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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Grrr stupid huggies!! I popped on the other day and wrote a HUGE post and hit submit and got crying babies sad Anyway..

We had Mahli's 4 week check and she is doing well now weighing 8lb 6oz and 53cm long! We finally seem to be getting into a little bit of a routine too, she goes down about 10pm wakes between 2-3 for 1/2 hour feed then back down until 5-6am.

Wow Lana thats was quick!!! I have been meaning to post my birth experience for ages but can't seem to find 20 min to sit down and type it up lol.

Just curious after having Mahli my tailbone got really sore and often now it still feels quite bruised? Has anyone had this before?

We have needles on Tuesday sad Wish me luck and I am pretty sure I will cry more than she does! Can't believe it has been almost 6 weeks already!

Hope everyone is well xx

Thank you i will try the avent ones my nipples are bleeding too sad it sucks so much cause i want to breastfeed and im all weird and dont want anyone else feeding her lol.
I will try the leaving them out in the air too lol they seem to sting but i gues its just them getting use to getting used for feeding lol.

Thanks for you advice smile

Morning ladies,

hope all mum and bubs are well! Thomas is already 5 weeks old! It's going way too fast wink] He had his 4 week check last week and has gained over 1kg since birth! Little chubber! He has the chubbiest little cheeks and is already going into size 000 clothes(was 6 pound 15 ounces at birth)!
So going to pack up all the 0000 clothes today, for the last time...I'm sure I'll have a cry, even though I am 100% sure I am finished having children. Handing them on to a friend who is due in January, so it'll be nice to know they will be used agian.

Feeding and sleeping is still going really well, he's had a couple of fussy days where he really hasn't been very interested in feeding much and has slept most of the day, but figure it's a 'developmental' week and he'll probably feed heaps next week when the 6 week growth spurt happens.

Have my 6 week check with OB this week and bub's 6 week check with Paed and DH's birthday, so busy few days!

It's a beautiful day here today and forecasted for the next couple of days (I'm in Hobart) so getting all the washing on the line, not used to much

Hope everyone is well xx

hi ladies!

Well i havn't been to good with the breastfeeding side of things. I have thrush on my nipples which means dd has it in her mouth. We went the doctors and got thta all taken care off.Last night though i had a rough night of cold shivers and a temp, this morning checked my breast and yep there is was a huge read lump which is matitis. So im antibioates for 5 days!! I feel liek death warmed up and then some. Im holding in there as i know once i get pass these bumps in the road breastfeeding well be amazing!! I do very much feel like giving up but ill hag in there as liong as i can.

I hope everyone is sailing along nice and easy!! Thinking about all those little babies!!

Sarah xxxx
I use nipple sheilds aswell!
if i hadnt of gotten them i would of stopped feeding Krista she was making me bleed and crack and it was just so painful now its a breeze hehe
I brought some for $21 at a chemist dont know the brand she kinda liked them
but i went to the baby shop a few days later and found tommee tippee ones for $11 and they stay on better and she attaches easiler to them then the expencive ones! lol

Hey all

I cant believe that my lil Tyler is 3 weeks old today. Time is definately going so fast.Tyler's big brother Aden definately loves him to pieces and sometimes a bit rough with him. Aden been bit naughty lately dont know what to do but just hoping in few weeks things will settle down.
Had to take Tyler to the doctors the other day on the advice of the chemist and turns out he had a viral infection. He started to go down hill between friday morning to sat morning so took him back to the doctors and turns out they had to put him on anti-biotics which totally not happy about but guess as long as makes him better. Poor lil bugger has a crackly chest, red throat, screams when he coughs and wasnt feeding to well but he is definately getting better.
You feel so helpless when they are that lil. Think the anti-biotics and steamer has helped alot though

Nel-Shailer Park, son Aden 14.2.07

Hey Ladies

Well Logan is 3 weeks old today, its felt like one big blur. I can barely remember the birth lol. I decided to stop BF and bottle him on formula and i think it was the right decision for everyone. I was beginning to have quite negative feelings towards BF and i felt like i didn't want to feed him half the time. I still feel a bit guilty for giving up on him but i just wasn't coping doing everything. Also i keep having major mood swings and felt like i was taking it out on dd, she even started to reject me. I also have been blaming DF for the way i was feeling cause i felt like he wasn't helping me enough and he is never home, he is still having quite a fun life with his mates but we had a chat (well i got very angry and told him how i was feeling) and i think he finally gets it now. So since then he has been great, which has made everything a lot easier for me.

Anyways on a very good note I got Jaz into day care next year starting on the 19th Jan, which is going to be great for me and her.

Did anyone else quit smoking when they got pregnant? Gosh this is another struggle...I just wish my DF would quit or not smoke at home (outside). grrr i really don't won't to go there but the temptation is there. Hopefully i can stay strong NO i will stay strong lol.

Anyhow this is very long so i will go hope everyone is doing great and take care

Kez xx

Kez i know how you feel with my partner never being home and still having great time with his mates we stil young and i dont thnk he understands how i feel even tho i tell him.

As for smoking i quit when i was 16 weeks pregnant and it was so hard to quit specially with all the relationship problems we were having but my partner still smokes at home and it drives me insane it makes me want one soo bad specially when im tired and stressed but im trying to be strong and not go back to smoking altho i really want to some days but i know its not good for shayla since im breastfeeding her,

Be strong and tell ur partner hes not aloud to smoke at home lol

hey ladies

i just had a call from my midwife saying that shayla needs her heel prick test repeted im a bit worried that there is something rong with her sad

Awwwh Mel hopefully they just didn't get enough blood for the tests. Crossing my fingers it's all ok!!

We drove back to Tom Price over 2 days and arrived home yesterday afternoon. Audrey was so good in the car and surprisingly she had some awake time during the drive. Last night she went 5 hours between her night feeds - shocked but thinking it was a one-off hehe!

Hope everyone's bubs are thriving!
Neets x

Im having the same problem with my partner
It sucks. Hes at work all day and does whatever he wants after work
and still goes out and has fun with his friends.
while im at home all day everyday with Krista.
Ive tried to talk to him about it but he doesnt listen. the other day he got off work early and instead of spending time with me while baby was sleeping he went out to his friends house. was very frustrated i just dont know what to do about it amymore. he says im trying to tie him down but thats far from the truth! just wanted to spend some time with him but guess thats to much to ask from him!

My midwife is trying to get me to stop using the shields so going to try faze them out slowly krista feeds a bit better now latches ok just doesnt stay there lol

Morning ladies,

Sarah- how's the mastitis? Hope it's cleared up and you're feeling better, it's so bloody awful being sick like that! Thinking of you!

Kez- I quit smoking each time I found out I was pregnant, then everytime I returned to work (when ds's were each about 10 months) I started smoking again, I'm NOT going back to work this time, so hoping not to take it up. I don't crave it or anything, just spending breaks with smokers at work, I have no willpower, lol. However DH smokes (outside) and I hate it, he quits every couple of weeks but has less will power than I do!!

Mel- Hope the prick tests go ok, hopefully there was just a problem with the first test and it's nothing to worry about! fingers crossed!!

Well Thomas has had a bad couple of days, he's got an awful cough and has a coughing fit after every feed then profectile vomits everywhere!! I'm really hoping it's because of the cough and not reflux. Both DS1 and DS2 had medication for reflux and were quite sick little babies; I really don't need that again. Taking him to the doctors tonight so will see what he says.

Hope all mums and bubs are well.

Ellie xx

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