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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Hi all - I have not posted in a while but have been checking in - have had family visiting so time has been limited.

Sidney is doing really well - she is a pretty good baby most of the time and it's so amazing whatching her change before our eyes.

She is 400g up on birth weight and clinic nurse said she is doing great. Although we took her to the hospital for a pead physo appointment today - she has stiff neck muscles so we now have to stretch them out at each nappy change so she does not get a misshapen head.

Hi ladies it's been awhile, iv had a few really tough hard weeks but i do believe it's all behind me and im starting to enjoy my little girl.

It started with thrush on my nipples then they got cracked. Went to the doctor's got all fixed for that then come down with mastitis, OMG worse ever!!! Went on anti bioates within a few days nothing was happeneing and i was getting worse back to the doctors i went and into hospital i was sent argh!! So three nights in hospital on a iv full of anti bioates!! Fianlly got home and im feeling so much better. But im not breastfeeding anymore was a hard choice to make but for the better!!

hope everyone is well and there bubs!!!

Oh Sarah, I am so sorry you have had such a rough time with your breasts - but I'm glad you have come out the other side ok - and don't feel bad about not bfeeding - as you know I could not do it as my straws (nipples) did not work and have been bottle feeding pretty much from the beginning and although I kinda wish I could have bfed life is so much easier bottle feeding - I know it's selfish and I hope people don't judge me but I love that my body is mine again and she does not need to be with me and I can duck out for a few minutes on my own and not worry she's hungry etc.....that being said I have so much respect for those mums who can do it and do do it.

marni if your selfish for think that then i am too lol after carrying the boys for 8months and having to watch what i was allowed and not allowed to eat and drink i am so happy that my body is 100% my own again lol

took the boys to the DRs on friday for the 6 week check up. i decided to delay getting the boys vax'd until they are bigger and the nurses wouldnt stop going on about it even after i said that tyler has a cold so even if i was going to get them done at that time i wouldnt be able to. i would hate to see what they are like towards people who dont vax

corban now weighs 4kg - he put on 400g in 1 week last week and tyler weighs 3.7 - he only gained 200g even tho they have the same amount of formula at each feed lol both of them are 55cms (C was 46.5 at birth and T was 48) so both of them are thriving smile]

i am having an operation on the 11th Dec to fix my hernia. the dr said that he can give me a bit of a tummy tuck at the same time (hernia is right above my belly button) lol instead of just doing a normal incision he will actually cut out some of the excess skin so i will have a bit of a scar but i dont care about that lol

hope everyone is enjoying their bubs. not long til we will be celebrating their first xmas lol
Life is returning to normal!! My mum left this mornign after staying to help me out with bubs and the toddler!! Tomorrow will be the real test for me all alone from 7 to 5!! Well there is no milk in my boobs all dried up and now they are back to being worthless things on my chest. sad im very upset with the whole not be able to breast feed my bubs but i think at the end of the day we are both happier without it.

Where is everyone? These babies must be keeping us busy!!

Love to all mother's.
Hi Ladies
Sorry its taken me so long to get on. Time flys when your so busy.

Tate was 6 weeks yesterday and is doing great. He cat naps during the day and feeds every 3 - 4hrs. He can sometimes go 5hrs in the arvo.He has his last feed at around 8.30-9 and sleeps until 2am. Takes about 45 mins to feed then back to bed until 7ish. He went for his needles yesterday and woke at 2am with temp and started vomiting after his bottle. After 4 changes of p.j's for both of us i finally got him back to sleep at around 4am but couldnt go back myself as i new i had to get up again at 5.40am to go walking. If i dont go before hubby goes to work its just to hot in the arvo to go when he gets home.

I just want to say how proud i am of my 2yr old. He has taken to his brother so well and is so in love with him. Tate gets more kisses and cuddles than anyone. I really thought he would have felt put out but we have kept up his routine and we have had no problems.

3 princesses, i have had a really sore tailbone since i had Tate and at my 6wk checkup yesterday asked my doc about it she is sending me for xrays as during pregnancy and birth the talebone can be fractured or even moved out of position. She also said that your talebone is covered in ligerments and nerves and these could have been damaged during the birth. If this is the case it can take up 2 6 months for it 2 heal. She also said theres not alot you can do about it, it just takes time.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to catch you all up with everything thats been happening.
Will get on more now everone is settled and in a routine.


Hi guys, how is everyone, I hope you are all doing well.

