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Hi Ladies

Well I'm sitting here having a beer, yes a beer lol first one in about 2yrs I reckon. The sister today who gave Emmy her needles suggested having a beer to try & boast my milk supply. Not sure how I'll go but I'm desperate to try anything so will see how we go. Well Miss Em had her first needles today, must admit too I couldn't watch her get them and got hubby to hold her. I think I cried more than what she did.

Same here Alana, I'd rather spend 50k on a house, can't believe that some people would pay that much for a wedding. We got married 8yrs ago and ours cost about 15k. We had about 80people so wasn't really huge either. It must be so exciting organising a wedding.

Mel & Ellie hope you are both feeling better and Sarah hope you are going ok.

take care all karen xx

Hey nah i dont think you got the right person kez lol
my picture is just of me in a pink top smile slowly getting baby pics up though! well trying to any ways

Posted by: *alana*
Posted by: Cassie71
So a wedding does not have to cost much at all. They say the average wedding cost just under 50k these days! Without the honeymoon it would have cost under 6k smile

50k???!!! bloody hell. i would rather spend that on a house lol

im thinking of having the ceremony at the fore shore so ill have to contact the council and see if we are allowed too smile i definately dont want anything flashy lol

We got married 2 years ago, planned the wedding in 14 weeks, spent nearly $10 000 (including honeymoon), but could have easily cut that down if i had more time to plan (and didn't listen to MIL sad(]). We had 48 guests, ceremony in a rotunda in a beautiful park near the waterfront and reception at a hotel (buffet style). Lovely day, but there's heaps of things I'd change and organise better if I had the time over. But, as I see it, it's ONE day out of your life, working on a marriage is FAR more important than the perfect font on your wedding invitation lol!

Oh my god! I'm sooo tired and cranky today. I can't even blame it on the baby, he slept 8:30 til 4:30 (and only woke up because DS2 was trying to climb into his cot!) I just haven't been able to sleep lately. I get all the kids to bed, cook dh's dinner (he's been doing doubles the last week or so, gets home anywhere between 9:30 and midnight) and then go to bed, but I can't sleep. My mind just won't switch off, it's driving me insane! I'm just lying there thinking about random crap. Stuff that doesn't matter. The last time that I looked at the clock last night it was 2:14am, and then DS2 woke me up at 4:30...that's soo not enough sleep to function on, let alone look after 3 kids (with a buggered knee) and DH won't be home til midnight tonight...what I'd give for a holiday...

Sorry, I'm not one to whinge, just feel like I could burst into tears at any moment because I'm so tired... wink]

*hugs* ellie

im having the same problem at the mo. think its my depression rearing its ugly head again (my sleep patterns are all over the place when i start to get depressed). think i may need meds this time - i have managed to work thru it without meds in the past but dont think ill be able to this time sad

its so stupid - i have no reason to feel like this but just cant shake it
I totally agree 50k is just stupid!

Alana depression is really hard when you have little ones to look after. It takes some of the joy out of being a mum! Try going to a naturopath first, you can get a natural anti depressant called 5HTP which worked a treat for me after I had DS and fell in a heap. It actually helps your body make more seratonin, the usual anti depressants just help the brain use what seratonin you already have but if you are low in the 1st place then you need to make more.

Posted by: Samantha Kelly
Hey nah i dont think you got the right person kez lol
my picture is just of me in a pink top smile slowly getting baby pics up though! well trying to any ways

Oh i sent a msg with my request saying i was from huggies and she added me anyways !! lol well try adding me its kerrie williams dp is of logan smiling so its just a pic of his face

Hey guys

Im having a sh!t of a day.Went to a friends house and Jaz decided she would poo in her undies ( oh yeah i have her toilet trained finally) even though she was on the toilet 2mins beforehand. So she did this outside without me knowing, took off her undies and pants and trod in her poo all over the cement. Anyways while this was happening i was inside, then she comes inside and walks the poo all over my friends carpet. OMFG!! I could not believe that she did that. Anyways lucky my friend is soooo understanding. Jaz has been soooo naughty i can't do anything without her being naughty. Can't even sit for 5 mins up down up down all friggen day long. Im so exhursted.

Ellie hope you get some good sleep soon... im so tired and im sleepinf can't imagine how you're feeling.

Alana: hope you're feeling better soon ... sometimes i think maybe im becoming depressed , never had it before so not sure how you feel when you have it but seriously days are becoming quite hard to function as a person and a mum . I just want to cry.

