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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Kez - I know what you mean about the feeding thing. I was really happy with breastfeeding and Olly has been really easy to feed and i was thinking i would try breastfeeding until 6 mnths but the last few days i've been thinking it would be so much easier to bottle feed, especially with 3 other young kids.

I b/fed Jess until 4 month (when i got pregnant with Steph) but Steph and Chris i only b/fed for about 8 and 6 weeks. I dont know what to do either

Jess 2005, Steph 2006, Chris 2008 and Olly 2009

Whats the natural remedy you are using for bringing up wind?
I think Krista is finding it hard to bring hers up and I think that could be why shes been unsettled at night.
Ive been taking her to an osteopath the last couple of weeks and i think its helping with her feeding, she wouldnt feed on the left side she was completely pushing herself away but shes better at it now. I almost gave up breastfeeding within the 1st week! but thankgoodness for nipple shields! lol
Nights have been so stressful lately. shes up around 2am and it takes about 2hrs to get her back to sleep. its driving me nuts coz im so tired now sad and i dont know what to do. shes always fully feed (till she pulls herself off) burped and nappy changed then she gets more boobie milk if shes still searching but she still wont sleep!
Yesterday she was awake for ages, 430pm till 10pm sad nothing i did made her settle mum took us to the hospital coz her cry sounded like she was in pain but when we got there the little madam slept! and the doctors said there was nothing wrong.

well hope everyone is getting sleep and babies are fine smile

hi mums

jscnbump- i am the same i have 3 other children 10,6 and 2 1/2 so they are older than yours but i was finding it hard to breastfeed as the 2 1/2 is very demanding but he is slowly learning that he has to wait but it is very frustrating and confusing what to do. my advice is judt do what feels right for you and your family.

Well Thomas is 4 weeks today he has settled into our family nicely and the other 3 boys are so in love with him. He goes down for the night between 7-8 sleeps 5 hours then wakes for a feed sleeps another 4 then wakes about 6-7 so thats pretty good in my eyes. during the day its a different story he feeds alot during the day usually every 2hrs except one patch of the day where he goes 4 so i race round like aa made duck getting everything done.

as for me i am coping with 4 kids better than i thought i would its not as crazy as i thought it would be. i started exercising today sooner the better i say.

Hope everyone is going well

Mel - when did you find was the best time for you to use the pump? I've read that after the morning feed is best.

Kez - chin up... It's early days and we are all hormonal and tired. Give the BF a little longer - you don't want to give up and then regret it in a few weeks!

Neets x


It sounds like your DD has colic. Katie is 5 1/2 weeks old now but she still has about 4 days per week where she will be awake from around 4pm until 9 or 10pm at night. She also screams in pain and will drift off to sleep only to wake about 15 min later in pain. In the end she passes the wind (farts!) and then she is off to sleep for 4-5 hours.
The early childhood nurse advised me that it was colic and usually fixes itself by 3 months of age and you just have to hang in there!
What I have found is working at the moment is a dummy. It is a personal choice and I used one with my son for a couple of months too as he had reflux. You could also try lifting the cot/bassinet up at her head. At the moment I am trying to see if cutting out coffee, milk and broccoli makes any difference!
sorry for the long post but I hope it helps.


Samantha the natural remedy I am using is called Marina mixture - we bought it at the local chemist and are have had great success with it - Sidney is a very different baby than the one we had a few days ago - much happier and more settled and able to bring up or push out her wind a lot easier.

I am pleased to announce that I beleive Sidney's body clock has kicked in - night have been amazing we feed twice a night now between 10 and 11 and then again between 2 and 3 and she settles so easily after these feeds and will go down in her crib. During the day she takes little cat naps and feeds a little more regularly but I can handle that cause it's day time....we are all so much happier atm.

I'm not counting my chickens before they hatch though - still making sure I have a little sleep during the day just in case.

