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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Aww thanks, shes still not feeding well its soo annoying and heartbreaking and shes not putting on any weight she weighs 6.3kgs nd shes 3 months tomorrow they keep teling me nothings wrong with her but they did say shes not putting on any/enough weight which is a concern to me , we are seeing a SLT tomorrow and they are going to refer her back to the peadatrics drs and a dietation hopefully this can get sorted out

Anyone here from Perth? I just got the best news that we are moving back there in March!
Mel, 6.3kg is a great weight Sarah went through a phase of not feeding well but she's it and back to feeding properly, maybe Shayla will do the same when she is ready?

Hi ladies. I havent been on much lately. Have been so busy with both boys smile Isaac was 3 months old a few days ago and is getting so big! He's now 6.1kg and putting on the chub. Love it. He's such a happy little man and is always smiling. He's getting himself into a great routine now and is going to bed at 6pm waking once around 2am then is back in bed til 6am. He's also having regular naps in the day. Thank goodness.. Seth was a non-sleeper as a bub!!

Sette I read your DD has a belly button hernia. Just a bit of hope for you!! Isaac had a v. big belly button hernia but in the past week its fixed itself! I was amazed because I thought they'd need to fix it for him. My 1st son Seth had a small belly button hernia too and that fixed itself within a few months. So hopefully Elodie's fixes itself too smile

I'll try get on a little more often! I hope you're all well!

Hi mel.

sorry to hear about ur little girl :
I hope she is doing better...? must be so hard going through that, I kinda know how it feels, after kristas 3month jabs she hasnt been drinking the same amount of fluid as she normally would. healthline were no help either!! they wanted me to wait 3 days to see if things improved which was rediuclous!!

big hugs to you!!
sure she will be fine tho smile

Hi Everyone,

I was part of the Due in October thread but haven't been on for ages.
Once i read back over all the posts and get updated i'll jump back in smile

Chat to you all soon,
Tam x

Hi Tam welcome back !!

Well I've been super naughty and haven't been on here in ages.

Logan has been doing really well in the growing department lol. Two weeks ago he was 5.9kgs and 62 cm long. Logan also has eczema which we struggle with on and off, some days are good other days it breaks out really bad. He is now on sigmacort which is a steroid cream. It seems to keep it under control but not completely get rid off it. He has it everywhere face, legs, arms belly and back. Some nights he has disrupted sleeps cause its so itchy . Fingers x he will grow out of it.

The other prob Ive had is the top of his willy like where its closest to the skin there is a crease and it keeps splitting and bleeding. In your opinion do you think its nappy rash or part of his eczema? For all you ladies that have a boy has this every happen to them?
Ive also been contemplating changing to cloth nappies? Do you think it will be better for him than disposal?

Anyhow overall he is great, very cheeky and so darn cute lol.

Jaz has her third day of day care today and this is the first time I'm actually been home while she has been at school. I feel a little lost without having to get up to check on her every five minutes. And the house is so quiet.

I hope everyone is doing well and so are all the bubbas. I cant believe that they are all getting on to be four months old. I think i want another lol.

Take care talk soon


Kez i hope that logan is ok and hopefully gets better soon, could the eczema be related to an allergy? maybe you could try soy formula or HA ??

I have finally seen a private peadatrion who speciallises in reflux and alleriges and he has told me to try soy formula for a week and a medicine which is for colic but, its strange to me that he wants her to have an anti colic medicine when she has reflux nd told me to stop the reflux medicine for now , but hes ment to be really good so i will just do as im told for now and see what happens hopefully he can sort this out for me cause i am paying quite alot of money to see him lol

Mel it could very well be allergy related but cause of his age its difficult to tell. SO pretty much i just have to try and keep it under control. They don't want to perform a skin allergy test till he is older. But yeah may have to change the formula, just hanging out till next week when i go to the doctors. There is a good chance that he is lactose intolerant or that may develop and have allergies to other things like grass pollen ect . I have to be careful that everything is fragrance free and for sensitive skin, soap free, avoid wool and wool carpets the list goes on.

Hope shayla gets better and the new meds work for her.


nothing is working so the dr sugest i start her on solids!!! I WAS LIKE WHAATTT but ok gosh if i do she wont be my little baby any more sad she will be a big girl i wwasnt planning on starting her on solids until 5 months but if the dr thnk she need to then i gues he is right

i know the feeling about an early delivery, my wee boy was born 4 weeks early by emergency caeser because my placenta had come away, aparentkly another 15 mins and we would have lost the both of us. i loved being pregnant and miss the feeling but cos i was so small and not showing no one believed i was pregnant! even now on maternity leave people say to me gee were you pregnant? lol does that mean i was fat? i have lost LOADS of weight too!
I was the opposite, I looked alot further along than I was and carried very low so no one believed I'd make it to my due date most people said to be ready a few weeks early thinking she's come about 34-35 weeks but no, made it to my due date!

hey how is everyone doing? hows everyones bubs going???
it seems noone has commented in a while hope you are all ok?!
WOW i cnt believe how time has just flown by, shayla as her first cold and has also started solids shes loving pumpkin and kumera!! hope all is well for everyone

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