Anyway girls take care
talk soon xx

Hi ladies, sorry it's been awhile since iv been on! Life is a little crazy trying tog et all the xmas shopping done. Chloe has come down with cloic she is is only 2 mths too. sad not feeling to good within myself about that. The whole family has come down with a nasty flu it's just terriable. Feeling like death warmed up.

Somedays are better then others but some days i feel liek running away and joining the circus lol! My Gp has up my meds which im not happy about but it's for the best. smile Maybe in time i will survie without them.

I do hope everyone is doing well cant believe we have our beauitful babies at home. Chloe is smiling and trying to talk at the moment growing to fast and well my toddler is learnign the toilet.

Hey Kez.
i think i found you on facebook smile

on the deppression thing... if you think you have it should go to the dr. if you feel like having more teary days then happy days id say you have it...

What's everyone buying for their bubs this xmas? Just realised have the older girls pressies but only 1 thing for Emmy. Any ideas?
Karen x

OMG Yay I have the internet again!!! For those who don't know me via FB i'm Naomi. DS2 Adrian was born on Oct 8, 3 weeks early, and we moved the day after hence why i have only just now gotten the net again, i've been a bit lost without it.

Karen all i've gotten Adrian for xmas is some clothing from PP and pram toys, I figure i not long go brought him a bouncer, and today he has only just started to tap at the hanging toys on his play gym. Now Dean on the other hand has heaps, i'm gonna clean out his toys next week and donate most of them.

- Naomi

Dean Alex 14/09/2007 ; Adrian James 08/10/2009

Posted by: My Girls
What's everyone buying for their bubs this xmas? Just realised have the older girls pressies but only 1 thing for Emmy. Any ideas? Karen x

Not a lot! lol, I figure that we've spent a fair bit on him already that there isn't a need to get him much for xmas. I've gotten him a vtech baby (bought at june toy sales, it's from 6month+ I think though, so he won't know what to do with it for awhile), some Jack and Milly clothes (my FAVOURITE kids clothing brand!), a rocking horse teddy, a birthday bear (got all the boys one) which I am so happy with, ordered it off their internet site and the bears are such a beautiful gift!...and I think that's it. We got blankets, rattles, playmat etc at toy sales too so he just got them early.
He's going to have no idea it's xmas anyway so I don't see the need to spend money on him, we did the same with the older boys, they get great presents, but at this age I don't see the point in spending a small fortune when they don't appreciate their toys, don't expect them and don't fully understand the whole giving and receiving thing.

Alana-congrats (again) on the engagement! SO happy for you, good to know after 3 children he's going to make an honest woman out of you, lol! And look after yourself, make sure you talk to your gp if you're feeling overwhelmed, you have every bloody right to feel exhausted, twins; I can't imagine! Just make sure YOU are ok. xx

Mel- Hope the foot is healing soon, Have you finished all the xmas shopping now?

Sarah- Make sure you are looking after yourself hun, don't put too much pressure on yourself, especially with trying to toilet train Joel as well, with DS1 I waited til DS2 was a few months old before I really started training him, that can be a full on time as it is, especially looking after a newborn as well!

Kerrie-Sounds like you had a corker of a day with Jaz, glad you had an understanding friend! lol, what a sight Miss Jaz must of been. I always hate it when I hear "Mummy, uh oh" coming from DS2's room after I've put him down for a sleep, usually find him drawing with the contents of his nappy! ewww! lol, ahhh kids! smile]

Samantha- Well done on breastfeeding to 6 and a half weeks! smile] don't be too hard on yourself, you tried, and it doesn't always work. Every baby and supply is different. As long as Krista is happy and gaining weight, that's all that matters. Look after yourself. Are you all ready for xmas?

Cassie- How did you go with your first day alone with 3? I try and get all my 3 down at roughly the same time, even 15 minutes in a day can make a huge difference to my sanity, lol. DS1 is nearly 4 so doesn't sleep, but it's "special" for him to be allowed to lay down on our bed and watch cartoons. Can be so exhausting somedays though. Can certainly relate!

Naomi- Are you all settled in to the new place now? Must have been hard work moving with a newborn, it's tiring enough with out one! lol.

Hope everyone is well, I'm good, tired (as always). Trying to keep the children quiet while hubby sleeps, he worked 11pm-7:30am last night with a "challenging" client, so is rather exhausted! Don't like him doing nights wink], I miss my snuggles! lol, so pathetic!

Take care everyone
Ellie xx

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