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**October 2009 Babies** Lock Rss

Morning ladies

Well today i have two sick kids down with a flu. Chloe is nearly 2 mths old it's goes so fast she is smiling alot mostly at 2 am argh checky girl she is. Joel is two and has hit them hard his feral what happened to my little angel GONE lol!!!

Well it's offical my milk is all gone. sad stupid mastits!! I could never wish is upon anyone! Such a truly cruel cruel thing.

Well the housework is calling i better go and get to it.

Take care everyone.

I hope everyone is feelignt he xmas sprit? And if i dont have you on facebook send me a pm with your email address!!

Morning Ladies,

Hope everyone is well and enjoying their families!

Sarah- Hope your two babies are feeling better soon, it's awful when they are unwell.

Mel- Hope your foot heals soon! It's hard looking after kids when you're injured, look after yourself!

Well, Thomas is doing brilliantly! He is literally a text book baby. We've had no problems with breastfeeding and he's so settled and content. Has slept all night for weeks now. Goes down at 8:30 and wakes about 6:30-7am. We moved him out of our room in the bassinet to his cot in his room, he's growing up way too quick wink] He's the most beautiful, happy baby. So glad after all the different problems I had with both DS1 and DS2, I feel like I finally got a good one, lol. Also , I know I am a million times more relaxed, and truly believe that it makes a huge difference.

I tore my interior cruciate ligament (in my knee) last Tuesday (slipped on bubble mixture DS2 spilt in the kitchen), so am limping around in pain at the moment. Won't use crutches because they just get in the way, lol. DR told me to 'rest' with my leg up for 4-6 weeks then we'll re-evalute to see if I need surgery. Rest? I have 3 under 4. I laughed so hard...that ain't going to happen! At least I have a great DH who is a disability support worker, so he's used to having to shower and dress other people! lol

I'm so looking forward to xmas, and this year it's Mum's turn to cook so that takes most of the stress away. We only ever have really relaxed christmas', only have my parents in the state, so it's never a big thing. All about the kids!

If anyone wants to add me on FB, send me a PM with your name and a description of your photo and I'll add you!

Ellie xx

Oh Ellie that jsut sounds painful. i Do hope you are back on your feet real soon. Xmas sounds really exciting for you. Enjoy yourself. xo

Im having a rather lonely day today just feel a little empty nothing is really making me feel this way. im looking forward to my playgroup tomorrow! Get out for a few hours and enjoy some social gossip.

Im have way though the housework but really im putting of cleaning the kitchen. Well better go and get of my but bubs is sleeping and toddler is watching tv praying he'll have a nap. smile

Love to all.
Sarah I'm feeling a bit flat today too, I'd blame the weather but your on the opposite side of the country (I think??)
Tomorrow is my 1st day with 3 kids on my own, hubby goes back to work tomorrow, actually scrub that, 2 are in daycare! Friday will be my 1st day on my own with all 3!
My baby Sarah is doing well too but definitely not sleeping through, she is waking for 2 night feeds usually around 12.30am and 3.30am.
My milk supply feels very very low today so I'm going to have to try and get her on more often, she is just not a big feeder most of the time, might have to find some time to express...I stopped BF at 5 weeks with both Tayla and Alex so determined to get past this phase smile

Hey girls

Hope everyone is doing well. Ellie hope you won't need to have surgery on your knee. Mel hope you ankle heals quick.

So over this flu i have, been going for days just can't shake it. Jaz is the same. Blah. Go for my six week check up (well 71/2weeks) on friday and Logan will need to get his needles..ouch! Not looking foward to that.

I'm super excited about christmas... i feel like its double because we have Logan but in saying that it doesn't feel like its christmas. Weird i know. We've got all the chrissy lights up on the house which looks awesome but it attracts the bugs. Last night there where no joke about a hundred tiny christmas beetles stuck in our screen door. I've never seen so many in my life. Gross.

Anyhow have a good day.


Hi ladies.

Been a while since i have been on.
Krista is now formula feed since 6 and a half weeks
i just wasnt making enough to fill her tummy sad sucks i would of liked to carry on but shes doing heaps better now.
she is only waking up once a night now roughly between 3am-4am smile
she gives me lots of smiles and is VERY talkative haha when shes on her playmat as soon as she finds the toys with her feet she goes nuts lol
Ive now got a facebook so if ya wanna add me im under Samantha Kelly Williams grin

Hope everyone is doing well and all the babies are good smile

Hey Samantha i added you on FB. I hope i got the right one well there was only one of you lol was it a pic of you with a friend. Lol hope so!!

Hi Ladies, sorry I haven't been on in ages, been keeping up with FB but keep missing out on hugs. Have just about caught up with everyones post.

I'm taking Miss Emma & Hubby for their needles tomorrow. DH missed out on the whooping cough vac in hospital so I thought I'd book him when Emmy has hers.

We have had really good days then we seem to have really bad days. Em hasn't been putting on much weight each week so I've been visiting the clinic each week and finally she managed on put on 200grms this wk so hopefully things will stay that way for good. After being such a big baby (9lb 10oz) I thought she would be such a big feeder but hasn't been so far & I was freaking out abit about it all but I think she has just been a lazy feeder. Not sure really lol

Well I better get some sleep, I've pm those I don't have on FB, hope to hear from you soon.

Take care Karen xx

karen im the same as you - some days we have great days other days i just cant cope - in fact i was close to walking out the other day. i completly broke down when DP (who as of last night is now DF lol) got home.

i cant stop stessing about the house work and trying to get everything done plus spend time with DD and the boys so i have an appointment to see WINZ next week to apply for some subsidised home help - because i had multiples with a child under five im apparently entitled to help (lady on the phone yesterday tried telling me that it was only for those that have no family support which i know is not true). im also putting DD in daycare for 2 mornings a week next year as she is starting to get very bored at home so is playing up big time ggrrr lol

some happy news - DP came home from work last night and proposed smile] so i guess he is now DF lol over the next couple of days im going to try and figure out how much its going to cost us so that we can set a date

oh and i have my hernia repair operation on friday yah!! can not wait to not be in pain all the time
Hey all i had to take shayla to get her needles today it was soo sad she was so brave and me not so brave lol i couldnt watch it made me so upset to see her in pain poor little girl sad the ankle is slowly getting better thank god, bin doing some xmas shopping its quite hard to kno wot to get a baby thts going to be only 8 weeks old ao ive mmostly got her clothes. any who hope every1s doing well and all the babies are happy nd healthy smile

Alana, what a great idea, the home help! I really admire and respect mums of multiples, as much as I desperately wanted twins, I think God did not give them to me because I would not have coped smile
We paid $12k for our wedding including the flights and accommodation for a honeymoon to the Maldives which was expensive. The actual wedding was a ceremony in a park then reception in a well known restaurant (for 50 people) and my dress brand new but floor stock, only cost me $200, I just had it dry cleaned before the day, it was perfect.
So a wedding does not have to cost much at all. They say the average wedding cost just under 50k these days! Without the honeymoon it would have cost under 6k smile

Posted by: Cassie71
So a wedding does not have to cost much at all. They say the average wedding cost just under 50k these days! Without the honeymoon it would have cost under 6k smile

50k???!!! bloody hell. i would rather spend that on a house lol

im thinking of having the ceremony at the fore shore so ill have to contact the council and see if we are allowed too smile i definately dont want anything flashy lol
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