hopefully in a few weeks time, this will all be a distant memory. Your doing an awesome with both your little men! I dont think i could have the strength to soldier on the way you have.

Shaz - Bummer your routine has been thrown out the window. I cant believe that stupid nurse. FFS some people can be very inconsiderate! That reminds me of when i was being induced with the balloon catheda. One midwife said, if a very patronising tone " you do realise this WONT send you into labour?" Your not even at your due date yet, i dont know why this needs to be done. GRRRRR Stupid women, read my chart!! Ive got PE not much choice to get induced,trust me i'd rather be at home! I felt like kicking those stirrups into her head smile

Just paid all the bills, Ava's asleep now time to have some breakfast and get DH's lunch ready. Im sure i do more now im home then i did when i was at work!

Keep up the excellent work Ladies!

Quick post while Ashleigh is screaming in Daddy's arms.

Tracey, when Darcy is older he's going to be so proud of his amazing mum who is so determined to give him a great start in life. You are a trooper for keeping at it. I think that its MAKING the decision whether to persist with BF or FF thats the hardest, I think once you make up your mind after your appt on Fri you will feel better. I too was FF, I spose was inevitable being child no. 4 and mum having 4 kids under 5! Just whatever happens don't blame yourself cos I doubt that there's ANYTHING else you could do and mother nature just has other plans.

Jess I have a manual pump but borrowed the Medela electric mini pump and it was amazing! I used it while my cracked/infected nipples healed up no problem. I just had it on a lower setting, but with a manual pump you can't adjust the strength.

So update on me. Talked to health nurse yesterday again and she confirmed that it is reflux and to go to docs, which we have an appt in a couple of hours. My instinct told me initially it was reflux and should have listened to it (mum knows best) but thought the nurse was more qualified.
Ashleigh has kept only 2 feeds down in last 2 days and is dry-reaching and vomiting bile between feeds. Oh and screaming, screaming screaming... A couple of times I've had to hand her to Ty while I go in another room and bawl my eyes out. Just hate feeling helpless. So hopefully doc will give me prescription for meds, well he will, cos I ain't leaving his room until I get it. Ty has had 2 days off so been able to cope but he's back at work tomorrow and then its just me and Madi.

Jenn does Ivy take anything for her reflux?

Jess I have the medela swing electric pump and its great. I am normally finished both sides in 15 minutes...

As for storing I store mine in ice cube trays as recommended by my lactation consultant. I put in in the ice trays (one with a lid) then inside a snap lock freezer bag. Once frozen pop them out and store them inside 2 x snap lock bags. This way you can defrost what you need and not waste the rest...

Will try and get on for a long post sometime!! so busy .... and my girl has a cold again!!!!! GRRRR

I can FINALLY get onto huggies, my PC didnt like the site apparently

ok RE expressing I tried the hand pump expresser, mum bought one for me, its an advent one but it KILLS and I only got 20 mls when I tried...maybe the reaosn for that si I was SOBBING when I was trying to use it, ( melt down night as mentioned previously )

I think I will need another try....

Question HOW is everyone keeping their babies cool during hot weather? Kallum is so bloody FAIR that he goes bright red when he's hot, I tend to get strange looks when he's that colour! I may add to the looks as I am normally looking stressed too LOL
Its 35 degrees today here and I am so worried hes gonna get too hot,

OK gotta scoot bubs is hungry

Love to all

K & K

Kell- Expressing killed the first time i used mine too. If your's has adjustable settings put it on the lower one until you get used to it.

And in relation to keeping Kallum cool, it's been disgusting here (high 30's) and i just put Ava in a singlet and nappy and lay her under the fan unless we have the Air Con on and then i just keep her in a romper.

Poor thing, even though we have Air Con in the car, when you get her out sometimes her back is so sweaty.

Anyways better go wake Ava for a feed. The smoke is clearing from the bushfires so we can have the house open! YAY smile

Forgot to say Goodluck Shaz with Ashleighs appointment! Hope you get the drugs you want and they work. Poor little bubba. My heart breaks when you hear them screaming in pain and you cant do a thing to help.

Pic of Ava - - hope that works
[Edited on 22/10/2009]

Ok ... here it goes lets so how far i get with this post

Firstly I got a virus on facebook and it has wipes all of my friends ... I am now and a loner!!! hahaha Can you all please re-add me "Jenn Alexander" its a picture of the three of us with a green background ... thanks smile

Tracey I hope you see this before you go to the LC tomorrow .. I started Motilum last tuesday ... it took until sunday for me to notice a big difference. They say you will notice between 24-48 hrs but it took longer for me. If you make the decision tomorrow to FF you have given darcy the best start and should be so proud of yourself!!!

Shaz Ivy is on Zantac for her reflux. 0.5 mls morning and night ... took a few days to work but she is much better .... i also sleep her on her tummy!

Kell - I keep Ivy cool by having her in a nappy and singlet and the same as sasha ... in the air con or near a fan

She is awake had to be quick!!!!

speak soon jenn xoxo

Tracey - sorry about the confusion from this end too! Sounds like you have a good system going with the late night feed. We are late night people so it doesn't worry me to stay up for the feed, but in the beginning I was doing what you do and crashing on the couch once Dion had gone to bed, then waking up, feeding and going back to bed again! Good luck with you appt with the LC. As Jenn said, if you make the decision to FF then you surely have given Darcy the best start - a lot more than some can say!

Kell - when it's hot, we try and keep the room a little darker so it stays a bit cooler. We only have evaporative air con which gets a bit sticky and humid on really hot days, so we try keep our house as cool as possible. It hasn't been really hot here yet (got to 30 on Tuesday) but we'll be doing the same as everyone else and just having Isla in a singlet and nappy. When Dion was little we just used to have him in a romper that had no arms or legs and we didn't put a singlet on underneath. If you think they are getting really hot, I used to wipe Dion's face and tummy with a cool face washer.

Hope everyone else is doing well.

We have had a couple wonderful night's sleep here! Tuesday night Isla went for nearly 7 hours after her last feed at night and last night was a grand 8 hours! Woo hoo! I hope she keeps it up! Needless to say, one very happy mummy here today!

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