This week has been a big week for us. Last friday afternoon I started bleeding heavily, not just heavy, it was 1 pad an hour. Monday I went to the the Dr after having an ultrasound done and I had retained product. So off to hospital I went, long story short, I was meant to have a curette on Tuesday but at 4:30 after having a screaming baby all day and being hungry thirsty and having a miagraine, I walked out. I went back to the Dr on Wednesday who gave me antibiotics and so far so good, the bleeding has slowed to the point where there was a tiny tiny bit of pink on the pad last night.
On Wednesday afternoon Makaylas dad come up to give me a bit of a hand so I could get some sleep and just not worry about looking after her too much which was fantastic but after having her on formula feeds and me expressing milk Wednesday I have decided to put her on formula full time. It is the best for both of us. For the last 4 weeks its been nothing but crying and feeding non stop, and now she is feeding, having awake time then sleeping for 3 hours after each feed. So it's been great having my happy baby back. I was really upset about stopping but its the right decision, I have been expressing and still giving her between 170 and 200mls of EBM every second feed but I have noticed she isn't as happy after the ebm as she is with the formula, it just doesn't seem to fill her.
So everything has been great with her but not so great with matt, he is really doing my head in big time. I just don't know what to do with him anymore. Nothing I do helps his behaviour. He has just turned on me big time and I dunno how much more of it I can take.
Oh she is self settling most of the time too now grin I think things are only gonna get better, hopefully with both of them very soon.
Anyway sorry for the long post, I'm killing time while she is lying next to me chatting away, she is so tired but really fighting it. Soo cute I love her so much.

Wow i hope your doing ok now. Sounds horrable. When you have had some good sleep everything always seems eaiser to handle. Im glad you have had some help. I have found when im really tied Quin, whos 2, just gets me really angry. I just put a show on for him and have a nice cup of tea and a read of a book or mag which always seems to help calm me down. They must just no when they can really push our buttons.
Well best go feed Tate who is crying.
Remember were always here if you need anything.


Hi ladies

How is everyone? Well life is getting better taking one day as it comes this whole formula thing is driving me insane. I was using s26 gold now im on karicare gold!! After Ds got really consipatied on the s 26 and vomiting so iv been on the new on for 24 hours and it seems to be agree with her the test will be if id blocks her up again.
sad I truly have no idea about formula and i hope im doing the right thing with her.

Both babies are asleep on the flour it's so very cute and i think im going to do the same.

Well i hope all you lovely ladies are doing well and coping fine. I know im not coping to well but i know deeep down there is a light at the end of the tunnel and she will get better soon.

Love to all.

Sarah xxx
Hi all mummys,

I also havnt been on in such a ridiculously long time. (sorry) Hayden is keeping me very busy. He is a great baby but i can just waste time watching him smile hours will pass and i still havnt done anything !!! biggest time wasters these babies ! Add into the equation a very energetic 3 year old and i have no hope. haha, i love it but...Even been thinking about the 3rd and final bub already! whats wrong with me ? Would just prefer to have these 2 close in age as there is a 3 1/2 year age gap between Lachlan and hayden, so if we were to have a 3rd bub we would want them closer together... If only i didnt have to do the whole pregnancy thing again..

Sarah have you thought about trying nan ha gold formula? its supposed to be excellent. It has whey in it so its easier to be digested, im supplement feeding hayden, after a breast feed, and our paediatrician strongly recommends nan formula. Hayden has bad stomach aches after ALL formula it seems, so gp has started me on motilium to increase my milk supply, just hope it works, cause these tummy aches are bad ! poor lil man...

Dont feel bad about the whole breast feeding thing sarah, you did your best! formula has come along way and is much better then what it was even 5 years ago ! anyway at least you dont have to worry about exposing your boobs all the time, i think my whole network of friends and relatives have had enough of seeing my boobs! and with how hot it has been it really sucks throwing a wrap over haydens head for the sake of privacy! You have brought a healthy baby girl into the world so dont feeel bad you should be proud of yourself. anyway have a great day, another hot one here in sydney !! xo


Thanks im feeling better as each day goes by! She is on the karicare gold now and seems to be happy with it has been pooing fine and sleeping better. Im trying th feed/play/sleep with her to stop the cat napping now that i have her formula under control.

I hope hayden feels better and the motilium works for you it didn't work for me with my ds but he was just so demanding and was on solids at 4 mths little bugger!!

Yeah i was never one to get my boob out in front of the fams!! lol

Best of luck. xx
Hi Everyone! I havent been on this thread before, but I was on the Due in October thread early on. I had a baby girl by C-Section on 5th October after being in hospital with high blood pressure. Charli was born at 10.29am, weighing 8lb 1oz (3660g) and 49.5cm in length. We had a tough first few days bfeeding (bleeding & cracked nipples), but when my milk came in it all came good. At six weeks she slept through the night (9pm - 5am) for the first time and hasnt done it since! She normally sleeps from 8.30pm til 2ish then has a feed and sleeps through til 5ish. She has a few catnaps during the day and one big 3-4 hour sleep at lunch. She is an angel compared to my DS who is now 2yrs and 3 months. He has been good with Charli, but I can see a definite change in his behaviour - he's not my little angel anymore! Glad he goes to daycare 2 days a week, it gives me a well earned break! I feel bad that I just don't get to spend the time to sit and play with him anymore. We also have our own business which we run from home so I am quite busy! BFeeding is going well, but not really enjoying it (is very time consuming aswell!) and at 6 months will reassess the situation. Anyway, sorry for the long post but had time to tell everything! Hope all is well for everyone else.
Rachel XX

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