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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Ok so I need some sleeping advice/opinions

Sidney is a great sleeper during the day - she goes down for 3-4hrs at a time after each feed fairly easily but during the night is a different story.

She will only sleep at night if she is being cuddled or held by my DH or myself. Now I have no problem with this really but am worried I'm setting her up to do this forever which is totally not what I want - but the alternitive at the moment is no one getting any sleep as she when she is asleep and put in her crib she will only last 20mins until she is awake and screaming and then she is impossible to settle again - last night she cried so much while I was trying to settle her in her crib that she made herself sick.

I just need advice as to what u think I should be doing and what is normal as this is my first i'm pretty clueless so anything you can offer on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

marni have you tried a dummy? and do you wrap her? is she in your room or in her own?

ive found with the boys i need to leave them unwrapped during the day but at night they need to be wrapped otherwise we get crap all sleep
She has a dummy and she gets wrapped as well. She is in her own room but spends most of her time in her rocker, on the couch with us or in our bed - does not like being in her room during the night - usually settles in her room during the day.

hi girls

our little boy (Alex) was born 15th Oct, 3.1kg and 51cm. He's 3rd child - also ahve a nrly 3yoDD and 18mth DS.

Just wanted to say congrats everyone!

Shaina - our baby has some kidney issues, he has not had a UTI yet but has had ultrasounds and an xray cos of anomalied picked up at my 20&36week pregnancy scans. He may need surgery on his kidneys - we are waiting on another scan and paed/specialist advice. About 30-50% of babies with UTI get them because of structural issues like Alex's. So if Ruby has another UTI, please ask for a renal ultrasound to rule that out.

MarniT - with our 3 kids we always found they slept better at night in a bassinet next to our bed. daytime a rocker in the lounge works well and helps them learn night from day. we move them into their own room in a cot from about 10-13 weeks, as soon as they are too big or too mobile for their bassinet. Alex doesn't settle easily at night, he drops into a v light sleep to start with. ONce i see him asleep i count 10mins on my clock/watch before putting him to bed. Seems silly but it really helps and then i don't get frustrated constantly resettling him. Other thing to consider is the angle of the bed - rockers are usually inclined. we put some towels under the head of the bassinet so he can sleep on a slight angle at night too....its just a habit from having a reflux-y 2nd child!

Sounds like some mums are having great sleeps at night! I'm up 1 hour on 3hourly feeds at night - so 2hours sleep at a time. But Alex is only 2 weeks old. i remember by about 6-7 weeks things are usually's hoping!
Afternoon ladies!

Chloe is 2 weeks old today!! She is one fussy little girl this morning, i cant believe how different her and her brother are. She is such a little fussy baby!! DS was never fussy liek this haha girls hey!! lol

Im trying to stay on top of everyone's posts but i just dfont have the time to sit and rwead them all. If it's not the toddler it's the bubs!! Oh well im sure with lots of practise ill get there in the end.

Love to all keep up the good work mummies!! xxx
Mikayla and rubys mum - yah for getting to go home, hope Ruby settles in well for you and finger's X that she doesn't get another UTI.

Marni- hope Sidney had a good night for you last night.... i was also going to suggest putting the bassinet in your room and maybe try unwrapping her?? Logan won't sleep being wrapped, one night i wrapped him and we got no sleep took me a fair few hours to figure it out though. Sometimes babies are like one big guessing game, you got to keep trying new things till you finally find the answer.

Well i thought i was out of the breast feeding game , my boobs are just so empty. Im now feeding off two boobs for one feed..... then like 10 to 20mins later he is back on again. I brought formula last night thinking i may need to top him up but i didnt and he slept great too. So im going to keep going for as long as i can and hopefully my milk supply increases. Does anyone have any tips for this??

Hope everyone is doing well


Congrats to the new mummys who have joined us here.

Thank you to everyone who has offered their advice with settling Sidney - after some advice we are trying a natural remedy for her wind and atm it seems to be working and she is a totally different baby.

We don't currently have a bassenet (s?) but I am on the hunt for a second hand one - we didn't think we would need one - rookie mistake LOL - but I'm on the look out now but I don't want to buy a new one if i'm only going to use it for a short time.

We are slowly working it out - had a really good night last night best one yet so we are getting there and I will be back to ask for advice when I need it.

Hope everyone's babies are doing well and you are getting enough sleep.

Kez, I got some fenugreek & blessed thistle tablets from the health food shop. They are meant to stimulate milk production, have been taking them for a few days and don't think they have done much, but they might work for you. Also I feel empty in the late arvo/evening and Emmy seems to cluster feed in the evening and when I spoke to the clinic nurse about this she said it was quite common for babies to be like this at this age. Can be frustrating and there are times when I feel like I have no milk but I just think my supply has adjusted and settled down. As long as Logan has plenty of wet nappies, is gaining weight and usually settles well then I'd say he was getting enough off you. It's also good for them to feed more as this will help increase your supply.

Hope this helps.

Heya Mummies

Just finding some time to report in and try and read some posts.
Audrey has settled in nicely. My nipples are recovering from poor attachment in the first 2 days and my boobs feel empty toward the evening too, but otherwise the feeding is going fab! She is now feeding every 4 hours for about 50mins.

For those mum's trying to settle bubs to sleep, try swaddling just one arm and leaving the other free... this can also help avoid bub getting a flat head if you alternate swaddled arm with each sleep and facing bub's head toward the free arm.
I bought a breast pump today, which I plan to try and use tomorrow... hopefully it goes ok!!
Keep doing a fab job ladies!
Neets x

Hi girls,

Jessica is 4 1/2 weeks old now, i can't believe how fast it has gone. She is doing really well, breastfeeds every 3-4 hours (sometimes more often during the day) & sleeps amazing at night, last night was 9pm - 5am. She is usually in bed around 7-8pm and only wakes once during the night (2-5am). It is alot better than the first week at home when she was up all night & wanted to be she settles herself back to sleep after a feed. She's such a good bubba smile

I entered her in the B105 Little Lookers comp & was so excited to see her pic was used as the main photo for the 551-600 gallery smile If you have time, please vote for her...she is #579


Kez - I have been using an avent manual breast pump for the last few weeks, I found I was emptied by the evening & Jess wasn't too happy with it. Since I started pumping I have been producing alot more milk & she is always satisfied.


thanks Karen and Mel for the advice. My milk did end up increasing with all the feeds and he is def getting enough , he weighs almost 4 kg now. But i'm still considering putting him on the bottle, i'm just not happy..... i'm so confused. One minute i'm fine feeding him and the next i feel like i don't want to, it's doing my head in.


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