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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

Now that our babies have started to arrive, figured we'd better jump ship!


There have been quite a few of us to have our little ones. I'm still waiting every so patiently...not, so I will be joining in here very soon. I will have to remember to pop in and read everyones posts in here now smile

Fingers crossed it happens soon for you! I know what you mean about the waiting, the last couple of weeks drag, but honestly, I couldn't WAIT to have bub out, I was in so much pain (displaced hips and very high BP) but I already miss being pregnant! Crazy huh?
Try (easier said then done, I know) and enjoy the last few days, your beautiful little baby will be here before you know it!
Good luck! smile]

OK hoping I am still allowed here even though Mahli is a September bub, I don't know the Sept mummies like the October ones lol.

I hated the last few weeks of pregnancy and I am the same miss it already, my baby girl was still supposed to be there for another week yet!

Anyone keen to share birth/labour stories?

Well hope all bubs are settling in well and Mums are getting enough sleep! smile

Well I didn't have long to wait as bub arrived the day after I posted lol.
I did a birth announcement in due in oct but I will put it in here too.
Makayla Jane was born on the 9th Oct at 3:19am, weighing a healthy 8 pound 2 ounces, 49.5cms long and 36cm head.

I will share my birth/labour story when I get some free time to sit and type it all out lol
Take care and enjoy your little ones

Hi smile i left a message on our old forum but ill put it on here to

I had my beautiful daughter on the 14th of october at 2.04am
she was 2 weeks early and brought on by induction.
she weighed 6pound 3oz and is 51 CM

so happy that she is here hehe


Hey ladies

Thought it was about time a came over. So how is everyone feeling? How are your bubs settling in? I couldn't be happier, Logan is such a gem.... he is BF every 3-4hours which is awesome. The only prob ive had is my cracked nipple ouch but i invested in some nipple shields. They are the bomb! has anyone else had problems with jealousy? Jaz has been pretty good, she is undecided about whether she wants to be jealous or not. One minute she doesn't want me to feed him then the next she is crying because he isn't going in the car with her and DF. Funny kid she is.

Anyway got to run Logan has just woken

Take care


Olly is really good he is so placid and can sleep though ANYTHING lol. He generally feeds every 3-4 hrs but usually in the evening he has a period where he feeds like hourly but usually when he does that he sleeps longer at night.

My older 3 are adjusting pretty well the girls love helping out and Chris is pretty good even when i'm feeding although he likes tgo help burp but is a bit rough lol.

Are any other bubs not wanting to be alone during the day? Olly doesnt like to go sleep in the bassinette in our room during the day he just screams but if i put him in the bouncer near the rest of us he sleeps no problems and will sleep through all the screaming and carrying on from the other 3


Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Erin - Mahli is the same! She will sleep in the bassinet though, her bedroom is right at the end of the passage so all the traffic goes past her room, she will sleep through ANYTHING!! The problem I am having is night time, I think it may be too quiet? (does that make sense?)

She is a miss piggy and loves her boob, feeds probably every 2-3 hours day and night atm. Not much sleep here!!

Kez - My girls have been pretty good, they both love to help but I do find Skyla is a little bit jealous. I really can't fault them though they are so gentle and loving towards Mahli its sweet smile I have found with both of them though that they don't like me leaving them now, both cry when I drop them to school, makes me feel like a horrible mother lol sad

Mahli is 4 weeks today!! How time flies, still find it funny that she could still be in there!! Glad she isn't thoguh lol.

Hope Mums and Bubs are doing well xx

Sorry bout the novel lol.

Hi ladies,

My baby girl is a week old today! My gosh the time truly goes so fast. Chloe Elizabeth Shadwick. She is an amazing little feeder. Im so happy every four to three hours.

I thought it was going to be hard with my toddler but it's extremly hard!! Hopefully a few more weeks and things will settle down for us.

Baby blues are passing which is nice im glad they are not sticking around!!

I hope everyone is doing well with the new bubs.

xxx Sarah
Well I thought I'd jump ship as well from our october 2009 pregnancy thread to our october 2009 baby thread.

Sidney is doing great - she is a pretty easy baby between the hours of 5am and 12am but betweent the hours of 1am and 4am her inner monster comes out - we think she really does not like being by herself at night - sleeps great in her room during the day but at night she will settle in our arms but then when we put her down 15-20mins later she is screaming - we have tried to settle her in her crib and she does drift off but only lasts for a few minutes when we leave the room.

Having heaps of trouble with my breasts atm - I'm not sure if you remember but I had mentioned in our other thread that I had breast surgery about 12 yrs ago and it is looking like Sidney is not getting what she needs from me so we have been breast and then comp feeding and at the comp feed she has been taking almost a full feed. Since my milk has come in my breast are engorged and the right one is rock hard on the right side. We have a visiting midwife appointment tomorrow and I spoke to her this arvo and she was great - but I don't think I'm going to continue trying to feed her on the breast as there is no point if she's not getting anything out which I highly suspect is the case as I am not leaking in the shower and can not express anything. Consequently I am now sitting around with cabbage leaves in my bra - so stylish!!!

Sorry about the long post I just needed to get this stuff off my chest.

Hope everyone else is doing well and your babies are also

Marnit- Sorry to hear about your feeding! Cabbage leaves are the wa to go!! I live by them in the first few days of my milk coming in. Breastfeeding is hard work with out all the other complations aswel. I hope you can get a little bit to her. If not it's ok it doesn't make the mother you will be and im sure you will be a great mum. Look after yourself and bubs.

My little one is taken the dummy!! She was always on my boob amd after ahving a talk with partner we ahve decided it was the best thing in the end as i cant sit around with her with a toddler. So she is a great little feeder but needs to suck alot. sad My DS is 2 and still has his we are working on getting rid of his hard work. Life is pretty hard at the momemt. Im hoping it all settle down in the next few weeks.

All the best. Sarah

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