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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Oh good glad to hear that her ears are fine smile

Im in new zealand so i might try google it lol hopefully it comes up with something for me smile

Im thinking about taking her to see a private paeditriton ( sorry cnt spell ) if ther is no improvement in the next couple of days

mel contact your DHB. they will be able to tell you how to lodge a complaint. do you have the drs name? hows shayla going now?
Oops sorry, I forget we have New Zealanders on here smile
I don't know what DHB is but I'm sure you have a NZ Medical Assoc as well smile
How is she today? Is she totally refusing to feed at all or fussing heaps or only feeding for a minute then fussing?
Sarah is not feeding quite enough and not giving quite enough wet nappies but all her checks at the doctor have come up clear. It's so hard sometimes!

Heya Ladies

Haven't posted in ages but have been keeping track of everyone's progress as mummies!
Mel I hope Shayla is feeding again or you atleast have some answers!
Cassie, Audrey is often fussy at the breast, pulling off quite frequently, but we persist. She hasn't been feeding for as long lately, but that is normal as their sucking becomes stronger and they take more in, in a shorter amount of time. I was having alot of trouble with her squirming because of wind, but now that's changed to being so alert and nosey hehe!
Took Audrey for a weigh-in and measure yesterday and she is weighing 5755grams and measures 61.2cm.
Developmentally she is cruising along, doing all the things a 12week old should be doing. I'm loving the "chats" we have hehe... all those vowel sounds she makes are just gorgeous!
Just this week she has started sleeping thru her 1am feed, but is still feeding 2.5-3 hourly thru the day. I thought perhaps day feeds would start to space out a bit more by now. How often is everyone else's bubs feeding?
Sorry for the rant. Hope 2010 is being good to you all!
xx Neets xx

Hi Ladies,

Haven't been on in awhile, the three boys and DH working 70 hours a week is keeping me busy!
All good here, Bub is doing fantastically! Gosh I adore that little guy. He's so happy and content and sleeps fabulously. Still breastfeeds like a gem 5 hourly during the day. Having him weighed next week for the first time since his 8 week check, will be interesting to see how much the little porker has put on. He's obviusly doing fine, as he's filling out his clothes and the nappy tabs are getting further and further apart, so I'm not worried!

He's definately teething already though, has had a temp for a couple of days and keeps grinding my finger along his gums when he holds on to it, has the big rosy red cheeks too. So not ready for him to grow up though wink]

Well, I must be crazy because we are taking the kids on a holiday interstate in 3 weeks. Can't belive I'm going to take a 4yr old, 2 yr old and bub on a plane trip! Crazy! lol, Have travelled with DS1 and DS2 a fair bit, so not too stressed, just hope that they aren't too bad on the flight. I've got them portable dvd players, magnetic games, sticker books, stories, finger puppets, heaps of snacks in non spill bowls I think we should be okay. I'm so excited to get away for a week though! This is DH's holidays as he worked over xmas, so looking forward to some family time together.

Hope everyone is doing well. xx

Ive managed to get shayla to take 100mls every 4-5 hours in the day its stil not enough as she sleeps from 9.30-6.30/7ish tht it may be thrush AGAIN!! or reflux, she just refuses to drink its so heartbreaking coz i know she is sooo hungry, i had her weighed today. she lost 10grams since last week and noone seem to be concerned :S WHAT IS RONG WITH THE MEDICAL SYSTEM !!?!!? grrr

Hi everyone - I hope it is not too late to join this group? I was part of the Due in November group lol
Drew was born on the 23rd of October so certainly part of this group lol
I hope everyone and all bubs are thriving and doing well, off to make a batch of lactation cookies (fingers crossed they work like last time) take care all


Leigha''s little men smile

Hey Neets, Sarah is only 5.11kg and is 62cm long as of 13 weeks. We've had a terrible week feeding wise, she went from feeding 4 hourly, to feeding about 6 hourly including overnight so only 4 feeds in a day, and that went on for about 4 days. She has fed every 4 hours again since then though, and had 2 night feeds last night which was unheard of for weeks!
I hope she is having a growth spurt because she has not been putting on enough weight each week sad
Also was going to mention that I have my cycle back and her very fussy times when she was refusing feeds was when I was about to get af and then again when I was about to ovulate:-)

Where do I get the lactation cookies recipe?
Cassie, Audrey has also woken thru the night a couple of times since my post... I always jinx myself by telling people how fab she is doing.
Has anyone been asked yet if they are having anymore bubs? People just assume that Jason and I will try again, with Audrey being our only bub together, but I think we have decided just to enjoy her... with a baby and a occasionally moody teenager in the house I think I might be asking for trouble if I even think of having another one! hehe!

Yep I felt that way when Sarah was fussing, after telling everyone how perfect she was!
Yes people keep asking if we are finished or will have more and we have 3 and I'm 38 yrs old! To be honest if we had one more I'd be thrilled but DH is absolutely against it and I'm ok with 3 as well, but 4 would be fine too, if that makes sense smile

Posted by: Neetsy
Where do I get the lactation cookies recipe?

Sheesh I hope this works has been a very long time since I did one of these lol
[Edited on 26/01/2010]

Leigha''s little men smile

Hi all! Haven't been here for a while but have been at the FB group.
Miss Elodie is doing great! She weighs 7.1kgs, she rolls from back to front every now and then and she still sleeps through. Only problem she has is she's a spewer but I'll take that!lol

Hope Shayla is doing better!
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