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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

hey mummies !

Thats good you got the feeds under control sarah, yep it is a bit much having to pull your boob out!!!. haha,and i saw some absolutely beautiful bras the other day at k mart of all places i think they were "crystel" or something like that. Anyway would of loved to buy a few really pretty ones but then remembered whats the point when im breast feeding, they will just get trashed and stained in breast milk !!! I love breast feeding my son but it does have its negatives at times:( oh would love to be able to have some breast implant when im DEF finished having kids... haha.

Rachel, you sound REALLY busy with the business, and a new bub ! your lil charli sounds like she has a routine identical to my haydens smile he catnaps during the day and only wakes once at night. Mind you i have been a bit naughty and he has fallen asleep in bed with me a few times, its great for breast feeding though i must say !!!! And YES, i know how you feel not having as much time to play with the other child as you used too.But you know what they have to get used to it once they have a brother or sister. It has made me relise how spoilt lachlan is once Hayden arrived ! ANyway i really make an effort to spend some 1:1 time with him once a day even if its just making train track for him or playing a game like dominos. Im really not as good at playing cars with him as hubby is so im the one who pulls out the age appropriate games like hungry hippo, play dough, dominos leggo or blocks !! those games are great for us mums !

Anyway ladies sorry about the long post hayden woke early today ! he just thought everything was funny at 530 am !!! god love him sooo cute !!! have a great day. oh anyone started working out yet ? i have 10 kg to loose to get back to pre pregnancy weight, thinking jump rope in garage, as thats prob best when you have littlies at home with you ?


Hey ladies.
Krista had her jabs on thursday shes been very unsettled since then sad
Friday my mum noticed that she wasnt getting enough milk from me any more so we put her on formula that night and she seems to be doing heaps better. im also using karicare gold.
It took about 8hrs for my boobs to actually re-fill and that was only the left the right took a bit longer (sorry tmi) but just goes to show that she wasnt getting enough.
they are so sore tho i tried the hot shower thing but that didnt work think i just gotta put up with it till the milks gone.
Omg i couldnt get implants lol can only imagine how painful that would be lol yeah i love the bigness of them and all that but i dont think the pain would be worth it haha

Hey new mummies

I have my DS on SMA formula, it keeps him full for longer and i have had no problems at all. He actually feeds at 8.30pm and sleeps until 4.50am which is awsome. He's been doing this since he was 5wks old. Losts of good sleep for us.
Because he is up at 4.50am i have been walking at 6am with a friend for 1hr and leave the 2 DS'S at home with my hubby. I get back in time for him to get dressed and leave for work.
I have found it makes me feel good and ready for my busy day with a 21/2 yr old and a 7wk old. I have also lost all my baby weight just want to loose another 5kg for me and tone up the flabby belly.

Anyway glad to no everyone is doing great.
Hey girls

Sorry haven't been on here much. Logan is doing great.He is almost 6weeks old and weighs 4.7kg. He also started sleeping though the night last week doing 11pm till 6 or 7am which is awesome. He is doing really well on the formula, i ahve him on s26 i did have him on karicare gold but he was vomiting heaps on that one. Jaz is doing great too she lovves he baby bother. She hates it when he is in bed and is always telling me i need to get him out lol. She is also still a big rat bag hopefully she will settle down soon. Mum shell- i am too already thinking of a third even though i only wanted two but i really don;t want to go though labour again lol. Sarah- i hope things are getting better for you, you've had a pretty tough ride. Anyways im buggered just finished putting up all the chrissy lights.


Hey hows everyone doing? Well i broke my foot/ankle yesterday not good cant walk or limp on it or anything so the house is going to b a mess as my partner cant take ne tym off going to b a hard few weeks i was walking down stairs with shayla in her bouncer didnt drop her thank god!!!! i cnt believe she a month old now its gone so fast but she just started to get reflux hoping it dnt get to bad.

Ouch a broken foot. Thats gotta hurt ? how did you do that one ? must be hard caring for baby and home at the moment. Yep our bubs grow too fast im thinking next box of nappies i get will be next size up. boo hoo no more newborn nappies sad. Its great watching them grow though those first smiles and giggles are just too cute for words. Kez i also thought i only wanted 2 kids And told eveyone when i was pregnant "this is it last one!!!" But i think apart from being ridiculously sick (vomiting) i had a great pregnancy and birthing experience smile Also having two kids and watching siblings together is just infectious its such a great feeling knowing your kids have a sibling to grow up with.. My husband was in shock when i REALLY wanted to discuss the possibility of another baby. haha he just said "my god are you serious?" and when i kept bugging him to give me a yes or no answer he just said 'well i wont rule it out !" i only want to wait until hayden is 1 yr old until we try again, as hubby is almost 36 , im 28 but still he doesnt want to be a real old daddy.
( if i eventually get a yes from hubby) haha... mad us women aren't we ?????


I fell down some stairs while i was carrying shayla in her bouncer thank god i didnt drop her i thnk that it worse than it could have been because i was holding her and i didnt put my hands down to break my fall, Shaylas going to be on the nxt size nappies in a couple of days shes onto the last of her newborns too im so sad shes growing up to fast sad

Hi everyone

I thought i would drop in and say hi. Well Thomas is doing really well he still feeds every 2hrs during the day but he is slowly starting to stretch that out. at night he has a 7hr sleep so that is great. so far he has put on about 1kg and grown 6cm since he was born. The other kids are great and starting to get so excited about christmas. have a good day all

Ouch!! god you poor bugger hope the injury is getting better. Thats about right save our bubs first it goes without saying though,smile I know what you mean about feeding every 2 hours! we are going through that too.. And it seems every time i put hayden in his capsule and in the car he screams and screams... shouldnt it be the other way around for babies ? arnt they supposed to love the car? and ive checked the capsule a thousand times for comfort etc!!!!!!!!!! We are having a naming ceremony for hayden on saturday here at home and BBQ lunch to follow,, just a little celebration to mark his arrival... Anyone else doing anything like that ?.. Well not long to christmas now.. how exciting my 3 year old is soooo excited this year smile take care everyone.
Shell xo


Hi everyone

I was on the due in October thread too and am sort of keeping up with some of you on facebook but this is my first time on this thread.

Sarah June was born on the 22nd Oct 5.33am a successful VBAC and an ecstatic mummy!

Breastfeeding is going very well for the 1st time, I had huge problems with DD1 and DS so they were fully formula fed from about 5-6 weeks each but I've made it to over 6 weeks and Sarah is 100% breastfed and doing all the right things too smile
I had huge problems with PND after DS, due to the emergency c section and struggling so much with BF, so if anyone wants to PM me about PND I'm more than happy to help out with support or ideas, thankfully it is not happening this time. I get a little down when I get really tired but apart from that doing really well, I think mainly due to Sarah being such a good baby and the fact that I got everything I wanted, a beautiful healthy baby girl, a successful VBAC that followed my birth plan 100% and successful breastfeeding, what more could I ask for apart from perhaps another baby in a year or so?? Am I crazy?? YEP!
Anyone else thinking how much they want another already??

Can someone set me straight on which lilly pie thing to use to get my sig up on here?
I've tried what I thought was the right one but it is not working, please??????

cassie it looks like you have the right code you just need to delete this bit - [url=]

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