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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Hi Mums

Welcome Sette, your little girl is so cute, love the photos on FB too.

Alana, glad to hear the boys are growing so well.

Miss Em has only rolled from tummy to back a couple of times, must do more tummy time too.

Cass, still haven't got AF back, I've been feeding Em for nearly 3months now so I guess they will arrive sometime soon.

How's everyone's bubs going with weight? I think after having the biggest baby, I think I have the smallest baby now lol Em seems to growing longer each day just not outta! Back to the clinic on tuesday for another weigh in.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, not much happening here we are expecting a temp of 42' for the next 3 days. Anyone know how old bubs can go in the pool, we have an inground salt water pool, should it be ok for Em to get in?

Hey i think it should be fine for Em to go in the pool.
Ive taken krista swimming a few times now. they say not to put them in a chlorine pool but I just got told not to have her in there for to long and she was fine.

After saying that about rolling, Sarah rolls on to her side all the time now but not quite all the way over.
Sarah is very slow to put on the weight too, she just keeps putting on 95gms a week so the last time I weighed her she was still only 4.73kg, that was almost 2 weeks ago so I expect her to be about 5kg when I weigh her this Tuesday.

I am so slack at getting on here sorry just been busy with 4 kids plus was on holidays and now home and trying to get everyone back into routine. Lilijana is rolling from her tummy to her back all the time now and is smiling heaps, laughs at her brothers and babbles away to herself,we have managed to get her to start drinking 200mls but still have to wake her for feeds otherwise she would sleep all day I think so will be seeing the doc about that last time I got her weighed at 8 weeks she was 4.5kgs need to get her weighed again but I know that the nurse won't be happy as I don't think she has put on much weight she is now 14 weeks old.

Hope to get in here more to chat


Tamara it sounds like she is putting her energy into other developments rather than putting on alot of weight so I think she sounds fine to me.
Sarah was 4.58kg at 8 weeks so basically the same as Lilijana. I'm getting her weighed today and I'm expecting the CHN to not be happy at all either. Sarah will be 12 weeks on Thursday but I hope the CHN is smart enough to know that 12 weeks is not 3 months, that extra week might make alot of difference!

Shaylas in hospital sad she wont feed and they dont know why she wont breastfeed or bottle feed she was taking the breast fine until a bout 2 weeks ago thn i started expressing into bottles nd she was fine with that and thn i tryed to go on to formula and she took it nd then all of a sudden she wouldnt take the bottle with breast or formula milk in sad she has a feeding tube in its so sad sad

sending ((hugs)) to Shayla. I hope everything is ok and you are back home really soon xx


grr they are trying to tell me there is nothing rong with her. since wen does a baby there is nothing rong with stop feeding for no apperant reason?!?!

Posted by: x0xmelx0x
grr they are trying to tell me there is nothing rong with her. since wen does a baby there is nothing rong with stop feeding for no apperant reason?!?!

that is crap. your so right - a baby doesnt stop feeding just for the hell of it. if she still isnt taking anything keep pushing the drs for answers. trust you instincts

**GBH** hope she is better soon
I hope they find out how Shayla is not feeding, and soon! Thinking of you smile x

does anyone else think their babies might be teething soon?

Sarah keep playing with her ears (maybe thats all it is) and her last poo nappy was different and she is alot harder to settle and does not sleep for as long at a time but doesn't seem to be feeding any extra (I wish she would)
Also very fussy at the breast, pulling off heaps before she stays on and settles in for a feed, any ideas? Or is it just that she is older and more alert, she has also started playing with my bra strap while feeding.

Posted by: Cassie71
Sarah keep playing with her ears .

Sometimes when babies play with there ears its a sign of ear infection specially since she is harder to settle nd keeps coming off while feeding, mayb u should go to your GP just to be safe,

Does anyone know how to make a formal complaint against a dr at a hospital? the dr told me yesterday that shayla was fine nd they taking her feeding tube out i was outraged he was so rude nd made me feel like a terriable mother, i told him that im not going anywhere until my baby is feeding again and that he is not to touch the tube in her nose cause i want her to be feed if she will not take her bottle he told me that he is not authorizing any more feeds to be put thru the tube and that it HAS to come out, i then askd him how i was suposta feed my daughter if he wasnt going let her be feed thru the tube nd he told me i dont know i cant tel you that FUCKN AGROANT MALES i tel you so i am going to make a complaint

Hey Mel, about the doctor try calling the AMA, Australian Medical Association, thats the only thing I can think of.

About Sarah playing with her ears, I got her a full checkup at the GP on Thursday and she is fine, ears are clear apparently. We are just waiting on the results from the wee test now.

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