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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Hi ladies. Just hoping to join in. Haven't been on Huggies for months and just remembered about the month threads. I found it so helpful with DD1.
I had DD2 on 16th Oct. She was 9lb 6 1/2oz- massive, I know! Her name is Nyah Jovi. She has a big sister Jennika, who was 18 months old when she was born.
She is a great night sleeper- touch wood, but days are terrible. She sleeps in her bouncer for naps. She self settled for a few days in the cot, but has gone down hill fast with that, so we're back to the bouncer. She has horrific lower wind pain and I'm not finding anything is working. She screams through her bottle. She has infacol and Mariners. We've changed temps and teats- nothing changes. We'll be off to the docs this week if she's no good today. It's such a struggle and so diff to DD1, who would drink a million bottles a day if allowed!
Take it easy
Lisa xo

Thanks for all the advice i found that the infacol and gripe water burned him on the way up. However i have started using Brauers colic relief and it seems to be working.
Hi All!

I'm late I know but can I join??

Elodie Valentine was born on October 15th. She weighed 2.9 kilos and a couple of weeks ago she was 6.5, I haven't weighed her recently but she's a little chub!lol

She's very good, I am very lucky I think. She did have wind problems and I tried all those remedies but nothing seemed to really work for her, it's really hard to tell. She seems to have gotten on top of it now though most of the time.

Look forward to chatting with you!

[Edited on 04/01/2010]
it has been ages since i have posted in here *naughty me* lol

hi and welcome to the 'new' members smile

i cant believe it is 2010 already and our babies are 3 months old. befire we know it we will be organising their first birthday parties aarrgghh lol

my boys are getting so big now. they last got weighed the week before xmas and corban was 5.6kgs and tyler was 5.2kg so they are packing on the weight smile]

i have taken corban to an osteopath a couple of times as he was arching his back really bad (silent reflux) and the difference in him has been amazing. he is so much more settled and doesnt need to be constantly cuddled. both boys have also rolled from their backs to their tummys in the last couple of days but they havent worked out how to get their arm out from underneath themselves so get really frustrated lol its really funny to watch lol and we find out on friday if corban will need his hernia operated on

i have been diagnosed with PND and was put on meds just before xmas. they seem to be working as the last couple of days i have had the energy and motivation to do things. i am also in the process of finding someone for home help for a couple of days each week (i am so glad the government is paying for it lol 1 benefit to having twins and another child under 5 lol)

anyways thats pretty much it for now lol
Hi Alana!

Where is Corban's hernia? Elodie has an umbilical one and we see the surgeon next week. I think it's getting smaller on it's own though... or she's getting bigger!lol
his is a groin one. tyler had one in exactly the same spot (taking the twin thing a bit far there lol) and his fixed it self. was hoping corbans would too but it looks like its getting worse
Hey girls

Sorry haven't been on here for a long time. How was everyone's xmas and new years?

Logan is growing up so fast. At 9 weeks he was 5.3kgs and 59cm long. Im still battling with the cradle cap, grrr, i've already gone through a bottle of olive oil but it seems to be coming away. But everytime i bit comes off so does about 1/2 dozen strands of hair sad.
Also think logan has enzma too all on his face, shoudlers and now its coming up onto his thighs. Still got to get him into the doctor.

hey sette my oldest Jaz who is 3 in march has a umbilical hernia and my doctor told me that they wont operate till school age.But luckily her's doesn't cause her any pain or discomfort.Hopefully Elodies is getting smaller might be fixing itself. She's a bit of a cutie smile

Hey Alana its great that your feeling better and getting the motivation back. Its great to hear the boys are doing well love looking at their pics on fb.


No good that is is getting worse Alana sad
I definitely think they'll leave Elodie's because it is looking so much better, will be great if it fixes itself but most people who I've spoken to say their kid's hernias didn't fix themselves so I don't think the odds are good.
Elodie was 6.6kgs at 10 weeks, she was only 6.6 pounds when she was born!lol She's a chub!
Logan is a cutie too and so is Jazmin! Beautiful eyes!
Hello ladies!! Hope the new year is treating everyone well. Over the holiday my gorgeous man asked me to marry him. God Bless so it's a very special year for us!! We are looking forward to planning the wedding.

Well my days are busy training my son to use to loo, he is so good on the potty but it's time to move up! My little girl is getting everyday and has decided to start rolling! She is very strong i guess she has to be with her brother.

Well hope everyone is great and jsut to let you all know we are on facebook too. Under october mums. Let me know if you would like the link.

Take care everyone. xoxo Sez
Hi Sez,

How exciting! When's the wedding? I LOVE wedding planning.. so much fun!
I tried to join the FB thing but didn't get a reply? Maybe I should have another look!
No, I take it back... I've been accepted!
I can't believe some babies are already rolling!
My Sarah is definitely not ready to roll yet, I've been slack about tummy time so now I make a point of putting her on her tummy every morning when she is bright and bubbly then after her bath, the other 2 rolled from tummy to back first.
Also how many of us have af back? Mine appeared today.

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