Hey i was wondering does anyone know how long it take for an episiotomy to heal and stop hurting mine still really sore, and does anyone have any good ideas about feeding with crackd nipples mine are really really sore sad its only bin a week and they already like this.

Hey Mel

You could try nipple shields during feeding to ease the pain, altho sometimes they hinder the feeding (someone on here has been using them i think?!)
Mine were cracked from attachment probs in the first couple of days and the midwives suggested I air them out after Audrey fed off them - a bit weird sitting there with both boobs out for show, but hey we do what we gotta do right?!
I have also been using Avado Nipple Care Balm (when i remember) after each feed/shower. It's a lovely avocado extract which is completely safe for bubs!
Good luck!
Neets x

Hi there

I have a son born 18 October. I also have a 2.5 yr old son who is slowly adjusting to sharing the attention!!

My 3 wk old is currently feeding 2 hourly overnight and demand fed during the day. He's the opposite to my older son who fed 3 hourly by the clock from the moment my milk came in. The constant feeding is difficult but I know it's not going to last forever. I feel sorry for him tho because I have so much milk with the constant feeding that he often gags and coughs when he feeds! It feels good having lots of milk tho because I was constantly worried about supply with my older son.

It's heartening to read some of the posts of babies starting to sleep quite a length of time overnight altho I'm keeping an open mind because my older son was a terrible sleeper in his first year. Hopefully this bub will be better!
Mel- nipple shields are the way to go!! These helped heaps as i was bleeding with every feed. I reccomend the avent ones, i tried the mam(gosh i think thats the brand or maybe its nam) and i found them too small so it still hurt a bit. i think i paid 14 bucks for two. I have pretty much stopped using them as Logan began to fuss too much with them but still use occassionally when my nipples feel a little sore.

Well im still breastfeeding hooray but i do give Logan two bottles a day just for my own sanity and to have a break from feeding him all the time.


Hello ladies,

well it's about time i jumped on huggies isn't it!! lol sorry

well as most of you are aware i had my beautiful baby Layla Narelle on the 26th October. she weighed 7lb 10oz 50cm in length and hc 33.5cm

hubby got me on the ride on mower on the sunday night mowing our 1 acre block. that night i was getting braxton hicks every 15 mins over a 2.5hr period. (they didn't hurt thats how i knew they were BH) rang midwife she stold me to go to bed and get some sleep. next morning i woke at 5am and told hubby not to go to work got up and stuck into the house work. Bh were still there!! by 8am they were starting to hurt, during the course of the day they were irregular going from anywhere between 5mins - 20mins apart. until 1pm when they were only 5 mins apart and lasting 40 sec... by 2pm (hubby went to pick up hannah from kindy) i couldn't stand int any longer so i rang midwife who informed me to come in... i had to wait an hour later mind you cos hubby decided after picking up hanah it would be a good idea to visit his bro..

after finally getting in contact with hime he picks me up (just as well i had the bags by the front door. we drop the kids to mums and made it to the hospital by 4pm.

was already 5cm and was told my waters were right against my cervix.

my iron was low and i was having trouble walking around through my contractions i was pale and tired i had no energy whatso ever so i stayed on the birthing ball in the shower during my labor at the hopital. 6.40pm i had to get off the gym ball during one of my contraction and as i did so my waters broke but also bubs head was on the way out so they had to deliver me on the spot. so at 6.45pm she was born.. and thankgod or that.. no stitches just some grazing.

we stayed only the one night in hospital. she is doing well. and 1 week and a half old she has already put on 400gms after only losing 20gms after discharge. i am recovering tons better than what i did with my other 2.

Layla is such a hungry baby!!! i'm trying to breast feed but i feel it quite draining and can't keep up with her.. i probably should be eating a lot more as well as drinking more water..but we are trying to supplement feeds with formula but i feel she is drinking more formula than breast milk. so i don't think it's going to be long before she is fully formula fed.

better get going but will try and make an appearance more often.

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